Do you know building high-quality backlinks is one of the most important factors among all 200 Google’s ranking factors?

As a new blogger, you might have consumed the content of different sources to build high-quality backlinks free but I am sure most of you will say, either that methods don’t work or they are very difficult to go through.

So I decided to share 6 simple ways to create high-quality backlinks for new sites…

First, understand what off-page SEO is

Backlinks are also an important part of off pages SEO but it not only about creating the backlinks, it’s about increasing your website authority and getting mentioned your blog in high authority sites.

What backlinks are?

Backlinks mean a site is linking particular pages or home pages of your site in its content within a link followed by anchor text.

When a user’s click on the link, they get redirected to the respected page.

Let’s understand with an example –

Here is the article from

10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

In the content of this article, they have mentioned the name of a particular website, “Dribble” which is a platform for freelance designers.

what backlinks are
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When a user will click on this link, they will be redirected to the official site of “Dribble”

It means the entrepreneur is linking back to

I hope now the concept of backlinks is clear for you, let’s move ahead and discuss the…

6 simple ways to create high-quality backlinks free for new sites…

Guest post

Guest post is one of the easiest and simplest way to build quality links on authority sites.

Almost bloggers, marketers, and businesses use guest posting to make connections and build high-quality backlinks on authority sites.

Guest posting is a fast way to get yourself expose in front of your targeted audience and generate highly relevant traffic from authority sites in your niche.

The thing you need to build backlinks with guest posting

  • List of websites that accept guest post
  • Email outreach
  • Excellence content

I have written this step-by-step guide to guest posting for high-quality link building + [Follow up email template]

Sponsored post

A sponsored post is an alternative version of a guest post when you reach out to a blog and ask them for the free guest post they might offer you a paid guest post that’s called a sponsored post.

If you send a pitch mail for guest posting and you got no response even after 3-4 Follow-ups, you can offer a paid post in the last follow-up, the chances are they might respond to you.

You can approach for a sponsored post to almost all websites related to your niche even if they don’t accept guest posts, they are most likely to respond to your paid sponsor post offer.

Important points to remember while approaching for a sponsored post

Be aware of spam

Almost all sites that offer sponsored posts on their own are spammy, (find a case study and update if any) they are only created to earn money via sponsored posts.

It doesn’t matter even if their DA+PA is high because their spam score also might be high.

You should do some research and identify if the link is spammy before you offer a sponsored post to any site.  

Here are the few important factors you need to analyze to check the quality of the backlink.

  • Alexa rank
  • Traffic
  • DA
  • DR
  • Top ranking pages of their site

Always Negotiate

You can get high-quality backlinks at a low price with negotiation.

Bloggers ask up to 100$ for a single backlink but you can also gate the same backlink within 20$ or even less.

Steal Competitor's Backlinks

In this method, you will steal a competitor’s backlinks because they have already done a lot of hard work to build the backlinks and you can get their place by doing little effort.

You might have competitor's at two-level

Domain level competitor's

To see your domain-level competitors who target the same keywords as your site and write almost the same posts, you can use SEO tools like Ahref or SEMRUSH.

I am using this Ahref for tutorial purposes…

Head over to Ahref dashboard and enter your domain in site explorer, now click on the “competitor’s domain” at the left corner

competitor’s domain
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Now you will be able to see all your competitors, it’s time to pick up a few high-authority competitors and analyze their backlink profile.

To see the backlink profile, click on the corner of the selected domain and then click on backlinks.

competing domains
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Now you can see all the backlinks of your competitor.

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Post level competitors

To see your post level competitors, Type the keyword of your post in Ahref keyword explorer and see the “SERP Overview” at below.

Keywords Explorer 1
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Now you can see who your post level competitors are, and you can similar check their backlinks profile as we did in page-level competitors.

Which competitor’s backlinks are best for your site?

It depends on your purpose of building backlinks if you want someone to give a backlink on your blog because so you can find the domain level competitor’s backlink and approach the domain that is linking back to their site.

If you are running an agency or business then it’s the best method to find the sites to make backlinks.

If you have written a post on a competitive topic and you want people to link back to your post then you should find the website that is linking back to the top-level pages for your keyword.

