If you are adventurous, you travel and want to start your travel blog.

Do you see how other travel bloggers share their journeys and make a full-time income from blogs?

You may be wondering the idea of how to start a travel blog and make money from it?

There are already so many travel blogs out there, everyone who travels thinks, I should start my travel blog and share my journey.

So do you think the niche is competitive?

It’s is but still there are rooms for quality travel blogs.

Because most of the blogs are the suck. They are not up to the point.

Some blogs start and fail because people expect to earn money in the second week of starting a blog.

Before I start writing this article I search for the keyword, how to start a travel blog? And within eye blink, I got millions of results, I analyzed a few of the topic ranking articles and saw their content, most of the articles were written like a topical technical topic.

They just included the steps to start a blog and stuff the name of travel blogging into their content, I know it’s not bad you still need to buy WordPress hosting and domain name and set up your WordPress site that’s why I have already written the guides on these technical topics so that after reading the post if you decided to start your blog now, you can go through these tutorials.

But in this blog post, I will focus on the strategies you need to start a successful travel blog.

Let’s start reading this blog and don’t skip, by the end of this blog post, you will be able to answer

  • What is the best way to start a travel blog and create content around it?
  • How to attract a targeted audience on a travel blog
  • How travel bloggers get paid
  • And the last but not least, what strategies you need to follow to be a successful travel blogger in 2020

How to start a travel blog in 2020? A step by step guide for beginners

Determine your audience

Identifying your target audience is the essential step in each way of your travel blogging, before you even decided to choose your travel blogging niche always determine your audience first.

Different blogs have different audience base and they only share the content which resonates with their audience.

Identify who is going to read your blog? Are they male, female, or both? What type of ideas and topics do they love to see and share?

If you are just starting your traveling blog then defiantly you won’t have any idea about it.

I would suggest you take some time and research the similar blog that you are going to create.

Search your travel blog niche on the google and find out how many similar blogs are there and what they are publishing on their feeds, read the comments on their blog post to understand the audience you are going to target via a blog.

Identifying your targeted audience will help you to get quick success in your travel blogging journey because you will be creating the content around your blog to serves the needs of a specific group of people who are more likely to engage with your travel blog.

Tip – while analyzing similar blogs, also pay attention to what type of content they are sharing and make your strategies to do it totally in a new way, because there are already tons of travel blog out there, you will have to stand out among the rest to position yourself under travel blogging niche.

Choose a name for your travel blog

Choosing the blog name is the second critical step for your travel blogging journey, always choose the name that can go along with the lifetime of your blogging journey.

If you choose the travel blog name something like, “winter in the US” then make sure you are always going to share the content that focuses on the topic around.

Make your blog name unique

There are already so many travel blogs out there that have taken over the most common travel niche name like adventurous, thrilling, journey, traveler, etc. make sure you choose a name that stands out and not blend up under the common names.

Easy to spell

Unnecessary use of dashes, hypes, and special characters in your blog will make it difficult for your targeted audience to find and remember it, make sure you choose a name that is easy to spell.

When you finalize a blog name, always cross-check for its domain availability and availability of username on social media accounts.

Once you finalize the blog name, now it’s time to choose the right domain name Webhosting for your travel blog.

I have written an easy and comprehensive guide on these technical topics, Visit this blogs to learn the following topics.

After setting up your travel blog successfully, you will have to create quality content that provides value to your targeted audience.

I am going to share the guideline to write the content for a travel blog.

How to write and create great blog content for your travel blog

Even after you have a lot of experience in your travel niche, somewhere you will stick with the question in your head, “How do I create content for my travel blog?”

Let me help you through…

The content creation process is the most discussed part of the blogging field. If you see the advice from the different bloggers they all will tell your different process because the process of creating content is a personal thing and everyone discovers their own content creation process at which they stick and convert their thought and experiences into a consumable piece of content.

Once you will get into writing articles for your travel blog you will too find your own process.

I am going to share some important tips to create content that will be loved and share under the travel blogging niche.

Make sure your content is unique

The travel blogging industry is a saturated market and there are already tons of travel blogs out there who are constantly sharing the content on their blogs.

In order to stand out and make a slot for your new blog in this saturated market, you will have to offer the unique content that comes from your experience in travel blogging.

Be it either photography or blog post, you are not going to share the same piece of content as similar blogs are doing in your niche.

For example –

List of 10 best places to visit in Russia

These types of listicle blog posts are a very topical approach in travel blogging, almost everyone has seen it in magazines, blogs.

You will have to find a creative and unique way to represent the same topic that your audience will love to read and share.

Create content for your audience

You will always be sharing the content based on your experiences in traveling, giving it a personal touch as much as possible, is a good idea but don’t create who you are creating the content for?

When you will just start your blog, you won’t have too much insight into what the reader coming on your blog will love to read, consume, and share.

But you can analyze the other similar blog and their read the comment of their audience to get an idea about what type of content they do like.

Don’t be too choosy or picky so that you quit the idea of writing a blog just because you can’t find the perfect topic your audience will love.

Nothing starts perfect, things get better with time.

Just starting writing the content by keeping your audience in mind, it doesn’t need to be the perfect one they will love.

But as your blog grows over time and you get tons of visitor, you will have all the insights to access the details of what your audience is doing on your blog, which piece of content is getting more share and discussed so that you can write more blog post by covering that topic.

Write about what you know

Every travel blogger has at least one area in which they are expert.

You might be interested in other topics as well and you can write about all of those topics when you get to experience over time.

But in the beginning, stick to the one topic that you love most and you are an expert in it.

This will help you to engage with your audience and this will also motivate you to write more as a new blogger.

For example –

If you love to taste new recipes then you can share different kinds of recipes around the world at different restaurants.

Important Faqs about travel blogging

How Do You Make Money With a Travel Blog?

Although, you should not think about money for a few months just after launching your blog.  But it is a good idea to know about the potential way which you can use to monetize your travel blog.

When you launch your travel blog, your first priority should be creating quality content, attracting your targeted audience, and promoting your travel blog as much as possible because the potential monetizing methods work around it.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate constant passive income as a travel blogger. There are tons of affiliate marketing programs out there for travel bloggers such as TripAdvisor and booking.com

These affiliate programs offer hotel booking and flight bookings.


As a travel blogger you can collaborate with hotels, restaurants, and travel guides around the world.

After you get the huge audience base, the big hotels, restaurants, and travel guides will start to pitch you for collaboration.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Travel Blog?

Starting travel blog doesn’t cost you anything except the expense of hosting and domain.

You can buy the domain name as low as 1$ for a year from DreamHost and Bluehost will be your best WordPress hosting to start your travel blog, it offers top-class hosting as low as 2.5$ monthly.

If you are want to hire a content writer to write content for your travel blog then it might cost you a little higher.


The travel blogging industry is saturated but there is always room for quality bloggers.

In 2020, the competition is high but you can still start a travel blog and make money from it.

I have given this informative guide focused on the strategies you need to follow to become a successful travel blogger.

I hope this article has satisfied your query, how to start a travel blog.

Is there anything else I missed which you want me to cover? Let me know in the comment section.

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