As a blogger, you’ll need a reliable web hosting platform to host your blog. But there are a lot of web hosts out there, and not all of them are suitable for beginners. That’s why I’m going to look at MilesWeb cpanel hosting, a web hosting company that has been around since 2012. It offers a wide range of web hosting plans for bloggers and other small businesses.

Know all about the WordPress

What is WordPress, by the way? Although this post is all about the MilesWeb's WordPress Hosting plans, how many have you heard about WordPress? Those who don't know it, let us keep things clear for you. First, understand that WordPress is one popular CMS (Content Management System) used for website building. In today's era, more than 70% of websites are built on this CMS only.

Different niche websites like

  • Ecommerce
  • Bloggers
  • Fashion and Lifestyle

And this list goes on……………

All these niche websites are developed on this great CMS.

In 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created the first version of WordPress. It was designed for people who wanted to build basic blogs and manage them online in its initial days. However, over the years now, this CMS has grown into a flexible, powerful software to develop any website.

Furthermore, there are two different domains of WordPress. The first is and the second one is In the .com domain, you can build and host a free website. It is easy to use but comes with certain limited features. On the other hand, is a forum that comes with a powerful forum giving users the ability to build any kind of website they want.

Did you understand WordPress after reading a brief intro?

Let us throw some light on MilesWeb Hosting. Hence, let's roll the intro on WordPress hosting and its significance without further delay.

What is all about the WordPress Hosting?

Starting a WordPress website gives users a chance to convey their message or information on the internet. With the evolving digital transformation, many individuals without prior coding expertise begin their website development journey with WordPress. You might be wondering why WordPress is so popular among website owners? The answer is its best content management system features.

To fuel up the website's online presence, a web hosting service is what website owners need to consider. Thus, many web hosting providers are offering ‘WordPress hosting services. We have highlighted a few reasons the Shared WordPress hosting is an ideal option for your new site for newbies. But before that, let us throw some light on Shared WordPress Hosting.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting: In a Nutshell

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting service that web hosting providers deliver to WordPress site users. The hosting company is responsible for managing website maintenance, installing security configuration, updates, and data backups, and ensuring no downtime of websites. The term shared in this phrase means that server resources CPU, RAM, and disk spaces are shared among many website users. Thus, it is a viable option for WordPress site users.

Reasons WordPress Hosting is Good for New Bloggers

If you do not know why shared WordPress hosting is the right choice for new website owners, here are some reasons to convey the same. Read on.

1. Minimize the Need for Technical Expertise

Carrying extensive technical expertise to manage WordPress hosting is troublesome for a novice. Also, hiring dedicated engineers to manage your website is an expensive deal for newbies. Therefore, WordPress website bloggers get 24*7 technical support from web hosting services. They will manage all kinds of website configurations and security updates of WordPress websites, ensuring a higher uptime for all websites and applications. Web hosting providers like MilesWeb have a proficient team of engineers to resolve server issues of any kind and level.

2. Security Is Ensured

The WordPress web hosting service comes with an in-built security system like firewall protection, preventing cyber-attacks, and many others. It offers a real-time malware scanning of WordPress to prevent any spyware, worms, or viruses from attacking the system. Web hosting services monitor the website and filter any harmful virus before reaching it. Moreover, if you choose a web hosting partner like MilesWeb, you get a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification to protect your WordPress site from potential threats.

The SSL certification encrypts data automatically, ensuring no chance of data breach and security loopholes. Moreover, it keeps users' data secure and prevents attackers from creating a fake version of the site creating trust among users. With MilesWeb's all three shared WordPress Hosting plans, all data is safely encrypted that is transmitted between site visitors and servers.

3. Preconfigured Themes and Plugins

If you choose the shared WordPress hosting plan from web-hosting companies, preconfigured themes, plugins and applications will be included in the package. With this, users don't find website development a daunting task. Creating a WordPress website becomes a matter of minutes.

However, it is necessary to learn the basics of creating a WordPress website in order to make it look appealing. A good-looking website not only increases the chances of getting visitors but also makes it easy for users to explore your business or organization's services.

Users easily drag and drop themes and plugins, creating a website with an enhanced UI. However, plugins and themes are still available if you do not go with hosting plans. In this, you need to pay an additional amount to get add-on features for your WordPress sites. In contrast, preconfigured features of the web hosting plan will make you pay less.

4. Enhanced Scalability

A shared WordPress hosting service ensures your website stays functional and responsive despite getting higher traffic. Remember, the higher traffic on websites brings the wear and tear of server resources. As a result, it witnesses the downtime of websites. Users do not need to worry about such issues when partnered with MilesWeb. It is India's leading web hosting provider, offering scalable WordPress hosting services to users. With this, users easily grow their websites and host unlimited websites on the server's shared resources.

Key differences: VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

1. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting means hosting websites and applications on Virtual Private Servers. In this type of web hosting, website owners get a virtual hosting environment with dedicated resources. It means a physical server is divided into different virtual servers with dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, SSD and others.

There is a cluster of virtual servers that becomes the core infrastructure of the VPS hosting server. If you as a blogger want to host your blogging site on VPS servers, then you will get a complete full root SSH access and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). If bloggers sign up for reliable VPS hosting plans, they will get control panels like cPanel, 1-Click installer, and other add-on features integrated into plans themselves.

With the help of a 1-Click installer, bloggers can easily install crucial applications like WordPress and others in a few clicks. It will help them build websites instantly and start their web hosting journey.