How to approach bloggers to get Competitor' backlinks?

Before you get to send a follow-up email to ask for a backlink make sure the content on your site as good as the competitor’s content or even it should be better.

Find the contact details of the blog owner and send them a pitch email.

Here is an example of a guest of a pitch email

Hey [NAME]

I was just reading a couple of your posts and noticed that you link. Out to a lot of /COMPETITOR NOME] and (COMPETITOR NAME]’s stuff.

I love everything they write too; I especially love [COMPETITOR NAME]’s stuff.

Let me know if you haven't and l will send over the link -I get the feeling it, be right up your street!

Anyway. I just wanted to reach out as I/we actually have a similar piece of content (with a slightly different take on the matter) here [INSERT YOUR WEBSITEURL].

I thought it might be worth sending over as I think you might like it

PS – Feel free to add it to the page alongside [COMPETITOR NAME] and [COMPETITOR NAME]’s stuff if you love it!

All the best,


Broken link building

There no better method than the broken link building to take quality backlinks, once you become the master of it, you will be able to create tons of quality backlinks at almost no cost.

Don’t you know what is a broken link-building method and how does it work?

Let me help you through it…

Let’s assume if an “X” website is linking back to “Y” but because of some reason the “Y” URL get down, be it either they remove the post or change the link address so when a user will click on “X” anchor text, he/she will be redirected to 404 error page, that’s called a broken link.

How to find the broken links?

There is a perfect way that will automatically analyze all broken backlinks, you will have to analyze the domain’s pages by using SEO tools, you want to link.

You can use Moz's free chrome extension to analyze and find the broken links.

You will have to spend time to find the broken links but once you find a link, you can get tons of backlinks from the sites that are linking to the broken page.

Here is the follow up email template for broken link building.

Hey, [their name]

I was digging around for information on [topic] today and came across your post: [link to their past]

This is great, Lots of good advice. I even [implemented something, learned something]

However, I did find some broken links there. Let me know if you, like me to send you the list I made.

It has two parts because you want to see if they actually care enough to respond.

If they do write back. Find excellent replacements for the links [even if they’re not from your site] and send part 2: No problem!

Here are the broken links 1 found:

[Broken link URL] + [Replacement URL]

BTW, I just wrote a post about [topic]: [Post UPL]

I thought it would be a great addition to the page.

Either way, hope this helps, and keep up the great work!


[Your name]

Backlink sellers

Buying backlinks comes under the black hat SEO technique, which means you are trying to trick Google or any search engine to rank your site higher than it deserves.

Buying direct backlinks is different than sponsor posts where you pay a site or service to help you to get exposure, and it has no in the eye of any search engine.

That spammy backlinks does more harm than good to your site.

Google has clearly stated, exchanging links for money is a link scheme and it can be a result in penalizing your site.

There are tons of backlinks sellers in the market who will try to sell you links by showing extraordinary results but it’s your job to protect your site from such spammy links.

PBN Blog Network

Private Blog network also comes under the black hat SEO, and google strongly hate the PBN but still tons of blogger and marketer use PBN network to create backlinks.

In the PBN network, you create several small blogs on an expired domain with high DA to link back to your main site.

There are some companies in the market that offer PBN web hosting as well.

But there is a risk in PBN, if Google gets to know about your PBN, all your network along with your site will be penalized.

If you want to be a blogging brand and authority under your niche then I would suggest you stay away from the PBN network but it can be used to rank small affiliate sites.

Here are a few safety tips to create a PBN blog network without getting penalized.

  • Don’t take more than 2 backlinks to form a single blog
  • Don’t use Google’s products like Adsense, search console, and google analytics on any of your PBN blogs.
  • Don’t leave any footprint behind, always use a different email address and information to buy domains and hosting.


Creating backlinks is no easy task, you will have to spend tons of time to find the right target and then send several follow-up emails.

And even after sending a pitch, you might not get a reply because big site owners get regular pitch emails and they are not able to see each one of them due to a busy schedule.

In that case, you can try on another site instead of sticking to the one you think is perfect.

So, which method you use to create backlinks for your blog? Tell me in the comment section.   

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