Blogging seems to be a very saturated industry, nowadays, almost everyone is a blogger.

There are tons of blogs in almost every industry but what sets you apart from others is the quality of content on your blog.

Writing better blogs is the only uncommon thing about all blogs on the same topics.

Your competitors do keyword research, they optimize blogs for SEO and do all the off-page SEO work but in the end only a few 5-6 blog rank higher for each query and get most of the traffic coming for a particular query.

Have you ever think what are the factors that help a blog to win a high rank over the others?

Although only writing quality blogs is not the guarantee of high search ranking, there are tons of other important factors such as the authority of your site and the number of quality backlinks which play an important role as well.

But writing a quality blog is the foundation of a successful and sustainable blog.

How to Make Every Blog Article You Write Rank High in Google Search?

You will find mentors who will show you different ways to optimize your blog by including the keywords to get a higher search rank and it is right.

Obviously, it’s the only way to indicate to the search engine what your blog is all about so it can show your blog in search quarries accordingly.  

But have you ever think that, if you optimizing a piece of content in some way and including all the keywords except the right content (if you will write messy text unrelated to the topic)

If optimizing a blog for SEO by including the keyword is the only way to get high rank then any low-quality blog which has nothing, no text no content expect keywords will rank high in search engine.

But does it happen?

Definalty no!

Whenever you will search for a particular query you will find all the top-ranking pages have the best content to serve your need and as you go down you will find the quality of content will go down also.

So now it’s clear, it’s not the ways of optimization and combination of more and more keywords that gives a blog higher rank but it’s the quality of content.

How can you measure the content quality? What is any content quality checking tool online?

Now you have to understand the meaning of quality content is not associated with the quality of your language and grade of your English language in the Hemingway tool.

I will never suggest you write to use the Hemingway tool or any other writing tool that forces you to use all the hardcore grammatical rules and make your content an A-grade high school copy.

Because, here your purpose is to make the audience understand and keep them engaging and the best way to do it is writing in a conversational tone, the way you speak.

So the quality of content means, your content has everything a user needs to know about the topic, you have each and every detail, nothing more, nothing less.

If users are landing on your blog and they are spending time to read it that means your content is serving user intent which is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. (Bounce rate of your site’s pages in google analytics tool, will tell you a lot about it)

As the number of internet users is increasing rapidly the demand of content is also growing but the Quality of content on the internet is alarming low if you go beyond the 2nd page of the search results you won’t find the exact information you are looking for…

The quality blogs will help you to win over other blogs and ensure your high rank in search engines.  

Writing quality blogs is not a piece of cake and you might wonder for days to come with a perfect blog post.

But if you follow proven and tested techniques to write then you will be able to come up with the perfect blog post without procrastination.

A lot of fake gurus will say you only need two hours to write a blog but it is not true because writing, researching, editing, and structuring parts take time itself.

If you really want to come up with a quality blog then you should not run behind the quantity and produce as much as content possible.

Writing a perfect blog post is not a piece of cake.

How will you ensure your blog will rank higher?

How do you know, It is up to the quality, it fulfills use search intent and it will help accomplish business goals.

In this informative guide, I am going to show you the exact process that I used to generate a 4K page view.

After reading this article you will have an idea of writing a blogpost which

  • Rank higher in search engine
  • Serve the user search intent (propose of the user to search for the quarry)
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Help accomplish the goals and produce noticeable results

After reading this article you will have an idea of writing a perfect blog post and if you keep repeating the same things then you will soon become a pro blogger.  

Before we processed ahead, let me tell you one thing, don’t write directly into your CMS system (WordPress) because you are going to do a lot of rough work and multiple revisions and there are chances of missing something if you suddenly go offline.

10 steps to write better blogs that rank high on google in 2022

1. Do keyword research

Doing effective keyword research is an essential part of writing web content, it’s the very first process you must do in order to write a perfect blog.

Because writing content on the web is not like writing your business plan on a piece of paper in order to show to potential investors.

But you will have to find the words and key phrases that your customers use to find your business and businesses similar to yours.

Keyword research has been dramatically changing over time, there was a time when anyone can rank in a search engine by stuffing particular keywords in content but due to this nature, the web was suffering from spam then google totally change the way how it ranks the blogs and how keyword research affect search ranking.

Google has launched several new updates that can identify the content by crawling it and give it the right place on search according to its quality.

Including or not including the keywords merely matters.

But it doesn’t mean that keyword research has no value, it’s very essential to know about the search potential, competition, and estimated earnings on your blog topic. (If you are using PPC advertising to monetize your blog)

Keyword research will also help you to come up with new sections for your blog posts that you may not be aware of.

The most common mistake newbie blogger do, they believe all the data of keyword research tools to be true but it’s not right.

Using a keyword research tool is not a bad idea to come up with more keywords but there is no tool that can show you estimated search volume except google and it never releases the data.

Most of the time the data keyword research tools are not the approx. of real data and you can only see real data in the google search console dashboard after your blog get ranked.

Performing good keyword research is the foundation of writing better blogs that rank higher.  

