Do you want to monetize affilaite site with pay per click affiliate programs?

Who doesn’t love the idea of earn passive income from affiliate marketing?

But it doesn't as simple as it looks, you still have to invest tons of time and energy in doing other tasks while setting up an affiliate site.

Do you know you can reduce the time and efforts you put into an affiliate site and earn passive income by signing up for pay per click affiliate program?

PPC affiliate programs are also known as display advertising in which you get paid when the visitors on your site click on the publisher’s ads.

The best part of pay-per-click programs is, you don’t have to do anything after you place an ad on your affiliate site and it automatically generates passive income.

In this article, I am going to show you the 5 best pay-per-click affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your site and earn passive income.

Before we proceed ahead, let me tell you…

What is Pay per click affiliate program?

Almost blogger and affiliate marketers use PPC affiliate programs to quickly generate leads and increase revenue.

Advertisers place a bid on keywords that potential buyers use to search for an item.

Whenever you search for keywords related to any item like, “water purifier” you see the advertisement above and at the right cover like this…

water purifier Google Search
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PPC ads also show up on the site, like this…

Capture 4
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Almost affiliate marketers run PPC campaigns for affiliate marketing to generate quick revenue.

In the PPC affiliate program, you only get paid when someone clicks on the ads on your site regardless of how many times your ads are being shown.

Here are the Top 5 pay per click affiliate programs in 2022


It’s a yahoo priority contextual ad supply network. is the first choice of affiliate marketers who wants to make money from PPC affiliate programs.

Almost newbie blogger use Google Adsense to monetize their blog and after a little time they realize that they can double or even triple their income by using other programs such as offer up to 10$ RPM

It can offer more than this if your niche is related to banking, credit, and finance.

The reason for offering high RPM is it directly pulls the ads from yahoo ad publishers and most of them offer high value.

2. Ezoic

Ezoic used to be a competitor of Google Adsense back in 2010, but now it leaves Adsense far away and become the top choice of affiliate marketers.

It only approves the sites having 10000 monthly visitors on-site and it also has traffic quality requirements.

They analyze each site carefully before approving of their PPC affiliate program.

But Ezoic’s RPM is higher than the google Adsense and even

It automatically places ads on your site by Machines learning to you don’t even have to deal with placing the ads manually via ad blocks.

Ezoic offers up to a 3% lifetime commission on every referral.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is 3rd largest pay-per-click affiliate program of its type.

What makes them unique from others is, they analyze the real-time traffic of your site and only show the relevant ads based on your current visitor's site.

It is a good thing that makes your site look less spammy than another ad network the google ads.

If any low-value ad network shows too many ads on your site, it really looks spammy.

It shows the ads of brands like Nike, Netflix, and Adidas.

It offers 4$ RPM but the best thing is you can use it with google ad sense and it’s still 10 times better than you earn in the google ad network.

Infolinks also offers the affiliate referral program and it gives up to 10% commission on the total revenue generated by the publisher you referred.

4. Outbrain

Outbrain is a little different from other pay per click affiliate program.

It’s a native PPC program that embeds the ads in the form of editorial content.

News publisher sites and blogs publish their own content to attract and engage their audience, and what outbrain does is, it shows the ads below the content as, “Suggested article”, “recommended post”, “similar articles”.

Readers are more likely to click on such editorial content similar to publishers which increases your revenue.

In addition, Outbrain also analyzes how ads are performing on your site, to tailor the ad content according to the audience's interest.

Outbrain shows ads from brands like LEGO, MERCK, DISNEY, PANASONIC, 3M, HHG, etc.

Meanwhile, almost PPC affiliate program show ads on your site and pay for per click but outbrain offer the publisher to purchase the space on your site.

They promise to offer the highest RPM but they don’t show the proves, however, tons of affiliate publishers use the outbrain PPC affiliate program.

The downside is, you will have to wait for 3 months to get paid.

5. Propeller ads

You might not have heard about this network before but more than 15,000 affiliate marketers are using propeller ads.

Like the other premium ad networks, they also take care of the quality control which protects the ads on your site from being clicked by a spammy bot, etc.

