Are you looking for a quick way to get Adsense approval fast on your site?

Monetizing your site with an ad network like Google Adsense is the best way to make money from your blog.

Newbie bloggers want to get approved for Adsense as soon as possible, but most of them get rejected.

However, the Adsense approval process is not that tough, this is the only traditional ad network that approves any site at minimum requirements. Meanwhile, other premium Ad networks have high eligibility expectations for a site to get approved.

In this information, I am going to show you how you can apply for Google Adsense and get approved quickly.

If you have applied before and got rejected, read the post till the end. I will tell you what to do after that.

Now are going to discuss the following points

  • How to make a site eligible for Google AdSense
  • How to apply for google AdSense
  • What to do after you got rejected

Make your blog eligible to get Adsense approval fast

Write high-quality content

Writing quality content is not only important for Google Adsense approval but it is also the key to the success of your blog.

Remember, your goal is not only taking an AdSense approval, you want to make passive income from your blog. Only getting approved for AdSense is not enough to earn money from it, you need to get people to read your blog, spend time on your pages so the chances of getting a click on ads must be higher.

But how will you measure the quality of your content?

Well! If you don’t have the knowledge of the subject you are writing in blogs and your posts are written just to increase the number of words in order to get AdSense approval, Adsense will quickly identify it and it will disqualify your blog form the Adsense program.

Your blogs must have quality content that addresses the quires of visitors.

If your blog post is written to get Adsense approval only, not for visitors, there is no sense to apply for approval, even if you got the approval in some cases, you will not earn a single dollar from it.

So make sure your content is up to the point and rich in useful information that educates users and encourages them to spend time on your blog.

Adsense is strictly against the following types of content:

“We will not index the content that is being copied from the other indexed sources”

Google webmaster guideline 2018

Let’s see the guideline of the google webmaster tool on copied content

“Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin…..”

Google Webmaster Guidelines, 2020

So make sure you don’t copy the content from other sources. Google Adsense will never approve your site.

  • Spun – The spun content is generated by using the automatic text rewriting bots, user copy the content from other pages and spins it by using spinner bots.

What spinner bots do is, they just rewrite a few words and sentences and produce different copies of the content.

The spun content is another form of copied content but it is not the exact same copy. There is much miss leading information available on the internet regarding spun content.

Some say Google Adsense can’t identify the spin content and they give approval on it.

But let me show you what google says about it…

Content which is copied, but changed slightly from the original. This type of copying makes it difficult to find the exact matching original source. Sometimes just a few words are changed, or whole sentences are changed, or a “find and replace” modification is made, where one word is replaced with another throughout the text. These types of changes are deliberately done to make it difficult to find the original source of the content. We call this kind of content “copied with minimal alteration.” 

Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, 2017

Hence it’s clear, google identifies the spun content, and doesn’t allow it.

Spinning content via bots is totally a waste of time and resources, the sentences don’t even make sense the bot changes the word in the very hard robotic language which is not readable for users. 

Spin bots creators claim that their tools produce readable human content but it’s is impossible for a machine or algorithm to understand, read, and write just like humans.

Avoid Adsense prohibited content

Adsense is strict with its policies against the content focused on illegal topics like, hacking, cracking, adult, child abuse, and selling on specific prohibited material like sharks and teeth of elephants, etc.

Make sure you avoid creating content around these topics. Even publishing a single blog that promotes any of the above-mentioned topics can result in a ban on your Adsense account no matter how old and authoritative your site is.

Don't use Copy-write media

All the images and videos you use inside your website must belong to you.

If you are using any images from the internet, make sure it doesn’t have copywrites otherwise your application will get rejected.

You can’t embed someone else Youtube into your blog posts, If you do, make sure you give them credit.

If you are using any third party image to show as an example or the report published by another source, make sure you give proper attribution.

Here are a few sites where you can find the Copywrite free images.

Let me show you how you can find on Google the Copy-write free images for your blog.

Search for the images into google, “night photography”

Click on, “image” option and then click on, “Advance search setting” under the “setting”

Capture 3
  • Save

Scroll down and find, “Usage rights” option

Google Advanced Image Search
  • Save

Click on the menu and choose, “Free to use or share, even commercially”

You can follow the same process to find the images and use them in your blog posts and apply for Adsense Approval, you won’t face any Copy-write issues.

Design your blog

The look of your blog does matter as well, if your site has no structure and it looks messy, even a single user will not want to visit it, the Adsense is a matter of far.

It doesn’t mean you should have a very fancy site design, you can use any pre-made template which is designed for a blog.

The look of your home pages shouldn't like a portfolio and contains information only about your business. Adsense shows ads on the informational, educational, and entertaining content, make sure your home page is rich with a blog post on your niche topics around it.

Add custom pages

Till, now if you think you have done everything right that I have mentioned in the post above. But still, you are unable to get the Adsense approval, it’s the important factor to consider, you missed out the adding important custom pages.

