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Project 24 Income School
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Income School Project 24 Review by a Member.

Today I will share the genuine review of project 24 by Jim and Rickey.

First, before I tell you about income school project 24, you should know, “Am I eligible to review it?”

Since everyone has different opinions about the same things, you will have to learn the review from credible sources if you want to get started with income school project 24.  

Let me tell you, who I am and how I know about project 24.

I have started my online business and blogs in 2014 and spent tons of dollars making different websites and YouTube channels.

I spend tons of money on expensive affiliate marketing and drop shipping courses that didn’t give me any value.  In 2016 I purchased a course worth 400 for drop shipping completed all the steps, but then I found that I can’t go ahead with dropshipping due to my location. Then again, I purchased the course worth 1500 dollars, but it didn’t have any value.

Then I came across Jim and Rickey’s YouTube channel and watched their free videos about niche websites. I started following their advice and implementing the strategies they tell on my sites, and I started getting little impact.

Since then, I decided to sign up for income school project 24 in 2018, and I am still a member of income school project 24. That’s why I am eligible to tell you a genuine review about it.

First, let me tell you a little about the instructor of the income school project 24

Jim and Rickey are both professional degree holders.  Jim is an attorney, and Rickey is MBS pass out. I know their qualification has nothing to do with the course, but they are professional degree holders in the business world. They have started and grown several niche sites since 2013.

Here is the name of some of their famous sites

  • Pontoon Guide
  • Sound Proof Expert
  • Knife Up
  • Camper Report
  • Cabin Freedom
  • Improve photography
  • Dirt Bike Planet
  • Embora Pets
  • 7-Year-Olds
  • DIY House Security
  • Income School
  • Purpose In Christ

They have made their 7 figure fortune with niche sites. Rockley is running ten-year-old photography that is earning a decent income. That’s why they are eligible to teach you what they are doing themselves successfully for years.

The best thing is they show real analytics and earning of their sites. They do not hesitate to share their site’s names.  

What is income school project 24?

It is a step-by-step guide to teach people to build and scale niche sites and YouTube channels.

It is a tested and proven method to and earns full-time passive income in 24 months.  

The steps given in this course are very reasonable and practical. If one follows all the steps given in the course thoroughly and works with consistency, one can build a passive income empire.

But still, I would not recommend income school 24 for everyone.

It is expensive, and you should inquire about it upfront before deciding to invest in it.  

I will tell you about income school project 24, its pros and cons, and some frequently asked questions that will help you decide whether it is for you.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone who wants to earn passive income, beginners, the one who already started, blog/YouTube channel/online business but struggling to earn income.

It is also for successful blog owners to learn and apply new strategies and maximize their revenue.  

This course will help you create a niche site and YouTube channel. It will teach you everything from start to finish. It’s a tested and proven guideline to help beginners earn online income.

When you start something without knowing and guiding, it became tough for you to keep rolling in. You have to consume content from different sources and take different advice from random persons.

But having a tested and proven system that already gives success to other people maximizes the chances of your success.

Who is this course not for?

Being a member of this course, I can confidentially say that this course is designed in the best way to teach others how to make money online, but success is not guaranteed.

Nothing can guarantee success. If you are making your decision based on other’ success, then I have to say you might not be able to get the same amount of success.

For example, –

Everyone will pick up different niches based on their interest. Some people might be interested in the site that worked for them quickly, but your site might take some time to show results.

If you are totally dependent on this course to earn passive income and don’t have prior knowledge of how things work on the internet, what blogs are, and how they work, this course is not designed for you.

What Is Included In The Income School Project 24 Membership?

  • You will get 60 steps action plan that Jim and Rickey used on each site they created themselves.
  • You will get access to a private community where you can ask questions regarding courses and niche sites.
  • You will also get 4+ bonus courses that will teach you to create content and get your site and YouTube channel up.

Pros of income school project 24

A focus on niche sites

Blogging and YouTube both nowadays are saturated fields. If you choose to start your blog on a very broad niche such as mom blog, health blog, and food blog, it will be extremely hard for you to compete with other authority sites.

People working on such sites for years and have invested tons of money, time, and resources in ranking themselves and identifying as a niche authority.

Income school teaches you to create small micro-niches sites that are easy to rank. If you are a beginner, you can easily kick start and grow your sites without competing with big sites. This is the best part about income school.

Get up and running fast

When starting a blog or YouTube channel, people often seem to confuse about random things.  They get between too many things because they don’t have any idea what to do first then what to do next.

They spend tons of time designing the website. Customizing themes and updating logo etc., in the beginning, and then after working sometimes gave up.

But income school project 24 teaches you to create SEO focused on your site first before doing anything else so that the SEO can start working on your site.

Once you created the content and get some blogs out on your website, you will start noticing some activities. Then you can do the rest of all the steps, such as designing your website and customizing themes, etc.

Solid content

I have purchased many top authority courses, but most were not effective or created to promote paid products. But the content of income school project 24 is solid, and it isn’t like other courses. They provide value in their content.

