Writing amazon product reviews is not easy, there are certain technical and beneficial things that need to be involved.  

Instead of an advertisement, your review should look like an independent and honest resource to learn about the product.

If you will over-praise products then you will end up as a traditional salesperson and that’s not what buyers want to experience on a review website.

If buyers only want to see the positive aspect of any product, they can directly purchase it from the vendor’s site but they are on your site to read independent amazon product reviews before they make a purchase.

At the same time, you need to convince buyers to buy the product.

How will you write amazon product reviews? That convinces the buyer to make a purchase and doesn’t force a sale.

There is no exact formula to write review articles as there is no single recipe to cook chicken, it can be cooked as tandoori chicken, it can be cooked as butter chicken and every recipe has its own taste.

Similarly, all affiliate marketers have their own way to write review articles.

If you are just starting out an affiliate website then finding your own style or testing it over and over again is not a good idea.

Following a proven process to affiliate articles that work for many in the past and generated tons of affiliate income, increase the chances of your success in affiliate marketing.

In this informative guide, I am going to show you the exact process that I use to write review articles for big affiliate sites like “affiliate by” and help them make tons of affiliate income.

How to Write Amazon Product Reviews: 10 steps writing GPS

The voice tone and style of your review article should be genuine, it should not overpraise the products.

Most of the beginner affiliate marketers does this mistake, they force people to buy the product by praising everything about the product.

It is the worst practice to craft good affiliate articles, it makes your review site like a retailer’s shop.

In order to craft a good affiliate article, you should write the negative aspect of the feature as well as.

America’s best copywriter joseph Sugarman wrote in his book, “Ad week copywriting”

One time he crafted a direct response mail copy in a totally different way, the products was an “electric casino”

He started describing all the bad things, the very worst thing at the beginning of the email, he told to the buyers how bad the product is, how it’s one of the worst products in history.

He describes how useless the product is, and how the company hated it after producing it.

Then he started talking about, how they found something good in products. 

Then he continues to start talking about all the good things about the product slowly and he succeeded to sell over 1 million units of products.

The purpose of telling you this story is, to prepare your mindset to talk negatively about the product (If needed) that can positively impact the buyer's journey.

In your case, they might not purchase the product but they will start trusting in your site and consider it a credible source of information then they might end up purchasing another product based on your suggestion.

And they might also become your repentant customers.  

This technique creates a sense of trust that you care about the buyer's money and you want them to buy the best.

It doesn’t mean you should write every product in the same way, you should talk bad all the time.

Otherwise, you will abuse me in the comment section for telling you this (: ha-ha

This is just to give you an idea, “at some points describing the bad things about the products doesn’t matter at all but you should also know how you are going to conceal all those negative points one by one”

I suggest you follow these 10 steps writing GPS in sequence to write the best amazon affiliate review article…

1 – The headline

2 – The introductory paragraph or paragraphs

3 – Sub-headlines

4 – The first sub-headline

5 – The first key feature paragraph.

6 – The second sub-headline

7 – The second key feature paragraph

8 – The Features and Specifications

9 – The Customer Reviews and Scores.

10 – In the final section, the Conclusion

Now, lets discuss the Do's and Don't of amazon affiliate review article.

Don’t of amazon affiliate review article

Don’t Sell, Pre-Sell

Amazon is pretty good at selling stuff and you don’t need to do it yourself.

You don’t need to act as a traditional salesperson who talks about the good things about the product and its features all the time.

Because when buyers come to your review site they already made their mind about the product and now they are just confirming whether they should buy it or not and which one is best if the product has multiple versions.

You just need to create a buying environment for the customer and push them to the amazon site.

They are highly targeted customers and are more likely to buy the product immediately after they confirm what they are looking for throughout your review article.

Before you craft, an amazon affiliate product review article always checks if the product has a bad review on amazon.

If a buyer made his/her mind to purchase the product but they found some bad review on amazon then they will definitely search it on an independent review site to see the genuine review.

Although not all products with bad reviews are really bad.  

If so, then you need to first identify whether the product is bad or not and then conceal those negative points accordingly.

You have to figure it out to make other buyers purchase the products by overcoming this objection of a bad review and it’s not very difficult as it seems.

Let me tell you the example of what I said,

I search for a plastic toilet jet spray on amazon, it found a bestselling product and I was about to buy it but suddenly I saw few bad reviews and then I was confused whether I should buy it or not then I decided to read all the bad review.

And I found there was nothing wrong with the product and the customers who bought the product and gave a bad review, they all had a common issue, their jet spray didn’t resist the water pressure and it blasted within a short span of time.

The reason is they were leaving in a high apartment and its water tank was located on the top floor so the pressure of water was very high.

So the product was not suitable for them but it doesn’t mean the product was not good, I bought the product and I am using it for 2 years without having any issue.