However, as far as cost parameters are concerned, VPS hosting plans are a bit more expensive than WordPress hosting plans. That is why if your budget is less, it is recommended to go for monthly plans of WordPress hosting services.

2. Dedicated Hosting

As the name depicts, dedicated hosting is all about servers dedicated to a single hosting account user. In this type of web hosting, high powerful servers host resource-heavy web projects with ease. Users who want an isolated web hosting environment with no intervention from noisy neighbors must opt for dedicated hosting servers.

The main advantage is if users want to host volumes of web projects with no performance-related issues. Even this type of web hosting service is also secured and has unlimited bandwidth like VPS hosting and WordPress hosting but there are no server resources shared with other users. Due to this, all server's hardware and software components will be used in hosting volumes of web projects only.

3. WordPress Hosting                                           

WordPress hosting is akin to shared hosting plans but only optimized for WordPress websites. It means, in this type of web hosting plan, servers will only host WordPress websites and not others that are developed in PHP or other languages. As far as MilesWeb wordpress hosting is concerned, they come up with advanced features, a website builder, unlimited bandwidth, and much more features.

If you compare WordPress web hosting plans with the VPS ones, VPS hosting comes with preconfigured applications and software. These applications can be meant for general use. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is only configured for WordPress websites. With MilesWeb's Managed WordPress hosting plans, bloggers get the maximum performance of their blogging sites up to 99.95%.

They have top-performing servers and compelling features that create a good web hosting environment for WordPress sites. Even their plans are so helpful that unlimited websites you can host at a nominal cost.

Do you want to know an additional advantage of it? Well, MilesWeb will manage the server on your behalf because they also offer 24×7 managed server support allowing bloggers to focus on sites' content and creativity.

As a blogger, managing your blogging site will not be a challenging part because you will be getting a control panel also to manage your website and hosting account. Get one of the popular control panels, cPanel to accomplish this task.

Should You Make a Choice?

After reading the advantages of WordPress hosting, the ball is in your court to make the final decision. To ease down your decision-making process, read the benefits mentioned above associated with shared WordPress hosting. After choosing the same, you need to examine the efficiency of web hosting providers. MilesWeb is the best name in this industry segment, providing a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% for websites and applications. They offer four different shared WordPress hosting plans are:

  • Tyro: Rs. 60 per month
  • Geeky: Rs. 99 per month
  • Rapid: Rs. 150 per month
  • Turbo: Rs. 255 per month
MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans
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1. Tyro

Tyro plan offers you to host 1 WordPress website with 1GB SSD disk space, 10 Emails, 3 MySQL Database, and unlimited bandwidth. In this plan, you will not get a free domain but you will get a free SSL certificate and free Backup.

2. Geeky

The Geeky plan also offers the same as the Tyro plan you to host 1 WordPress website but in addition, it comes with 10GB SSD disk space, 20 Emails, and 5 MySQL databases.

3. Rapid

The rapid plan offers you to host up to 5 WordPress websites with 30GB SSD disk space, 50 Emails, and 20 MySQL Databases.

4. Turbo

This is the biggest plan they offer which comes with an unlimited website, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited Emails, and unlimited Databases. In addition, they also give you a free domain for 1 year.

Are There Any Alternatives for You?

You might be thinking that this post is only bragging about MilesWeb's WordPress hosting plans. But that is not the truth because many options are available on the internet. It is all about whether they are meeting quality parameters or not as MilesWeb does. For your reference below, we have provided you with some alternatives as well. Keep reading further.

1. Big Rock

Big Rock is the first name of the WordPress hosting provider. But they act as a reseller user because Bluehost is supporting them in providing WordPress web hosting solutions to bloggers. In Big Rock's WordPress hosting plans, users will get

  • A free domain for 1 year
  • Unlimited SSD storage with bandwidth and parked domains
  • WordPress Plugins to create a website
  • Plan costs at Rs 179 per month

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is the next WordPress web hosting provider that we would like to include in this list. If we consider its basic plan, EasyWP Starter costs Rs. 372.27 per month does not provide free SSL certifications to your domains. It means there is no assurance of websites' security. And if you have a blogging website, host their servers at your own risk. Below we have mentioned a few of the salient features of Namecheap basic WordPress web hosting plan.

  • Get 10 GB SSD storage.
  • Hosting servers can manage up to 50,000 visitors per month

3. WP Engine

WP engine is the WordPress hosting provider that all website owners grow their business with hassle-free site management, performance, security & support.

  • Get the plan at $20 per month.
  • Serves for maximized speed
  • Security from proactive threats and malicious attacks
  • Customized themes according to the requirements of users
  • 1-Click installer and website backup

After reading the names of alternatives in WordPress hosting service providers, it is crucial for users to know what matters to them. If they are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting infrastructure, MilesWeb is the reliable one.

Final Words

WordPress hosting has plenty of benefits. Many individuals and organizations are using WordPress to build websites. A good hosting plan generates volumes of traffic and gives your blogging site a better hosting environment to generate traffic. Web hosting service providers are in plenty.

However, a reliable web hosting provider is essential to gain traffic and build an online presence. Thus, MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider offering affordable shared hosting services with top-notch features emphasized on security, performance, and others.

Get user-friendly control panels, unlimited accounts, and many MySQL databases to host websites and applications. And if you are not satisfied with their service, they are also offering a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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