Do you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads?

Almost bloggers think, placing ads like Google AdSense,, etc. is the only way to make money from a blog and they limit themselves to it.

Although ads are the easiest and quickest way to make money from a blog they make a very low amount.

Even if you get tons of visitors, your ad earning will be limited.

On the other hand, you if monetize a blog with another method, your income potential will be much higher even if you have little traffic.

In my opinion, ads are ok if you are running a blog only for passion and you don’t have a plan to get into full-time blogging.

But if you want to be a pro blogger and want to earn money from your blog, then you have to look for other earning methods in place of ads.

Other monetizing methods give you the highest return on the investment that you have done in the blog, it can also become your source of earning full-time passive income.

There are some other monetizing methods which can earn you thousands of dollar monthly, either blogger doesn’t know about it or they don’t have time to invest to get into it.

But If uses strategically, these monetizing methods can earn you a full-time income.

When I said you can earn thousands of dollars, I never meant to use it as an extraordinary marketing technique because I am not selling you anything, it is an informational blog.

Hence I am telling you, none of these ways will make your rich overnight.

You have to invest your time in learning, strategically applying,  keep working on these methods and stick to it for a long time without expecting quick results, but in the end, it will be worth it.

In this blog, I am going to break down the 5 most popular monetizing methods that famous bloggers use to earn a full-time income from blogs.

You can also try the combination of these methods based on your niche and interest or whatever method you use, stick to it.

How to monetize a blog without ads: 5 quick and easy tips for beginners

Monetize your blog content

Writing quality content on your blog is the key to success, and it takes time to produce quality content.

Why not monetize the content and start making money from it?

Do you know you can make money from a blog by monetizing your content?

I am going to show you 4 ways to monetize the content of your blog.

Start Affiliate marketing

I guess you already heard about affiliate marketing?

Don’t you?

Let me tell you in short.

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting products of other businesses, companies, and brands that match your niche.

It is a great way to earn full-time passive income as a blogger if you are not ready to create your own products right now.

According to the report published by

  • Affiliate marketing is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020.
  • Digital media has allocated 15% of the advertising revenue for affiliate marketing
  • 81% of brands rely on affiliate programs to improve their business.
  • 38% of marketers agreed that they use affiliate marketing for customer acquisition.

You have to stick with one niche and find the right profitable products for your blog that offer an affiliate program.

Starting an affiliate blog is easy but generating sales and earn a full-time income is not a piece of cake, you will have to work with your toe in your head.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to provide value to your audience in the form of great consumable content, instead of promoting the high-paying products just because they offer the highest commission.

Before entering into affiliate marketing, you must remember one thing, “your blog is nothing without your audience”, hence you will have to offer free content that adds value to your audience's life, career, health, or whatever the service your blog is about.

Start premium Blog

If your blog has a huge audience base and a big community, you can start the membership program for reading the special piece of content.

It’s just similar to the business model, what they do is, they allow only 3 stories per profile monthly. But if someone wants to read further, they will have to purchase their premium membership plan.

But exists for ages and it has millions of huge audience bases so you can’t copy their business model.

Instead of it, you can have two different sections on your blog.

One is for everyone who lands on your blog organically and another section is only for a paid audience.

Remember, you will have to create a lot of free quality content that will attract and retain your potential reader so they will take interest in subscribing to the premium membership plans.

On the other hand, creating constant premium content that gives value for money to your reader, is time-consuming but it’s also a very lucrative source to monetize a blog without ads

Get paid to write reviews

Writing reviews are just similar to like sponsor posts, you get paid for writing the reviews of products for any business, company, and brand.

In review posts, bloggers charge fees to feature the product in their blogs and share their experience with it.

It’s also called influencer marketing.

According to the report of, 63% of businesses are involved in influencer marketing in 2019 and the industry was expected to expand up to 6.5B Dollar by end of 2019.

LinkedIn is the best way to connect with prospective companies and businesses, you can start making your connections and pitch prospects for writing reviews for their products.

Sell sponsor blog posts

Are you one of those bloggers who don’t like the idea of placing ads over their blog?

