In case you are one of those people who want to make money online and keep it as a passive earning option, you are at the right place! This article will help you understand the notch and glitches of amazon affiliate, one such amazing earning platform offered by amazon through the amazon associates program. Who would deny an offer where you need to work a few hours a week on your online platform to earn dollars in your account at the end of the week?

It appears to be a great deal after all. It seems to be an ultimate goal for many people who want to give an extra edge to their bank accounts. And there is nothing wrong, After all, having a backup source of income through your online platform doesn't demand a lot of time and energy also, the prime reason for it catching the eyes of techy youths these days.

Now the big question which comes into mind is that, is being an amazon affiliate worth it?

Let's dive into it.

Is amazon affiliate worth it?

One of the most popular and reliable ways to achieve an additional source of income online is through affiliate marketing. It is provided by a host of companies these days. One such platform is also provided by the leading giant, amazon by the name of amazon associates. Now the big question which comes into mind is that is it possible you just need to know the correct information and appropriate user data to make money via amazon associate.

What is amazon associate?

Amazon associate is the official name chosen by Amazon for its affiliate program. Amazon offers a wider platform without any eligibility criteria and discrimination. Anyone can register on it and can get affiliated with a wide range of products available on amazon. Such affiliate commission can be earned from any product available on amazon.

Depending on the clicks which lead to a sale within 24 hours commissions are fixed for it. The greater the number of sales, the greater is the commission. The commission fee structure varies from a range of 1% to 10% for different products. The users can choose the product wisely.

Let's take an example, If you get Affiliated to a product that costs $50 and has a fee of 5%, your affiliate commission, in that case, will be $50*5%=2.5$

It entirely depends on the amazon affiliate to choose their platform to get the sales and clicks. A majority of the affiliates prefer choosing their platform or rather go for YouTube as a reliable option. Countries like India, the USA, and Australia are considered to be large markets for amazon associates from where they earn a lot of money since these places provide a lot of potential buyers for the products if marketed with a good strategy.

Reason to choose amazon associate over others

If we go blunt and real, there is no perfect market associate. It all depends on the product you want to sell and the kind of customers you are targeting for. They all come with their pros and cons. A lot of things also depend on your long-term goals. Whether you are looking for a modest secondary income or taking it seriously as a full-time profession and being a full-time affiliate earning passive income. These are some of the things you need to identify before getting started so that you are not disappointed in the longer run. In both of the cases, it is possible. It is just that you need to work hard as well as smart, be competent and creative. Also, you need to be patient at the earlier stages.

Along with Amazon, the other top associate options in the market are provided by Click bank and ShareASale. Choosing amazon over these two comes with its perks and benefits you should be aware of before investing your time in it.

Amazon comes with a brand name and is trusted by users and customers across the globe. It is one of the most trustworthy online shopping platforms. Millions of people use Amazon for all their buying needs starting from home essentials to the higher priced ones. Amazon offers its customers a wide variety of options to choose from. It has one of the best customer care services provided by any e-commerce website. Assimilating all this, you can easily conclude that you get the top paying and buying customers over amazon.

Life is certainly not a bed of roses. In the same way, over here too there comes an issue of the lower commission provided by amazon compared to other platforms. But there are always ways to tackle this too. You can work around it and figure it out. You just need to get started. Most affiliates earn a decent income through amazon provided t5hey pit in the required efforts.

How much income can we expect per month?

You should not expect overwhelming and whopping figures like $1000 per month through amazon associates. It's good to be ambitious but knowing then reality always works in the longer run. Making money through amazon is not easy as a cakewalk, but it's not impossible. Lots of people Are earning well enough through it and using it for their passive income. But of course, it takes time and effort to earn a good figure for your bank account through an amazon affiliate. There is no guarantee of exactly how much will you earn per month nor a full proof plan for it. You must start working in the right direction and be patient. Once you hit it right, and achieve your desired figure, you will get motivated to earn a lot more through it.

Some calculations

Numbers and figures are really important and should be known well, before starting any such venture. The best way to figure it out is by going overestimated and average figures.

It depends on: 

Web visitor percentage that clicks on your links and finds it interesting.

Amazon conversion rates.

Average commission fee offered to you for all the products sold.

Targeted total commissions for the month.

Sooner or later, you will realize that there is no exact science to earn a definite amount of money per month. It keeps on fluctuating depending on these things. Amazon affiliate income rarely stays consistent for two months., It's all related to the supply and demand and can change depending on the trends, economy, market graphs, etc.

Success mantra

Till now, you would have realized that there is no perfect to-do list or one definite way to achieve expectations over here. There are some of the key points you should keep in mind to achieve the highest commission which ranges from 1% to 10%. Sometimes the quantity of the product will help you, at other times it might be the higher commission for a certain product which you will have to look for. You will need to keep updating your strategy depending on the need of the market and hitting the right customers through the right platform. You can go either of the ways, selling a high quantity of product or hitting the high-value product. It all depends on your niche and the customers you are targeting for. Either option will require a lot of time and hard work. Also, you need to be smart enough to hit the right customer for the right product! Say, for instance, selling a smartwatch to youth will fetch you positive results rather than selling him some anti-ageing cream!

Being a successful amazon affiliate requires you to get the maximum clicks on your product. And then how well do these clicks turn into potential amazon buyers. You need to create a vibrant and attractive platform whether it is through your Instagram post or a YouTube channel to hit the maximum clicks. At times, going self-advertising at your social media platform also works in case you are a social media influencer. You can even post your ads on some friend's website if he has a lot of followers to get that extra click. It's all about maximizing the numbers after all!

Once you get started with an Amazon affiliate, it becomes important to get your first sale within 90 days else you are out of the game and no longer allowed.

Keyword research

Therefore, it becomes important to make a website that has a great SEO. With a solid SEO, updating it regularly, and going by the trends you can achieve success. To grow traffic to your website, you need SEO. 

Here are some steps which will help you to get started with:- 

-Research your product well, whether through Google or Amazon.

-Keyword search is the need of the hour. Begin with it.

-Use a perfect blend of high volume focused keywords and long volume tailed ones.

-Focus on quality, not quantity.

-Use social media channels for the distribution of your content.

This might appear simple to read, but actually, it does take a lot of time for the new ones to hold a grab over the net. But with time and the right content, things will fall in line.

Certain mind keepers-

-You can use the keyword tool to give accurate and real-time data like keywords, volumes, trends, etc.

-choosing the correct product niche is important.

-Search behaviour and consumer habits need to be researched well.

-Identification of the correct keywords and their appropriate use=age.

Does amazon pay for clicks?

As per the policy of Amazon affiliates, it does not pay for clicks. Rather, it pays the commission when the product is sold. It simply means you will only get paid when you generate a sale. The percentage of commission differs as per the product chosen by your buyer. The good part about Amazon affiliate is that although you don’t get paid for the clicks, you can generate a sale within 24 hours, the duration for which the cookie lasts. At times, 24 hours won’t be enough to mark a sale. In such a situation there are certain tricks that you can apply like plugins which can turn a ‘click’ into ‘add to cart’ option and make it last for another ninety days, yes you heard it right! three months.


Assimilating all this information and using it in the right direction with a proper plan and strategy will make you earn a profit. Remember, it's a long-term game. There will be ups and downs. Every day won't be the same. You need to keep calm and be patient to achieve numbers. Once you get on the track, it becomes easy to earn passive income via Amazon affiliate. Just follow the correct market trend. Do proper research and analysis on the product, hit the right customers and you are good to go.

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