As I found the reason behind the objection of a few customers and made my decision to buy the product, you will have to do the same in order to craft a perfect review article.

As a good affiliate marketer, your job is to help the buyer to make the right decision.

Don’t Rate Everything Five Stars

While writing an amazon affiliate review article always remember you are not writing advertising copy for the product, you are writing a genuine review.

If the product deserves a good star rating then give it 5 stars otherwise don’t do that, it will never help you to build the credibility of your amazon affiliate site.

Your job is to inform the buyer about all the aspects of products instead of forcing them into a sale.

If you will only talk about the good things about the product then you will end up as another e-commerce site instead of a review site and amazon is better than you, there is no reason for which buyer will buy from your affiliate links.

Do's of amazon affiliate review article

Here are the few things that you can practice while writing amazon affiliate review articles in order to get the most out of it. These are tested and proven techniques by experts.

If you use these techniques then the chances of conversion rate in your amazon affiliate articles are very high.

Use the Product

If you really want to craft a unique review that everyone will love to read then you should buy the product and use it by yourself to come up with unique ideas and points about the product that other affiliate marketers, Amazon itself, and buyers ignored.

Those points will help you to write a review based on your personal experience and become your unique selling points.

Understand your audience

Affiliate marketing is not about selling the product as a traditional salesperson.

It is about building a network of the trusted audience by helping them and solving their problems.

Understanding your audience will help you to craft personalized reviews based on their needs.

It will allow you to address the pain points in your content.

So first you need to understand your audience well.

You need to know, what they want? Why do they want it? And what their current pain points are that your product can solve?

It’s only possible after reading your audience, it’s also known as a buyer persona.

Buyer’s persona is a semi-fictional list of your targeted audience who are interested in the product or service you are offering.

While writing amazon affiliate reviews if you target the right audience then the chance of generating sales is very high as compared to writing a topical article without knowing who your audience is? who is gonna read it and benefit from it?

Talk about Benefits instead of features

Almost affiliate marketers describe the feature of products in affiliate articles to help the buyer make an informed decision which is good but what I am going to teach is totally different.

Customers don’t buy the door, they buy the security.

They don’t buy BMW and Ferrari, they buy high status.

Similarly, when you are promoting something your focus should be on the benefit of products instead of features and technology used in a product.

For example, you are promoting a “hair trimmer” then instead of saying, “This trimmer has double blade cutting formula” you can say that, “you will get cut free shave instantly and you will look more groomed because the blades are made to work more closely on your skin”

That’s what customer wants to know, they want to relate with their real-life example.

In order to find that unique point you have to first figure out the fear and pain point of customers, in the case of hair trimmer the fear is, they might cut down or hurt the skin because of the sharp blades.

So you will have to address this fear by telling about the benefit of the product you are promoting which will save skin from getting cut down and provide a smooth experience.

This is one of the most powerful psychological triggers describe by the joy sugar man in his book “Adweek copywriting”

Faqs about amazon affiliate

How to do the SEO of an amazon affiliate review article?

You just need to include the name of the product and review it in a genuine way according to what I told you in this article. You don’t need to waste your time in including the LSI and primary and secondary keywords.

If your review is written in a way that buyers are actually looking for, then google is smart enough to find and rank an article in a top search result.

So you must focus on writing the amazon affiliate review article for humans first, if buyers spend time on your article then google is automatically gonna rank it based on user page experience.

I know you will doubt advice because till now you have been told to use certain SEO and keywords research tools and use perfect on-page SEO optimization techniques, so in order to make it clear for you.

I am going to show you this video from income school, in this video Jim and Ricky, are telling, how they run over 100 affiliate sites and how they write articles on their sites and earn thousands of dollars as affiliate commission.

What if you don’t own the product you want to review?

The best type of product review is using the products by yourself but it’s not possible all the time.

For instance, if you are running an affiliate website for earphones then you will have tons of products listed on your site and it’s not possible for you to use every single earphone.

Or maybe you are promoting a big product and you don’t need to own it at this time such as a TV or laptop.

Then luckily there are tons of options available on the internet which you can use to read the review of other users and then combine it with what you think about the product to write compelling Amazon product review articles.

You can use the amazon “rating & review” section and read what buyers are talking about a particular product, you can watch YouTube review videos on products then come up with the points you need to discuss in the article.


My final words are, “The purpose of your amazon affiliate articles must be helping the buyers and informing them about all the aspect of the product instead of advertising it as a traditional sale person”

While you craft the articles keep one thing in mind, “how can I help others and help them to solve their problems instead of thinking how much profit I can earn”

I hope this informative guide on writing a good amazon product review article has helped you a lot.

What is your take away from this guide, let me know in the comment section.

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