How to Start a Micro Niche Site That Earns $1005/month

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Are you going to start a micro niche blog in 2021?

Do you want to make quick income from a micro-niche site?

The sole purpose of starting a micro-niche site is to position yourself under the throat-cutting competition in blogging.

Almost every niche is dominated by big brands and affiliate marketers.

Google already has a million of quality content almost in every niche, tons of high authority sites are ranking on the search engine.

Those websites have invested years, time, resources, and tons of money to position themselves on the top of google search results.

If you are planning to start a blog in 2021 as a single man army or even if a team of few, it might take years from now to position yourself at the edge of competition.

Of course, if you have patient, consistency, dedication and if you want to build a brand then you can go for it.

But if your purpose to start a blog is only to earn money as soon as possible then there are other ways as well to start today and move ahead with your goals.

Micro niche blogging is one of that quick money earning techniques.

In this informative guide, I’m going to show you how you can start a micro niche blog and scale it up to $1005 a month.

First, let’s move ahead and understand what a micro-niche is?

What is a micro niche site?

A micro niche is a narrow version of the main niche under board topic.

For instance –

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Sports
  • Digital marketing

These are all example of a broad niche, there are tons of brands, business, and expert bloggers are working on these niches to position themselves.

So what should you do?

Should you quit the idea of starting a blog because it’s too competitive?

Definitely not!

What if I tell you, you can also start a blog on these competitive niches and earn pretty passive income from blogs in 2021?

Seems interesting? Isn’t it!

Let’s get into the point.

Instead of targeting broad niches like health, digital marketing, and sports, you can narrow down your area of focus based on your interest and profitability of the topic.

What I mean by narrowing down the niche?

What’s the difference between a niche site and a micro niche site?

Let’s have a look at the table below, here I have mentioned the broad niches, narrow niches, and micro-niches.

Broad nichesHealthwealthDigital marketing
Narrow nichesWeight lossGolfBlogging
CardioAffiliate marketing guidesSocial media marketing
RunningPokerEmail marketing
Mental healthGamblingContent marketing
Micro nichesWeight loss after pregnancyAmazon affiliate sitesHow to start blogging
Weight loss for teenagersGolf for seniorsHow to increase followers
Running guide for seniors
Mental health for an employee under work pressure

Now you have a clear picture of what micro niche is?

Let’s see the pros of starting a micro-niche blog.

What are the benefits of building a micro niche site?

When you will start a micro-niche site, you will get less traffic in comparison to niche sites but the traffic will be highly targeted and it's more likely to convert into sales and leads.

You don’t have to be the expert of your niche and there less almost no competition of those micro niches topic.

You can start earning passive income with a few months of starting your site, you won’t have to wait for ages.

How to start a micro niche blog?

If you are just taking a step into blogging then starting a micro-niche site can be really hard and confusing.

But you don’t have to worry now…

Because I am going to show you step by step guide to start a micro niche site that earns $1005 monthly.

Your first step is to find a profitable niche that can be monetized easily and earn you 1005$ monthly.

Let me show you how you can do it…

1. Choose a Profitable Niche

The selection of any niche can be based on two following points

1. What are you passionate about?

If you want to start working on any niche because you found others working on the same niche or you think it is profitable then I would advise you to stop!

If you choose a niche without having a keen interest in it, you would soon run out of creative content ideas which is the core of your micro niche site.

Even you find the ideas, you will not be able to write content for a micro-niche site because you will feel a burden while working on it.

Even if you are planning to hire a content writer, you must be doing other important tasks such as planning content and doing keyword research because writers will care less about blogs than you do.

2. Are people actually searching for this niche?

What is the point of working on a niche if no one is looking for it?

If you are really passionate about something and you can’t wait to launch your micro niche blog on that topic because you have read the above section, you must cross-check the audience database for that particular niche before you start working on it.

It’s called niche research.

If you want to learn how you can find a profitable micro-niche then you must read the following guide…

2. Buy Hosting and Domain

Now you have selected the right micro niche for your website, it’s time to buy the right domain name and best web hosting for your site.

An ideal domain contains the main keyword of your niche and it also includes the high-end domain extension.

When it comes to buying Webhosting there are several parameters involved in choosing the best hosting for your micro-niche sites such as Uptime, downtime, customer support, features, pricing, and performance.

