Are you planning to start a blogging carrier or want to become an SEO expert? Are you planning to start an affiliate marketing business?

Then, you must search on google for “Best SEO tools“.

But, you find the cost of the tools is $100+ and it breaks your budget.


What if I tell you I will save your 1000's of dollars and you can use all the premium SEO Tools at just $4 to $10 a month. Yes, you heard right, keep reading this article and you will save your 1000's of dollars.

As a beginner, it is really hard to invest in one or all the premium SEO tools. But without SEO tools, we can't compete and stay on the 1st page of Google.

But with the help of Group Buy SEO Tools, it is possible to use all the premium SEO tools and stay ranked #1 on google.

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What is Group buy SEO tools?

If you are a beginner and start your carrier in an online business, then you don't hear about such group tools services. Group buy Seo tools are service providers who buy SEO tools and share such tools with a group of people and earn money. This will share the cost of premium tools to a group of people and it saves a lot of money. This is how the cost of Premium SEO tools becomes cheap and affordable for all.

But, there are some tools provider websites that sell their services at very cheap prices and fool their client. Most of the time their tools are not working and when you ask their customer service no one responds. So please keep away from those websites and I have given you the list of best SEO Group Buy tools providers which I personally used and tested.

Group buy seo tools
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My Best 3 Recommended Group Buy SEO Tools.

These are our top recommendations based on personally used.

1. Toolszap

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Toolszap is my first recommendation because I used this tool since the last one year and didn't face any issues till now. Toolszap is the best value for money tools provider on this list.

They offer 23 premium SEO tools at the price of 799 Indian rupees per month. They also offer a quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plan that saves your money and they also offer discounts on some occasions.

The best part of their service is they provide you tools with direct access, you don't need any extension to use their tools.

I have reviewed Toolszap services, you can check my article here – Toolszap Review.

If you want to buy Toolszap, check the link below.

Buy – Toolszap

2. Toolspur

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This is another most trusted provider on my list. Toolspur was established in back 2020 and within a year they become on the top because of their quality and service.

I have heard about their services from one of my friends and I start using their service and as I told you, the best quality service.

What do I like the most?

  • Their interface
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Different pricing plans (that suits all type of catagory)
  • Best customer support

The Toolspur provides you 25 premium SEO group buy tools at the price of 799 Indian Rupees per month. And their lite plan offers 8 premium SEO tools and the best part is it costs you just rupees 499 per month and it includes the most usable tools (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Canva, Grammarly, and Moz Pro).

You can also check my in-depth Toolspur Review.

If you want to buy their service, you can use the below link and the discount code.

Buy – Toolspur

Promo code – CB10

3. SeoToolAdda

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SeoToolAdda is the cheapest Group buy SEO tools among the three. If you want to buy a long-term plan then you can try their combo plan for 3 months or 6 months. Their plan costs you 599 Indian Rupees per month and but if you buy the 3-month plan, you can save 200 and 300 on their 6-month plan.

They provide you 20 Premium Group buy SEO tools and 14 beta testing tools.

If you want to try their services, you can use the below link.

Buy – SeoToolAdda

Other Group Buy SEO Tools Provider

This is the list of some other Group buy SEO tools providers based on other bloggers' reviews. I have not personally tested these websites but research alot on internet and give you the final results.

4. SupremeSEO

This is a new service provider in the market, but they provide almost all the SEO tools at affordable prices. Their combo plan costs $16.99 in USD per month and they also provide individual tools, Ahref group buy costs you $7.60 per month, SEMrush group buy costs you $6.60 per month, MOZ Pro group buy costs you $3.00 per month.

Buy – SupremeSEO

5. Flikover

This is the oldest Group Buy SEO tools provider in the market. The interface of the Flikover and SeoToolAdda is identically the same. But, if we talk about the pricing, it's a huge difference, the Flikover combo plan starts from 1200 Indian Rupees per month whereas the SeoToolAdda costs you just half of the price.

But still, because of its authority some top blogger and digital marketer recommend this website.

Buy – Flikover

6. ToolSurf

This is the #1 cloud-based group buy SEO tools provider which they mention on their website. The best feature of Toolsurf is they give you access on any platform so you can access their tools even on mobile devices (Android or iOS any).

They offer individual tools at $4.99 USD per month, but I don't understand their package pricing which shows as a name “credit* recurring user”. But they offer 48+ tools on a single dashboard which you can not find on other websites.

Buy – Toolsurf


Are Group Buy SEO Tools safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Group SEO tools but do not buy from any unknown or random websites. The websites we have mentioned are 100% secure to use, we have given you the list after alot of research.

But be safe and use our Bonus tip!!!

Bonus tip – Create a guest user in chrome browser and install the extension on that seperate browser so your data is safe.

Can we share Group tools with Freinds?

Absolutely no! You can not share 1 account to your friends or partner, even you can not access 1 account to two different place like office and home. All the group buy tools provider have strict policy on their tools usage, if you try to use one login on different devices they will banned your account permanently.

I advice you to ask the customer support before using 1 account to different computers.

Why use Group buy tools instead of Original dedicated tools?

As you know original tools are too costlier, to save money we use shared SEO tools which saves 95% cheaper than the original cost.

If we look the price of Ahrefs, their lite plan starts from $99 and goes upto $999 per month and if we look to another premium tools SEMrush, their plan starts from $119.95 and goes upto $449.95 per month. Where you can use the same tools at just $4.99 a month by using group tools.

Who can use these tools?

Anyone who wants to do online business can use this tools, whether you are a blogger, youtuber, affiliate marketer, digital marketer, or an ecommerce business. Every online business need SEO tools to rank higher on google.

Why do we use SEO tools?

The basic use of SEO tools are Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Rank Tracking, Link Building, Content Marketing, Paid advertising, Social Media Management, Content Creation, On-page SEO, and some designer tools used for graphic designing like Canva. And one more tool is used most commonly to check gramatical errors is Grammarly.

There are many other tools that can be useful to operate online business, we cannot describe everyone here.


In the begening I don't know about the Group buy SEO tools provider and I find really hard to search keywords and analyze my competitors. Buy when I find about this shared SEO tools, it gives me a boost in my blogging carrier and I start ranking #1 page on Google.

But if you are serching for best group buy SEO tools india, pakistan or bangladesh and you find a lot of websites where they offer Ahrefs tools at just 99 rupees, please be advice don't go with them, most of the time their tools are not working and you will be really dissatisfied.

I have research alot on the internet and test most of the tools my self and then gives you the list of my best group buy SEO tools.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please comment me in the section below and I will reply to your message.

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