In order to become a master of it, read this ultimate guide to do keyword research like a pro.  

2. Identify your targeted audience

The targeted audience is the group of people who are looking for the same queries you are writing a blog about.

If you don’t know for whom you are writing blogs then you can’t write it better and up to the point.

Understanding your audience will help you to craft the specialized piece of content that serves their needs and it will allow them to engage with your blogs and they will love to read and share it.

If you will try to write for everyone then you will become a jack of all but master of none.

Writing only for a group of specific people will allow you to focus on specific problems and quarries your audience has.

For example

If your blog is about woman fashion, you can call out certain words in your blog like, hello ladies, or you can use words like “we ladies” that will make them feel more connected.

Additionally, not every piece of content can address the needs of all audiences.

Once you identify the right group of people, you will be able to get into their minds to come up with personalized content.

3. Outline blog post

To outline a perfect blogpost see the already ranking blogs on google, but you are not going to copy their format or subheading. It’s just to give you an idea of what topics they cover.

Defiantly they are writing the right content and covering all the topics that’s why they are ranking high in search engine and taking ideas from their blogs will help you to quickly outline your blog containing the points your audience are looking for.

Additionally, while visiting other blogs, you can read the comments of their audience and come up with the topic that the blog has not discussed but the audience wants to know about it then you can include that topic as a heading and subheading in your blog.

If it’s broad topics, you can come up with another blog post idea.

If it’s small topics and highly relevant to the topics you are writing then you can include it in your blog as subheading or minor heading.

A list of keywords that you have the built-in first part, will allow you to outline your blog post effectively.

Include the main keywords in subheadings and include other important terms in minor headings to cover the idea of the main subheading.

You can use a paper or pen to outline your blog post or you can also do it on your PC screen.

Let me show you how I outline my blog posts.

Add New Post ‹ Freelance Copywriter — WordPress 1
  • Save

I have written all the topics in heading and subheadings and give them h2, h3, h4 and so tags

These tags will later allow me to structure my blog post easily when I will paste it into CMS (WordPress)

Tips to outline blogpost

  • Keep the main topics as main headings as H2 tags
  • Keep the other related terms under the main headings as H3 tags. H3 Tags must support the idea of the main subheading.
  • Write the word limit in brackets in front of each heading, it will help you to keep the focus on the word limit and divide the word count in each heading.

4. Write your first draft

The most common mistake beginners do is, they want to draft perfect blog posts as they write but it’s not possible.

The purpose of writing a draft is just capturing the idea of your thoughts on a piece of paper before they disappear from your mind. 

First, write the things you already know based on your knowledge about the topic then expand with the help of additional research if needed.

Your first draft will be messy don’t care about it just write down your thought before they disappear from your mind. And once you capture the thought you can edit them later.

Don’t care about format and spelling and grammar

To make this process easy I have already given the step to outline the blog post.

Outlining your blog post in advance will keep your focus on one head at a time so you will be able to write without distraction.

If you don’t outline your blog then your content will be a piece of heavy mess and it will take hours to fix.

If you want to produce perfect content even before you start writing then you will be stuck up with writer’s block.

The bloggers and writers have knowledge about the subject but when they sit down to write they don’t come up with the right words and they wonder what to write and what not to write.

They find it difficult to give words to their thoughts and convert them into the piece of consumable content.

This situation is called writer’s block.

Writer’s block is one of the most common problems, even the best writer of niche suffer the writer block while writing blog posts.

And the best tip to overcome writer block is just to start writing and keep writing without thinking about perfection.

Write whatever comes to your mind without perfect sentences, spellings, and grammar.

Once you find your flow you will automatically come up with the right words.

But the worst thing you can do is just keep thinking without start writing.

When you will do the writing you can edit all of your work later at the time of editing that we are going to discuss in the next post.

The best writer in the world are not those who write perfectly but they are excellent editors of their work.

5. Edit your draft

Almost all writers and bloggers see editing as fixing grammar errors and correct spelling mistakes but it’s totally different thing.

In the editing part, you are not going to fix the grammar and spelling yet. You will do it in the next step.

You need to Cut down and fix big parts first.

  • Remove, edit, and fix any unnecessary words, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Check if the sentence is making sense, delivering your key message of the blog post and each sentence has unique value instead of repeating the same meaning in different words.
  • Concise blogs are better (say a lot in little words) – I see it happens a lot when bloggers see the advice over the internet that the long content performs better. They start writing to increase the length of content with unnecessary words, sentences are paragraphs. It ruins the key message of your blog and it also drives the engagement away. Instead of increasing the length of words, try to provide other related details about the topics as much as possible.
  • The shorter the better – I don’t mean to shorten the length of the overall blog post but I want you to the master of the art of saying a lot in few words. You can write long-form blog posts by including more details about the topic but don’t unnecessarily extent the word limit within subheadings in order to achieve an ideal word count.
  • Give a smooth transaction between paragraphs.

Once you are done with editing, read your blog aloud to catch any mistake that may be left off even after editing, here I am not talking about spelling but the structure of sentences and words.