Nowadays, users started using ad blockers because sometimes they get annoyed with too many ads on the web.

Propeller ads have anti-ad-blocking technology that makes sure the audience who consume your content also expose to ads and contributes to increasing your revenue.

It also offers the google ads compatibility for beginners.

Propellers ads offer up to 7$ RPM which is quite low in comparison to other ad networks but it has a quick pay-out system that pays you every Thursday even if you have as low as 5$ in your account.

With that said, it becomes one of the fastest paying PPC affiliate programs.

Tips to increase earning from PPC affiliate programs

PPC affiliate programs are a little different, in affiliate marketing you get paid if someone purchases the product from the links you promote.

In PPC advertising you get money on every click user performs on your site.

In this guide, I am going to show you how you can boost your PPC affiliate program income by using the following 5 tips

Tip#1 – Target high CPC keywords

The full form of CPC is the cost per click, ad platforms charge advertisers based on Cost per click, they have to pay a certain amount for each click being made on their ads.

You also get paid for a certain amount of clicks (it’s calculated by per thousand) made by visitors to your site. That’s called CPC.

Premium ad networks offer high CPC in comparison to Google Adsense.

If you want to increase your income from PPC affiliate programs by placing ads on your site then you will need to find the keywords that offer high CPC.

The keyword that offers good CPC is your allies in making money from the Pay per click affiliate program.

Rich your site with high CPC keywords, to multiply your affiliate income.

Google keyword planner is the only accurate tool to check the CPC of any keyword, don’t go for other paid keyword research tools except it because all of them will show you different data which will confuse you.

If you want to learn more about CPC ads, watch this video by Google Adsense.

Here are two quick tips to boost your CPC income from PPC affiliate programs.

Tip#2 – Choose a profitable niche

Niches like automotive, finance, banking, and health industry have high CPC potentials, if your website content is based on these industries, you can easily find tons of high paying keywords.

Tip#3 – Target the right demographic audience

Ad network pay per click, based on the demographic location of the click come at your site. If your targeted audience is situated in tier 1 countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, you are will get a higher CPC on each keyword in comparison to Asian countries India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Tip#4 – Don’t over place the ads

If you choose to place ads at too many locations on your site, it’s not going to earn you extra money from pay per click affiliate programs because the overall user experience of your overall site will get down and your site will load very slowly because the images and graphics in ads will take time to load.

When the user will face a hard time to navigate the content on your site because of the too many ads, they will leave your immediately

Tip#5 – Generate organic traffic form SEO

There was a time when users were just putting ads on their sites and start promoting the links of their content at random social media networks.

But in 2022, Most of the ads networks are strong with their policies, and they only consider organic traffic as worth paying.

While creating content for your affiliate site, make sure to perform good SEO practices to get your site rank in search engines.

If you randomly promote your content on social media groups to generate clicks on ads, it might end up banning your account.

If you want to learn about SEO and want to rank higher on google check our articles on SEO.

Bonus Tip – Traffic amount matter as well

It’s obvious the more traffic your site will generate the more chances you have to get a click on ads to earn income from the PPC affiliate program.

Most of the premium PPC affiliate programs consider it necessary for a website to have a certain amount of traffic to approve it for showing ads.

Although some programs like google ads and allow you to use their Pay per click affiliate program without having much (even no traffic at all) traffic at your site.

But it doesn't make sense to sign up for any PPC affiliate program without having a good amount of traffic because you get paid for the number of visitors you drive to the publisher.


While most of the newbie affiliates who want to earn from pay per click ad programs rely on Google Adsense but there are tons of PPC affiliate programs which can earn you 10 times more income.

Just by looking at the list of PPC affiliate programs given in this blog, we can get an idea of how google Adsense has fallen in the market.

Even big companies started moving step out from google ad and they are using premium ad networks. As an affiliate marketer, if your goal is to earn a full-time income from pay per click affiliate program then you should aim for getting approved for the premium PPC affiliate program.

If you haven’t started your affiliate site yet, take your little time to read this guide on how you can set up your affiliate site on WordPress as a beginner.

I hope this guide has helped you a lot, if still, you want to ask anything about the Pay per click affiliate program, feel free to ping me in the comment section.

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