Are you looking for the best place to buy a domain and hosting for a WordPress website?

Are you a beginner and you don’t have any idea about, how to buy the best domain and WordPress hosting for your website?

Do you know most of the newbie bloggers ended up buying the wrong domain name and WordPress hosting because of the overwhelming information available on the internet?

But now you have landed at the right place, in this comprehensive guide I am going to teach you how you can buy the best domain name and WordPress hosting for your website.

Keep reading this post till the end, when you will finish reading this article, you will have good knowledge of

  • How to choose the right domain name for your brand new website
  • Which is the Best WordPress Hosting
  • The thing to consider before purchasing WordPress hosting
  • How to purchase the WordPress hosting

How to choose the right domain name for a brand new site

A domain name is the URL address of your website, by typing it, users land on your site.

If you have not started your WordPress website then you are defiantly brainstorming with the domain name.

Maybe you have finalized searching the domain but it’s not available.

Whatever the case is, let me guide you through it.

Choosing a domain name is the most critical factor of your website, it’s your brand identity. People will remember your site or your business with the domain names.

It required some efforts to choose the right domain name for your brand new website. Your domain should not only represent your brand but it should be easy to find and remember.

While web hosting can be easily migrated from one to another but If you accidentally choose the wrong domain name, you can’t change it later without affecting your SEO ranking and search engine indexing.

That’s why you should always take the time to choose the right domain name for your WordPress website.

I am going to show you some useful tips that you should keep in your mind while choosing the domain name for your website:

1. Keep the domain short and simple

Even if your business or brand name is big, it isn’t necessary to include the whole name into the domain. You should always go for a short and simple domain.

For example –

If you have the automobile business name of

“Zain and sons automobile agency”

It isn’t necessary to include the whole business name as it is in the domain name.

You can choose something like…

These are all different extensions for a single domain, we will talk about it later in the article…

When you choose the short and simple domain name…

  • It’s easy to remember and refer
  • It becomes a word of mouth

2. Try to include the main keyword of your niche

Including the main keyword of your niche is a major signal of good SEO ranking, always try to include the main keyword related to your business or website in your domain name. If possible, try to choose the exact matching domain for your business.

3. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Including hyphens and numbers is the worst signal for SEO and it’s very hard for users to keep your website remember.

Let’s relate this situation to Instagram search…

Have you ever try to find your friend or favorite brand name on Instagram?

Did you find the exact person and brand just by typing their name? Defiantly not because there are so many users there with similar names.

But you can find the right person if try to search with an exact username.

Now imagine, you are searching for a brand name and they kept their username as “-..—concept.—.blogging-“

Will you able to find the brand?

Even if you find them, will you be able to remember this username?

Definitely not because you have to count all the slashes and dots included in the username.

Similarly, if you included unnecessary hyphens and numbers in your domain, it would be extremely hard for your users to remember your brand name.

Keep it clean and avoid including other characters except for words.

4. Use high-end extension

Basically, Extension is made to target geographical area but there are some other extensions that are used for a different purpose like .org .net etc.

Most common form of extensions are .com .in .cu etc.

These are a country-based extension which targeted the audience base from a specific country.

For Example – is for the Indian audience.

And is for a worldwide audience.

If you want to target a worldwide audience then you should go for the .com extension

.com is the most popular domain extension targeted by almost businesses and blogs over the internet.

You can choose the right domain extension based on where your audience base is located.

Buy domain from namecheap at low price.

How to Buy the WordPress hosting for your website

So you end-up choosing the domain and you are ready to launch your site.

Now you just need to purchase good web hosting for your online business or blog.

But choosing the right hosting provider might be difficult to make a decision on which is best for you.

Because there is too much overwhelming information available on the internet about web hosting's, people just sign up for affiliate program and start promoting any web hosting based on which hosting give them higher commission instead of which is best hosting as per theirs needs.

Almost affiliate marketers suggest you go for high-end web hosting's which costs a lot more than your budget.

Indeed they are powerful hosting's with high-end features but it doesn’t mean these hosting are goods for you.

The best hosting is one that fulfills your needs and it also doesn’t loot your bank.

There are many types of hosting available in the marketplace like shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting.

None of these hosting is perfect for everyone because all businesses and blogs have different needs, traffic, and budget.

If chosen carefully according to your needs, all of these types of web hosting's are good for your online business.