Google Adsense made it necessary for a blog to have the following costume pages.

About us

In the about us section, write what your blog is about, and who you are, what you do.

It isn’t necessary to follow a specific pattern or write a perfect brand story, you just need to describe your blog. If you have no ideas, how to write about us pages, visit other sites and see what they have mentioned in the about us section but don’t copy their page as it as, just take an idea from there and write your own about us section.

Contact us

This page can be as short as two-sentence, you just need to add your contact details such as Email address (business email with your blog name is a must, don’t use personal Email, it is amateurish) and phone number (optional, not necessary).

Based on the type of your blog, you can add additional details such as business hours, address, map and contact form, etc. (optional not required)

Privacy & Policy

This page must contain certain theoretical information related to rules and regulations on the internet.

There is no need to write these pages on your own, you can copy past these pages directly from any third party website. But make sure you don’t copy the page of any business which contains their own policies.

If you are unable to find the Privacy & Policy page, download it from here and use it on your blog to Adsense approval.

Make a copy of this page and past it into the Privacy & Policy page of your blog, and you don’t need to change anything.

Check your site Is not banned

If you have recently bought the domain and hosting, your site is new then it’s obvious you are free to apply for Google Adsense but if you have bought the site form someone else, make sure to check the site if the site not banned previously for violating the Adsense policies and guidelines.

IF you are buying a website to use Google Adsense on it, visit this awesome tool called and check the website URL.

Adsense doesn’t permanently ban most of the sites but it’s always better to check it before you buy.

Use clear navigation

Google Adsense department get tons of application request of approval and it’s not possible for them to check every website manually so they use bot crawlers to check the site on automation mode.

Your website must have a clear navigation menu at the header section, make sure the menu is not hidden behind other content, anyone should be able to see it at the first look on your site.

Robot crawlers bots use this navigation menu to go through the categories and check posts.

If you use clear navigation, it will be easy for bots to check your blog and it will also help the users to navigate comfortably.

Domain age

Adsense has a special domain age condition for the approval process in countries like India and China and other Asian countries.

If you belong to any one of these countries, make sure your site age is 2 months old at least.

This is the maximum time limit,  you may get early approval but it totally depends on the Adsense department how much time they take to approve your application.

If your site is new, it’s always better to wait at least two months before applying for the AdSense, if you don’t want to get rejected for early approval.

How to apply for Google Adsense?

When you complete all of the above-mentioned conditions and you think now your blog is eligible to apply for Google Adsense, head over the Adsense’ official site and click on, “Sign up now”

Make Money Online Through Website Monetization Google AdSense – Google
  • Save

You will be redirected to this page, now enter your website's root URL.

For example – (This is the root URL) (This is post URL)

While applying for Adsense make sure you enter the root URL not the post URL,

Get started with AdSense
  • Save

Click, “save and continue”

Now you will have to create an AdSense account with your email

Get started with dddd
  • Save

Cross-check all the details and click, “create account”

Congrats, your Adsense account has been successfully created, now submit your address details for payment and click, “Submit”

Now you have to wait for at least 2 weeks, Adsense department will check your application and reply to you via email.

Once your application is approved, you will get this email from Google Adsense.

photo 2020 11 21 17 23 44
  • Save

Now your site is ready to serve the ads, you will just need to enter the Adsense code into your site via the “Google site kit” plugin.

What to do if you are not approved for Google Adsense?

If your site doesn’t up to the mark according to the above-mentioned guidelines, google Adsense might reject it but don’t worry, this rejection is not permanent.

You will be notified via your email, just check the email and understand the reason behind rejection.

For example –

photo 2020 11 21 17 21 13 1
  • Save

This site is rejected for violating the content policies. They need to review and fix their content to re-apply

Once you understand the reason behind google Adsense rejection, work on that section and re-apply it, you will surely get approval the second time.

Faqs about Google Adsense approval

How much traffic is required for Adsense approval?

There is no minimum traffic required for approval, google Adsense and google analytics both are different departments so Adsense can’t check the real traffic of your site. There is a policy mentioned in Adsense guidelines that stated, “minimum traffic required”

How long does Adsense approval take

The AdSense approval process usually takes 15 days, you might also get early approval and in some cases, you might have to wait for a month. Whatever the situation is, Adsense will keep you informed via email.

Is it hard to get Adsense approval?

No, if your blog follows the AdSense guidelines and eligible for approval (as per the above-mentioned conditions) you can quickly get Adsense approval. The process is easy as compared to getting approved for other premium ad networks.

How many posts are required for Adsense approval?

Your blog must have at least 25 posts, 15 posts around 500-600 words, and 10 posts above 1000 words.

I hope this in-depth guide has helped you and you understood the mistake you were committing if you applied before and got rejected.

Guidelines given in this article will help to get Adsense approval fast and easy.

If you want to ask me anything, ping me in the comment section.

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