Community involvement

When you sign up for the course, you will be allowed to join a private community where you can share and discuss your problems with other members, ask their opinions about your work, and ask them what to do next. This is the best part about income school project 24; their community is very solid. There are lots of people learning the same course, and they have the answer to your quarries.

Community transparency

The income school project 24 community is very transparent; Members share everything related to their niche sites. They share the dashboard’s screenshots to show results that help you figure out the possible estimate and how they made it.

Very step by step.

The course is a very practical step-by-step guide. It teaches everything like – what to do on day one and what to do on day 2. It provides a clear roadmap to the whole content with steps by steps guide.

Clear and realistic expectations

They don’t create any promises, and their representation is reasonable and realistic. They clearly indicate what you can expect from the course and the site you are working on.

Lots of variety

It provides you different a variety of sites to choose from and create your micro-niche sites.

Cons of income school project 24

No refunds

Income school project 24 doesn’t offer a refund since other course owners provide an easy refund policy. 

Not a lifetime membership

You have to pay the first 499$ to get access, of course, but it is not a lifetime membership. After that, you have to pay 199$ each year to keep access to content.

Time-sensitive content.  

Since internet marketing, blogging and YouTube are dynamic fields. Their algorithms keep changing. What you learn today might not work tomorrow or might completely change.

But the best part is the income school project 24  team is constantly working to keep the content up to date, and they regularly release new videos and podcasts to teach new things so, this can turn into a pro.

Income school project 24 alternative: Authority hacker site system

There are many alternatives to income schools project 24, but the best one I found is the authority hacker site system. Authority hacker’s qualified team runs this program since 2013 and teaches people to build authority sites and earn passive income.

Suppose you have already tried income school project 24 and didn’t get results or are looking for another system, perhaps for any other reason. Then I will show you to best alternative of income school project 24.

Rember, if you tried income school project 24 and didn’t get the results out of it, then you can’t blame the course itself. Because it has been tested and proven for others, and not all things work in the same way. Things are dynamic and depend on individuals’ opinions, efforts and dedication, and consistency.

I have reviewed the other course as well and compared them to income school project 24. Still, non of them was best compared to authority hackers. However, I am dedicated to providing you with the best information possible, so I am introducing you to the authority hacker program.

What is inside the authority hacker sites system?

It has step by step guide to build and run authority affiliate income sites. The program is run by experts who themselves are running tons of successful affiliate sites.

It teaches you to establish your affiliate sites as an authority site in your niche and distinguish yourself from other running sites for the sake of promotion and earning only. The course will walk you through selecting and testing niches, developing and designing your site, creating, optimizing, publishing quality content, and monetizing your site. Also, It teaches you to create content that provides useful information to your buyers, attracts them, engages them with your content, and recommends your products.

Authority hacker two different level courses, created for individuals on different levels.

The first one is the authority hacker site system, designed for beginners who are beginners and have just taken the steps into the online world and don’t have prior knowledge of running affiliate sites.

Meanwhile, the authority hacker pro is for the individuals already running authority sites. It teaches them new strategies to scale up their affiliate income.

Is there any difference between income school project 24 and the authority hacker site system?

Both programs are designed to teach individuals to start, run and scale affiliate sites with step by step proven system. The only difference is the instructors and methods used in the program. The income school project 24 has divided the process into several tiny steps; meanwhile, the authority hacker site system might be a little overwhelming to you if you don’t know what affiliate sites are and how it works. In that case, you may need an external resource to learn about it. Since you are planning to register for a program, you must have prior knowledge of affiliate marketing. In that case, both income school project 24 and authority hacker is the best choice for you.

How much does the authority hacker site system cost?

Authority hacker site system course costs you 997$ at regular price, but you can avail it at 599$ discounted price if you purchase from the given link.

Link –

Faqs about income school project 24

Here are some questions about the income school project 24

What does Project 24 teach?

It teaches to create micro niche sites and YouTube channels and provides a proven roadmap to develop full-time online income within 24 months.

What method of making money online does it teach?

Income school teaches about making income from micro niches blogs and YouTube channels.

Are there success stories?

Yes! There are tons of success stories from the students of income school project 24.

You can visit their official landing page and see the video testimonial of their clients – Income School Project 24

Here is the review from random income school members –

How much does it cost? Project 24 Pricing

It will cost you 499$ for the first year, and after that, you will have to pay a 199$ yearly subscription fee to keep access to the whole content for the year.

Are there incidental costs?

There is no hidden cost involved in income school project 24. However, you will need to purchase web hosting and domain name for your sites.

Is Project 24 Income School a Scam? Is Income School Project 24 Legit?

It is up to you to decide. The course is packed with valuable content and proven methods that work for others in the past. Only purchasing courses will not make you money. You will have to go through hard work with consistency. They don’t guarantee success or make extraordinary promises.

I hope this detailed review of income school project 24 helped you understand a whole lot.

If you have any specific questions regarding project 24, let me know in the comment section. Since I am a member of this course, I will answer your questions genuinely.

Click on this link to enroll in income project 24 –

Best of luck.

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