In this guide, we will talk about WordPress hosting, but don’t get confused with why I didn't mention the name of this hosting before in the example above.

Actually, WordPress hosting is not the type of hosting rather it’s any kind of hosting which is compatible with WordPress.

WordPress is a very lightweight open-source software that can be easy installed over almost all web hosting.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, almost hosting providers integrate one-click WordPress installation into their web hosting which makes the process easy for users.

As I said WordPress is compatible with almost all hosting providers in the market but still we should look at which hosting works best with WordPress.

I will tell you about the best affordable WordPress hosting in the section below.

But before we proceed I would like to describe the types of web hosting and what to look for in hosting before you actually buy it, I want you to make informed buying decision which comes from your own knowledge and experience instead of making decisions by reading an overwhelming article with full of affiliate links.

I am going to show you…

  • Types of Webhosting
  • What to look for when purchasing WordPress hosting
  • Which is the best WordPress hosting for beginners?

Types of web hosting

There are basically four types of Webhosting available which you can choose from, to host your website.

Each type of these hosting servers different purposes and needs, now just read and understand the basic technical functions and working process of each hosting to get an idea about, which is going to be the best WordPress hosting.

1. Shared web hosting

As cleared by the name, Shared web hosting shares the same with multiples websites.

Shared web hosting is quite cheap as compare to other web hosting's because it cost almost nothing to hosting providers as they host multiple websites on a single server and charge them individually.

But it isn’t recommended web hosting to buy if you are running a blog for business and marketing purposes because shared web hosting suffers most downtime due to its multi-website handling functionality.

If a single website got a sudden spike up in the traffic then it affects the performance of all websites hosted on the same server.

If you want to store a few pages of static websites like a portfolio or non-profit organization blog then it’s best hosting for you but don’t go for it for business purposes.

2. VPS hosting

VPS hosting also hosts multiple websites on a single server just like shared web hosting.

But it provides separate space for each website hosted on the server, which is best in comparison on shared Webhosting.

You get a separate space for your website without having to buy an expensive dedicated server.

Is VPS hosting performance good?

VPS hosting performance is good but not as good as having its own dedicated server, still, it’s the best choice for small websites and growing blogs that have just started and they can’t afford to invest a huge amount of money in another expensive web hosting.

It's a little costly than shared hosting but you should go for it if you have less amount of traffic on your website.

3. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the modified and advanced form of VPS hosting, it also provides different rooms for all websites hosted on a single server but its functionality process is different then VPS hosting.

If any website gets a sudden spike up in the traffic, none of the websites gets affected because it redirects the website to different hosts.

It cost a litter higher than VPS web hosting but its hosting experience is also outstanding in comparison to shared and VPS hosting.

You can enjoy the seamless web hosting experience with cloud hosting even if you get huge traffic.

4. Dedicated hosting

As cleared by the name, dedicated hosting offer different dedicated servers for a single website. It’s costly but it’s recommended for big businesses that have a large amount of consumer database.

If your business is big enough to afford a dedicated hosting server then you should go for it without even thinking twice.

Who will want to get their business and sales affected just because hosting gets down?

What to consider when purchasing web hosting

As I said before, you can buy any types of hosting according to your needs but there are some things you should consider before you buy hosting.

I’m going to show you what ideal hosting looks like.

1. Pricing

Pricing is the utmost factor to look at while choosing WordPress hosting for your website.

Users jump on the cheapest offer they see, but this is not the right move. Hosting providers show you fancy offers and pretend to give you everything in cheap but in reality you always get for what you paid.

Always calculate your budget and make an informed buying decision instead of looking for the cheapest options available.

Pricing factors depend on the features and quality of support provided.

You don’t always need top-quality Webhosting until and unless you are running a growing and sustainable business.

If you have a small blog or a few page portfolio, only a small plan of shared Webhosting is enough for you.

If you got tons of traffic consistently then you should go for cloud or dedicated server hosting to keep your business growing and avoid any possible downtime.

2. Features & performance

Features and performance of hosting are the second most important factor after the pricing.

There are so many technical features involved in the performance of any particular web hosting, when you will see the pricing table of hosting there you will find the features offered in your hosting plan.

Even if your needs are small, you must check the types of features that are being offered in your hosting plan.

Understanding this factor will help you to decide which plan you should go for.