I have written this informative article on how to buy the right domain name and web hosting for your website.

3. Setup WordPress website

Now you have bought the domain and WordPress hosting, it’s time to set up and get your website running.

If you are already into blogging then you can easily set up your WordPress site.

But if you are a newbie, don’t worry let me guide you through it…

Here are the steps involved in setting up a WordPress website.

  • Installing WordPress in your hosting and connect a domain
  • Installing the right theme & plugins
  • Creating the custom pages of your micro niche website

Read the following guide to setup your WordPress website.

How to set-up a WordPress website for beginners

Drive traffic to your micro niche website

Now you have built your micro niche website but no one is visiting it!

It’s time to work on generating traffic on your site with all ideal traffic sources.

When it comes to website traffic, there are three types of sources involved.

1. Organic traffic sources

For the success of your micro niche website, it’s very essential to drive organic traffic.

Organic traffic comes after the hard efforts of SEO.

You can drive tons of organic traffic after optimizing your content for search engines and building quality backlinks.

Guest blogging is the best way to generate quality backlinks on high authority sites under your niche.

You would love to read this comprehensive guest blogging process to create high-quality backlinks.

2. Paid traffic sources

If you are ready to invest your money and get quick sales then google ads in one of the tested and proven paid traffic sources for a micro niche website.

Although users are less likely to click on google ads in the search results, still it can give you a good amount of return on your investment because you will only pay for per click on your ads instead of impression.

3. Social Media

Social media is one of the best referral traffic sources, what makes it great is, audience target options.

Although in 2020, the organic reach of social media almost died but if you know to play the cards right, you can win the game.

You can also run Facebook ad campaigns for your affiliate products on a micro niche site.

Facebook ads are highly targeted, it focuses on a very specific audience base such as gender, age, education, interest, and hobbies, etc.

How to make money with a micro-niche site?

Now let’s come to the main topic of this article…

You have done everything mentioned in the guide, and published articles on your micro niche website.

Now you are looking for ideas that will earn you $1005 monthly.

Here I am going to show you what are some tested and proven ways to earn passive income from a micro niche website…

1. Amazon Affiliate

If you have a micro niche website, you must take a step into affiliate marketing, it earns more than any ads network.

Amazon's affiliate is one of the best and popular ways to earn passive income.

The best part is, you can do affiliate marketing all over the world with geotagging

What is geotagging?

Geotagging is an option in the amazon affiliate, it automatically redirects users to their respected country's Amazon website.

Amazon has different websites for different countries.

How you can apply for the amazon affiliate program?

There is no special requirement to be an amazon affiliate marketer, you just have to do a basic setup of your website and submit a request for review and activate your amazon affiliate account with the link of your website.

micro niche site

Just head over to the amazon official site, navigate to the affiliate option and follow further instruction.

2. Ad network

There are basically two types of ad revenue, one is CPC (cost per click) and another one is CPM (cost per impressions)

CPC-based ads pay you on every single click on ads showing on your website.

on the other hand, CPM-based ads pay you a fixed amount per thousand impressions on the ad showing on your website.

You can sign up for google ads,, or any premium ads network which pays per click.

Ads are an effective and quick way to earn money from traffic for beginners.

Ads are only effective when you get a huge amount of traffic, but you can integrate ads with affiliate links to boost your site's revenue.

3. Selling your own stuff

If you are an expert of your micro-niche and you can create your stuff then it’s one of the most profitable ways to build your empire as a micro-niche blogger.

Selling your stuff doesn’t limit you to follow the rules and regulations of any affiliate program and ad network, plus you can earn tons of money in comparison to affiliate commission and ad network revenue.

You can create and sell your own digital product such as courses, software, training program, etc.


One last piece of advice,

Micro niches are a great way to start a blog and earn passive income in 2021.

When you are done with all the steps given above, your area of focus should be creating quality content for your targeted audience.

You can’t put too many ads and affiliate links on your micro-niche site.

If you will constantly focus on selling stuff, no one will like it.

People are looking for ways to solve their problems, you will have to address their pain points in the content on your niche website, and you have to provide value to keep your audience engaging and make them trust your website.

I hope this article will guide you to start a micro-niche site, and if you follow all the steps carefully, you will be able to scale your site beyond it.

If have any confusion in your head regarding any point in this article, let me know in the comment section.

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