If you are a non-native English speaker then you will come to a situation where you will stick at structuring certain sentences.

Such as how a particular sentence will be formed, from where it will begin, and from where it will end.

Here you can use this tool, “Ludwig

If you are a non native English speaker then you will come to a situation wher English examples in context Ludwig
  • Save

You just need to type your sentence in this tools and it will quickly search the sentence over the internet then it will show a similar sentence used in other content. (Such as big news site and business blogs)

If someone has written the exact sentence then it is right and you can use it.

6. Structure blog post

The draft you produced is messy and without any specific format so you need to structure it in the right format.

The purpose of structuring a blog post is to improve its UI and enhance the user experience.

Including bullet points, quotes, tables, and data charts break down the content and allow the reader to stay focus while reading.

At this time your blog is ready to be pasted in CMS draft (WordPress, Wix, or Hubspot).

Once you are in CMS software, start structuring your blog post, give it proper structure as heading, Subheadings bullet points, etc.

Don’t structure your blog post in your offline writing tool, because you will need to past the draft into your CMS system and the format will be lost again.

In case if you have a specific format of writing, such as bold text, italic text, spacing, etc. and you want to pass it as it is in the CMS system then simple Copy paste won’t work.

You can use this free tool, “Word to HTML” to copy & paste your document in any format from anywhere.

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML
  • Save

Here is how you can use this tool…

  • Just paste your text into clean HTML and convert it into an HTML format
  • Now go to your CMS draft and switch it to the HTML insert option instead of text.
  • Paste the whole HTML text that you have copied and click save your draft.

In that way, you will never lose the format of your blog post.

However, still, you will have to do minor work like specifying proper h1,h2,h3 and so on tags… because different CMS system has different internal system than simple doc software like MS word and Google doc.

7. Do SEO optimization

Till now I have given all the points but I have not said anything about SEO yet, because first I wanted you to create the content for humans first then optimize it for SEO.

Here we will use the keywords that we have found in the step first.

Now you might think, if the keyword was not of use in step 1 then why we did research them before, we can do it later at the time of SEO optimization.

Doing keyword research first will allow you to outline your blog post on the right topics.

Doing keyword research before will help you to keep your focus on the points while writing a blog post.

While doing SEO optimization you can take the help of any SEO plugins such as Yoast and Rankmath but don’t get stuck at their suggestions and try to achieve 100% result, it might mess your blog again.

Let’s assume, if you are targeting a long-tail keyword such as, “how to write better articles for your blog post” then what would it feel like including this phrase several times repeatedly?

If you can do it naturally then it’s fine but sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all anyone reading the blog can catch this up from miles away.

You should only do it if it fits naturally otherwise you don’t need to stuff keywords unnecessarily because your content is for users first then for search engines.

8. Fix the spellings and grammar

Now you have completed almost hard work and it’s time to get your blog ready to publish.

Before you hit publish, you must polish your blog to make it look great.

In this part, you will fix the grammatical errors and correct the spelling mistakes.

I know how hard it is, to read a large piece of content and catch all the grammar mistakes at once, even for a good English teacher.

That’ where the Grammarly tool comes into existence.

It will automatically find all the grammatical errors of your blog and highlight them in red underline then you can quickly fix them within clicks of your fingers.

Grammarly has a free chrome extension, it can be download from the chrome web store.

Add New Post ‹ Freelance Copywriter — WordPress 2
  • Save

9. Add the relevant media

If your blog post is the great wall of text then no audience will like to read it, because the internet is full of information and you have a very short time to grab the attention of users.

You will have to make your blog skimmable by adding relevant media and videos.

Adding videos to your content also helps you to boost SEO ranking.

Including images is the best way to grab users' attention and allow them to engage with your blogs.

Don’t add the media only to break the content and give it a beautiful look but your media should be highly relevant to the content written around it and it should further support the idea of your words.

It might be an info-graphics, custom images, video, data chart, and slide, etc.

10. Add credibility

Having credibility in your blog makes trust in your audience that you actually have the right content and you are giving the right advice.

You will have to find related reports and statics, case studies to support your ideas, and examples such as any data, year, quantity and numbers, etc. then you will have to link it back to the source accordingly.

The reader must know there is something that exists and you are not talking about it by yourself.

You can use this online tool, Statista to find the reports and statics related to your ideas.

Here you can find the data of almost everything

• Search Statista
  • Save

If you are unable to find the data in this tool then search it on google by yourself with including the special word…

Let assume we are writing a blog on golf so what could be the statics in of golf?

Let’s find them out on google.

I am typing this keyword…

“Golf stats” “Golf states 2020” “Golf report” “Golf case study”

Golf statics Google Search
  • Save

You can see I found tons of golf-related data and statics.

Including states is the best idea to boost the credibility of your blog.

Now your blog is ready to be published. This process will help you right better blog posts that rank high in search engines.


Writing a perfect blog post is not easy and you might end up wondering for hours and days to come up with a 1000 word’s Blogpost

But if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to write a better blog post, increase engagement and conversion, and produce noticeable results.

If you want to ask anything about the process then ask me in the comment section.

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