Running an Amazon affiliate site is one of the best ways to earn money online, many affiliate marketers are earning 6 figure income in it. 

More and more people are getting into the amazon affiliate program because it is a lucrative field.

Creating an Amazon affiliate website is very easy, you can create an average amazon affiliate site without spending much time and money…

However only creating an affiliate website and waiting for money to roll out in your bank is not going to work, the real skill and challenge is in generating high-quality traffic of targeted customers, get them to click on your affiliate links, and buy the products.

No matter how good your site is, you won’t make any affiliate commission until you reach your targeted audience by promoting the amazon affiliate site in the right way.

I will show you 6 different ways to promote Amazon affiliate website and attracts tons of quality traffic.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to promote amazon affiliate site. The purpose is to make your site rank higher in search results under the right keywords.

When potential customers search for products or queries related to the product you are promoting, they see tons of similar websites in the search result.

Other people are running the same affiliate website and promoting the pretty same products so how will you ensure that your site shows up in search results?

Because search engines can only show 10 – 7 results in top searches.

That’s where Search engine optimization comes into existence. It helps search engine algorithms identify the best content and rank it higher based on quality.

There are 3 common ways to boost your amazon affiliate site’ SEO?

  1. Keywords research – Perform keyword research and include buying keywords in your content such as “best coffee machines” “best earphones” etc.

Keywords help the search engine determine your content better and help it to serve your content in front of the right audience.

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  • Quality backlinks – Quality backlinks from high authority websites help the search engine determine the authority of your website. If your content is helpful, engaging, and worthy to share, then you will earn tons of quality backlinks for authority sites which is helpful to get a high search ranking.

Here is the complete guide to building quality backlinks

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  • Quality Content – Quality content matter more than anything, because now the search engine is smart enough to identify your content based on user search intent.

Keyword research is only for understanding user needs and the type of language they use. If your content addresses the points that the user is looking for then you are no longer required to include keywords in your content.

What is quality content?

It’s not about correct grammar and spelling in your blogs. But the quality content has a tone, purpose to serve users.

If users don’t have to roll over to other resources to find out the information they are looking for and your content satisfy customer query then it means you have quality content.

Read these two following articles to get a detailed guide on what types of content you need exactly to win the amazon affiliate site’s game and get a higher search ranking.  

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2. Email marketing

Email marketing is the secret key of successful affiliate markers. With email marketing, you can promote your old and new products directly into your customer’s email inbox.

It allows you to get the repentant buyers. However, email marketing is not as simple as grabbing a list of random emails and start spamming people’s inboxes.

You can’t start email marketing in one day but you have to work on it from day one.

First, you will have to make the list of your targeted audience by offering them free value in the form of consumable content related to your niche or product you are offering.

You can’t directly ask people to give away their email addresses, it is a personal thing and no one want to see the spam in their inbox.

Instead of doing it, you can offer a free valuable lead magnet to your customers.

For example –

If you are promoting coffee machines, you can offer a free eBook on “coffee recipes”

Once you get the list of your targeted audience you can start running affiliate campaigns via email marketing software like mail champ.

3. Social media marketing

You are already aware of social media’s importance for a business. Since you are running an amazon affiliate site, it’s also an online business.

Almost all brands use social media marketing as an effective way to engage and connect with their audience and 10 out of 8 people follow at least 5 brands they love. 

Even if you don’t have your brand or products, you can still use social media to build an audience base and then recommend them your affiliate products.

You have two options to promote your affiliate website on social media, the first one is through organic posts, which is a slow process and I won’t recommend you to invest your potential in it because in 2022 the organic growth of social media is almost dead.

Running social media ads is the second way to promote your amazon affiliate site to highly targeted users and generate quick affiliate sales.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads the popular social media ads which allow you to run your affiliate marketing sale campaigns by targeting your audience on various options such as age, gender, and demographics, etc.

4. QNA & sites

However, QNA sites don’t allow self-promotion but this is one of the best places to promote your amazon affiliate site. Promoting your affiliate site on QNA sites doesn’t mean you are allowed to past your affiliate links randomly.

QNA sites like Quora and Medium provide a free platform to get huge audience exposure.

You can search for the questions related to your niche or product on Quora and then try to answer users’ questions helpfully. Once you have provided the complete answer, you can then redirect users to your affiliate site.

I recommend you don’t post your affiliate links directly on Quora, the chances are they might remove your post, instead of doing this you can post the links of your blogs containing affiliate links.

Another site is which is a self-publishing platform. It allows you to publish content under the author's name.  

Users who don’t have their website, use to publish content, since you are running your amazon affiliate website you can still use to publish small blogpost and redirect your readers to your actual website.

It will give you the advantage of website authority. If your site is new then you will find it hard to rank for competitive topics so you can publish your small blogs on and link back to your site.

5. Search engine marketing – Google ads

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Paid ads quickly promote your amazon affiliate site on the top of the search result and drive direct affiliate sales.

The best part is you don’t pay Google for impressions, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

If your amazon affiliate site is new then you will not make affiliate sales by doing SEO because it is a long-term effort.

Although, SEO is always better than Ads because it doesn’t cost you anything and it brings consistent traffic directly from the search engine over time. Meanwhile, ads drive traffic until you spend the money.

As a new affiliate marketer, you can go for paid advertising and run your affiliate marketing campaigns via google ads. It is the fastest way to generate affiliate sales, it allows you to earn affiliate commission from day one.

The affiliate sales generated with ads, are directly proportional to the amount of money you can spend on ad campaigns. The more money you will spend the more you earn.

Almost all affiliate markers use google ads to promote their affiliate products and earn huge revenue.

Before you go this way, you need to master the art of running effective google ads campaigns.

6. Native ads

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 Native ads are another form of paid advertising the only difference is, they show up within the content of the ad publisher’s site. The concept of native ads is, to show the ads to a highly targeted audience without distracting them.

Now a day native ads are appearing more powerful than google ads because people are less likely to click on google ads, they know you can’t pay Google to stay at the top so they prefer to click on organic content.

Native ads are presented in front of an audience in a way that they don’t appear like ads until the audience starts reading it and get into it fully. It provider higher chances to get people converted.

You can sign up for native ad provider platforms like Outbrain and Taboola to run your affiliate marketing campaign.


Creating an amazon affiliate website is easy but the real challenge is to promote amazon affiliate site to the right audience in the right way. I have shared the 6 ways to promote your affiliate site, you can use the one in which you are skilled or you can use all of them together but I suggest you use each way one by one otherwise you will be overwhelmed and mess up with everything.

Let me know in the comment section which method do you like most?

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