You are not alone, almost high-quality blogger doesn’t like the idea of placing ads over their blogs because after placing the ads they can’t control the types of ad content will be shown in some part of their blog.

Ads make it annoying for the audience to comfortably navigate through your blog.

The sponsor posts are the best way to make money from your blog without placing those annoying ads.

The concept of sponsor posts is very similar to the one you see on TV and in the cinema.

Youtubers already started using product sponsorships in their videos and nowadays more and more bloggers are turning into sponsor blogging to make money from their blog.

You will just have to make a single page report of your overall traffic stats, social media following, audience demographic, and email list that will give your prospective advertiser’s idea of their reach if they choose to do a sponsored post with you.

Sell your products

Digital / Info products


If you are an expert in your niche, and you want to share in-depth practical and theoretical content on the topic, you can create and sell your E-book.

E-books are not only a great way to make money from your blog, but it also an effective way to test whether your audience is interested in buying the value you are offering for their money.

Your blog readers can also judge the value of your other expensive product just by buying the eBook so they will understand whether they should invest in another product or not, you will also get a chance to show your pool of knowledge on the subject.

You don’t even need to create an eBook as wholly new, you can repurpose the content on your blog into an eBook.

You also don’t need to have too much traffic to sell your eBook, even if you have a small reader’s community who read your blogs regularly and will love to pay for your little effort, you can sell your ebook and earn pretty income.

David Oudiette wrote the e-book of 256 pages and started to sell it for 39$ and he was able to earn 13,000$ in revenue just by selling that book to his small reader’s community on his blog.

 Where can you sell your eBooks?

You can either sell your ebooks on amazon kindle or at your own blog.

If you choose to sell your ebook on amazon kindle then you can only keep it’s 70% but the more sales you book will make the exposure it will get in front of a huge audience which will result in more sales.

Selling e-book on your own blog is also a great idea, just like Harsh Agarwal has created a series of his eBooks in different niches of digital marketing and he is selling his eBooks on his blogs.

WordPress eBook Create A Perfect SEO Optimized WordPress Blog
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Online course

Selling your online course is a gold mine for making money from your blogs. Most of the blogger don’t start creating a course because they think need to be an expert in order to sell their course.

But the only thing you need to create and sell your online course is the knowledge of the subject more than the people you are targeting to sell your course.

Remith Sethi makes millions by selling his course on financial planning not just because he is an expert financial planner but because he solves the problems of the reader on his blog.

Physical products

Integrate an E-commerce store and start selling your products

Nowadays, more and more affiliate sites are starting blogging to attract and retain their audience.

If you can manage to create your physical products then you can start your own e-commerce store.

You can untimely design your e-commerce store just by installing decent looking e-commerce theme like ocean WP and some e-commerce management WP plugins.

There are tons of plugins available on WordPress which make it easy for you to handle the e-commerce website.

Even if you don’t have time to handle the production and inventory unit, you can outsource most of the work to make sure you get enough time to handle your blog.

Sell services online using blog

Become a freelance blogger in your niche

If you keep keen knowledge in your blogging niche and you write your own blog posts then you can offer your service as a freelance writer in your niche.

Almost bloggers in every niche are looking for quality writers who can write and publish the blog either as ghostwriters or contributor writers.

Although there are many freelance writing services available when it comes to blogging, bloggers want someone who is experienced in blogging because it is not about writing thought on paper or pc screen but having knowledge of keyword research and SEO optimization is a must.

Find your industry blog and drop an email for authors, they are always looking for quality writers to write the articles for their blogs.

Business consulting

Instead of offering the services, some bloggers offer paid consulting services to other businesses.

If you have a huge range of audience, you can offer paid consulting services in your niche.

Bloggers are offering the services especially in, banking, finance, and digital marketing niche but it is not limited to the niche.

As long as you have an audience willing to pay you for a consultant, you can charge your desired amount for business consulting.

You just need to create a page from where the business can request you a quote, you can create this page at the contact section by using WP form builder


You don’t need to monetize your site with an ad network, there are plenty of monetizing methods you can use to make money from your blog.

I have shared almost all popular methods to monetize a blog without ads, if you want to know my personal opinions for your site, ask me in the comment section.

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