If you have a small blog then you don’t need all the advanced features that you are not going to use.

What will you do with 1 TB disk space if you just want to host your few pages portfolios?

Apart from this, you should look for major features like uptime, customer support, and enough disk space to host your resources.

All major hosting companies have three pricing plans in which they offer features respectively to prices.

Here is the quick checklist of features and performance metrics of web hosting

  • E-mail accounts offer
  • Monthly traffic handle
  • Number of domain allowed
  • Free domain offer
  • Uptime
  • Number subdomains allowed
  • Security features
  • Backup

3. Customer support

How a web hosting company provides support to its customer is also a critical factor look at it.

Imagine if the website goes down because of any technical issue and when you try to call their customer support service, either they are unavailable or they are expert enough to solve the issue quickly.

If this situation occurs in the future then you may suffer a huge loss in your business revenue.

It’s recommended to research the company’s customer support system before you trust them with your online business.

You can ask others for recommendations and read independent reviews about the prospective hosting company.

Concept Blogging’s hand-picked a WordPress hosting based on above mention guide: Bluehost

Bluehost is shared hosting and it is our top pickup for new bloggers based on the above-mentioned guides.

From excellent customer support to the lowest downtime, Bluehost is top-rated WordPress hosting with all the advanced features.

It offers to host plans as low as $3.95 monthly which is quite affordable for beginners.

It provides unlimited disk space, E-mail accounts, and Subdomain regardless of hosting plan.

Why Bluehost is our first choice for WordPress hosting?

Right now, Bluehost is the only company in the market that offers unlimited features along with excellent support and it’s quite affordable for new bloggers.

Even WordPress's official website has also mentioned Bluehost as top performing WordPress hosting.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Recommendations
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These are the top Benefits of choosing Bluehost hosting for WordPress website.

  • Free SSL
  • 100% uptime
  • Unlimited hosting resources
  • Easy to use
  • In build caching system
  • 24*7 customer support

How to buy a domain and hosting for a WordPress website from Bluehost

Before we proceed let me tell you two things…

  1. Bluehost will give you a free domain for one year, decide your blog or business name, and keep your domain name ready to enter at the time of purchase, it can’t be changed later. You can also connect your existing domain with the hosting you will purchase.
  2. Bluehost will accept PayPal and international credit cards for purchase, make sure you keep preferred payment mode ready.

Now I am going to show you 4 step-by-step guidelines to purchase Bluehost WordPress hosting.

First, navigate to Bluehost’s official website and click the “Choose plan”

After clicking on the “Choose plan” you will be redirected to the pricing page where you will see three pricing plans.

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My recommendation to choose the right plan for you.

Basic: Good for small blogs and portfolios. It allows you to host a single website, if you have more than one website, it’s not the right to plan for you.

Plus: Good hosting for more than two or three website.

Choice Plus: You can host multiple websites on this plan, you can also use it to host your client’s websites.

When you will choose the right plan and click on it, you will see this pop-up.

Step – 1: Choose a domain for a brand new website

Here you will be asked to choose the domain name for your blog or business, if you are not sure which one would be best then scroll this page up to read the guideline again, “How to choose the right domain name for your brand new website”

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You can also connect the existing domain name, you just have to add the nameservers of Bluehost into your existing domain provider’s DNS Management.

Step – 2: Enter your account details

Here you need to sign up for Bluehost by entering your personal details.

  • Save

Once you finish entering the details, scroll down the page.

Step – 3: Select the suitable plan

You have already selected the plan and now here you will be asked to choose the billing duration of your selected plan.

bluehost package extras
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Tips – if you want to save money on your purchase, choose the longer billing duration up to 36 months.

After choosing the plan, click “Submit”

Step – 4: Complete your purchase

Now you will be redirected to payment mode, choose the suitable payment method, and complete your purchase.

bluehost Payment information
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Now we are done…


As I mentioned in the introduction part, with so many overwhelming offers & options available in the hosting marketplace, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right web hosting according to your needs.

But in this informative guide, I have given all the details for you to make an informed buying decision, now it has become easy for you to buy a domain and hosting for a WordPress website.

Bluehost is my favorite choice which satisfies all the conditions of being the best WordPress hosting.

I hope this informative guide helped you a lot, leave a comment below to let me know how this guide helped you.

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