A common question that comes to our mind when start a blogging is when earnings will begin? And how much can we earn from this? The Answers to these questions depend on tons of factors. 

So let's start.

Why Most Bloggers Make No Money

The best way from which a person learns is by learning from failures. One should never forget the following points to make sure they never repeat them.

I have given the following points to mark down that bloggers should never forget if he/she do not want to be knocked down. 

Always take blogging seriously.

If someone wants success in blogging, they can't make it a side business; they have to take blogging seriously. One has to be fully dedicated and consistent.

To make your blog successful, you have to post quality content regularly. While considering long-term scenarios, the better your quality will be, the better and the results would be. 

Keeping this point into consideration, we realize that one cannot make blogging a side business.

Create more engaging content. 

The top priority of a content creator should be creating engaging content, and ignoring it is the main reason why bloggers fail.

To write engaging content, you must know your blogging niche. There should be easy-to-understand language; the best keywords and content should be divided in the best informative manner with headings and subheadings so that the target audience understands the content quickly.

Promote the blog

As we all know, there's great competition in blogging. To overcome your competitors, you have to make great efforts to promote your blog. 

Ways by which you can promote the blog-

1. Email Marketing

2. Guest posting

3. Paid advertising

How To Generate High-Quality Traffic On A New Blog In 2022


Below, we have provided you with some tips to help you take your blog full time and earn a good amount by it in one year. 


What is Email Marketing?

Using electronic mail for any business promotion or product sale or offering information is called email marketing.

Initially, it is a complicated process to bring traffic to the blog. Email marketing makes it easy for you to generate quick revenue.

Steps to do email marketing

Step 1: – First, you have to decide what the purpose of doing email marketing is?

Further, what type of content should be written in the mail or which audience is to be targeted. Planning is essential in email marketing so that the task can be completed in an easy flow.

Step 2: – At the second stage, list building is to be done. You have to collect emails with a lead magnet.

Step 3: – Now, start sending the emails. With Email marketing tools such as –

  1. SendInBlue
  2. MailChimp
  3. Aweber
  4. GetResponse
  5. ConvertKit
  6. ConstantContact

2. Write Helpful and engaging content for your audience.

Engaging content will attract and engage your audience on your blog, which will help you increase your blog.

Given below are some tips which can make your content more engaging and helpful to attract an audience.

  1. Add useful information with headings and subheadings; don't write very briefly on any topic. 
  2. Never forget to add pictures to your content. It attracts the audience a lot and tries to add original photos.
  3. You can use infographics, graphs, charts, and images to make the content more engaging.
  4. The fantastic way to grow your audience is to host a contest from your blog. Like you can tell the audience to like and comment on your post to join the contest, tag your blog to enter the contest, and tag their friends on the post to join.

10 Steps – How To Write Better Blogs That Rank High On Google

3. Create evergreen blog content

Evergreen content is that content that lasts for an extended period, and whenever the audience reads it, it looks fresh. The search traffic on the evergreen content grows over time. 

What type of content is not evergreen content?

  1. Reports and statistics which are of one-time use.
  2. Articles related to some news are not evergreen content.
  3. Articles related to new fashion are also not evergreen content. 
  4. Blogs related to some present cultural trends are also not evergreen content. 

4. Target audience types: Identify your ideal audience and tailor your blog around them 

By targeting the right audience, you'll get better results. A target audience is a group of consumers interested in your blog niche.

Targeted audiences are identified on the Behavioral and demographic attributes such as age, gender, income, education, or location.

5. Create a content plan 

If you don't have a solid content plan, you will not monetize your blog and make money out of it.

Here are some tips by which you can make a good content plan.

1. Set the goals and objectives. 

Set your goals and objectives like how many blogs you will post, the amount of audience you will grow, and the revenue you will be generating in a particular period

2. Set the indicators.

You should set the key indicators to measure the results of blogging. These key indicators are like the number of subscribers, revenue generated monthly, quarterly, or yearly, etc.

3. Regularly study your audience.

It can be done by collecting the demographic data of your audience in the overview section. You can also take customers' feedback to know what they are thinking about your blog.

4. Content calendar. 

The content calendar is an essential factor in your plan. By using a content calendar, you can easily manage and publish your blogs automatically. It also allows you to see all your upcoming plans related to your blogs on the calendar.

5. Promoting the content. 

Promoting the content is an important factor in improving the position of your blog. You can use email marketing, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to promote your content.

6. Start building quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks help your blog get a high search engine ranking.

To know how you can build quality backlinks for your blog, read the following blogs.

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How long does it take to earn first $100 from your blog?

Blogging requires a lot of hard work to earn money. If you start a new website, you have to wait for six months to 1 year to make a good income from blogging. 

If you have read all the tips thoroughly, you have got to know how much hard work it required. It takes a lot of time and effort. Most people start quitting after one or two months when their excitement wears off. 

But if you have patience and you can work hard, you will succeed. If you are starting from scratch, then choose the micro-niche with less competition.

Always remember that it will take at least six months to start earning from your blog.  Your blog's success depends upon your hard work and efforts.

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