Do you want to start a fashion blog but you have no idea where to begin?

Are you looking for a guide to start a fashion blog and make money from it?

Starting a fashion blog in 2020 is very easy but growing it and make money from fashion blogs is not a piece of cake.

The fashion industry is competitive and getting advanced day by day.

According to a report by a business insider, the fashion industry is expected to expand up to 15 billion by the end of 2022.

Before you take any step to start a fashion blog, you must ask yourself the following question:

  • How am I going to position myself in the fashion blogging industry?
  • What strategies I need to follow to start and grow a sustainable fashion blog?

In this informative guide, I am going to show you, how you can start a fashion blog and grow it over time.

Instead of explaining the technical stuff like buying a domain, Webhosting, and setting up your WordPress website, I will focus on strategies you need to start a fashion blog and make money from it.

I have already written the best guides on the following technical topics to help you through your blogging journey.

If you are totally a beginner and you don’t have any prior knowledge of blogging, I recommend you to read the following articles.

Find reliable Webhosting and the right domain name for a fashion blog

Set up your fashion blog on WordPress

Now I am going to show you a step-by-step guideline to start a fashion blog and make money from it.

5 step guideline to start a fashion blog and Earn Money from it

Step 1- Choose your ideal fashion niche

Fashion in itself sounds like a niche but it isn’t actually…

It’s a very broad topic, there are various sub-niches and micro-niches under fashion such as “vintage fashion wear” and “traditional clothes for men” etc.

Before you dive into other topics to start a fashion blog and make it sustainable, first, you should decide which niche are you going to blog about?

Choosing the niche guarantee the success in blogging field.

Choose a niche that focuses on a very small and specific audience base, which will help you to create the targeted content and ad campaigns.

If you start a fashion blog without any niche and started posting random content with no specific targeted audience, you will just waste your time and resources.

Be very specific with your fashion niche.

Selecting the fashion niche will help you to offer the right products, determine the price range for your fashion blog.

It will also enable you to meet your audience's expectations.

Step -2 Pick a unique and memorable fashion blog name

Once you have chosen your fashion niche, it’s time to think about a fashion blog name that resonates with your audience and sounds unique.

Your blog name is the identity of your brand, make sure it’s easy to spell and remember.

It’s a good idea to book a domain name with your name, so it will be easy for your audience to keep remember and find your blog next time think of visiting.

Before you finalize the blog name, cross-check the domain name availability for the same name.

(See this tool to get domain name suggestion)

(Add link – Use name cheap to buy domain names)

Avoid choosing the same old names that every storekeeper keep it as their own name, it looks very common.

Choose a simple, easy to remember, easy to spell, and sound blog name for your fashion niche.

Step -3 Choose the right fashion WordPress theme

Once you have set up your fashion blog on WordPress, it’s time to choose the best fashion theme for your blog.

If your blog and the domain name is the identity of your brand then your theme is the face of the brand.

The theme is the first thing users see when they land on your blog, make sure you choose the perfect theme for fashion blogs that look amazing and it has pretty options for customization.

The fashion blog is about showing a gallery of good outfits, choose a theme that contains the features to showcase your product in a decent way.

There is 30,000 theme available on and it makes your confusing, which theme you should choose for your fashion blog.

Let me help you through it…

I am going to show you, ”what is the best WordPress theme available for fashion blogs?”

Fashion themes for WordPress Price
Astra Free
Loge $34.30
Shoppe $59
Elegant $59

If you want to see the more detailed guide and see the preview of themes, visit this collection of beautiful fashion themes for WordPress blog.

Step – 4 Create a content plan for a fashion blog

A fashion blog is more about showing the best quality images and media content than the textual Content.

And it takes time to produce quality images and design your blogs on a daily basis if you don’t have a team.

You can hire a photographer to produce high quality images for your fashion blog and if you don’t have a budget then take some time and master yourself in fashion photography.

To attract, retain, and convert your audience, you will have to create a content plan that will help you to publish consistent content.

How frequently do you need to publish content on your fashion blog is depend on two following factors:

  • How frequently your competitors publish the content
  • How frequently you can update your blog with quality content.

Almost fashion blogs update their content on daily basis but they are big brands, they have big teams to handle the blog.

If you are just a single men army there no need to rush, you can publish the content on weekly basis, it won’t affect your blog performance.

Never compromise with the quality of content in order to post more frequently otherwise your efforts to start a fashion blog will be wasted.

Step -5 Monazite a fashion blog

Starting a fashion blog as hobby is great but who would not want to make it a source of income.

If you work on your fashion blog with dedication and publish quality content on regular basis then you will soon build a strong audience base.

After getting a little success in your fashion blog, you can monetize it and recommend the best fashion outfits to your users and earn money on it.

I am going to show a few methods to monetize a fashion blog and earn money from it.

YouTube channel

If you are deeply passionate about fashion, you can start your YouTube channel in addition to your fashion blog.

YouTube channel will allow you to make extra income and it will also help you to drive traffic.

Infect, it’s very effective if you are just a beginner because it will expose your content in front of your targeted audience.

The ranking of YouTube videos doesn’t occur based on the authority of your channel, unlike the blog.

You can take benefit from it.

Starting a YouTube channel for a fashion blog doesn’t mean you have to invest tons of money to produce video content, you can ultimately re-purpose your fashion blog content into YouTube videos.

Affiliate marketing

There are tons of fashion brands that allow you to be an affiliate marketer and promote their products.

You can sign up as an affiliate marketer on your favorite fashion brands, and recommend the right fashion outfits to your reader and earn an affiliate commission on it.

Sponsor post on Instagram

Instagram is a hub of fashion blogging because it focuses on media content and it has a huge audience base.

There are thousands of bloggers who use Instagram as a fashion blogging platform.

Make your Instagram business account from day one of your fashion blogging and start publishing your content on Instagram.

You don’t need to produce additional content for Instagram, you can untimely optimize your blog posts to share over social media platforms.

You just need to create eye-catching and engaging social media posts. Canva is a great free tool to create social media post you can use it. (Add link here)

Make a content calendar and post regularly, consistency matter on Instagram.

After making a good social media presence, you can approach fashion brands on Maxbounty to get offers for fashion sponsor posts. (add link)

Once your Instagram fashion blog gains a strong audience base, fashion brands will start to approach you for collaboration.

  • Ad network

By selling the space on your fashion blog to premium fashion brands to advertise their products, you can earn pretty income.

Google ad is a popular ad network but I won’t recommend using it on your fashion blog because you already have a pretty option which will earn you 10 times more income than a traditional ad network like google ad.

  • Create your own fashion outfit

If you are a fashion store or boutique you can ultimately sell your fashion outfits on your fashion blog.

Selling your own fashion stuff on WordPress is the best way to earn money as a fashion blogger.

For that purpose, you will have to create your e-commerce store.

WordPress has a lot of options to build a professional e-commerce site.

You don’t even need to design your fashion blog differently or change your theme.

You can start your e-commerce store after installing WordPress plugins for E-commerce stores like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), Cart66 Cloud, Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart.



Starting a fashion blog in 2020 is not easy because the fashion industry is competitive.

If you are really passionate about any fashion niche, you can position yourself under the fashion blog industry.

You will have to create quality content that targets a very specific audience base.

Is there anything else I miss, which you want me to cover in this blog post?

I am looking forward to seeing your suggestion, tell me in the comment section

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