Do you know, a report published by Hubspot mentioned, 61% of businesses stated their toughest marketing task is to generate leads and convert them into sales.

The more traffic you drive the more leads and sales you will get. 

If you are reading this post then I assume, starting a blog is an easy task, as a new blogger you have already build your WordPress site and published content and now you are looking for ways to generate tons of high-quality traffic so that you can move ahead with your blogging journey.

Regardless of your blogging goals, you always need the right people to visit your site but only publishing the content and waiting for users to come and read your blogs is not going to work…

You will have to practice different ways to drive traffic on your new blog so that you can kick start your journey.  

Be it either page views (if your content is monetized via ads), affiliate sales, or your own product sale.

You might have consumed the content from other sources as well, before landing on this post, and as a new blogger, it might be overwhelming and confusing for you to know where to and how to start?

No, need to worry about it!

Because in this informative guide, I will walk you through…

  • What are the best ways to generate high-quality traffic on a new blog?
  • Types of different traffic sources
  • Importance of high-quality traffic for your new blog
  • Paid traffic sources to generate quick traffic on new blog
  • Organic traffic sources to plan long term traffic strategy

When I searched for this keyword, I saw the top-ranking posts on google, and all of them are killer and full of SEO advice but the fact is, almost every post focus on blogging for business or marketing.

So I decided to write this blog which addresses the exact guide that new blogger needs to grow the traffic over the new blog.

Importance of High-Quality Traffic for your new blog

As a new blogger, before getting into reading the ways to drive the traffic, first, you have to understand that the quality of traffic coming at your site is highly important in comparison to the quantity of traffic.

The high-quality traffic means the number of targeted visitors coming to your site.

The targeted visitors are more likely to convert and make purchases or perform the action whatever you want them to do.

While the high-quality traffic will always be less in number compared to the total number of visitors on your site, the sales, and leads generated by it, will always be higher in numbers.

Your goal is not only generating the traffic but converting the visitors and make them real customers.

If the traffic coming at your site, is not converting then you are doing something wrong and you have to figure it out in the guide below.

Types of Traffic sources for a new blog

Knowing only how much traffic is coming at your blog is not enough, in order to get the most out of your blog strategies you will have to understand where traffic is coming from.

Understanding the traffic coming from different sources will help you to identify what is working for your blog and what is not working so that you can pay attention to only important things and cut off the rest.

There are two main types of traffic source:

  • Paid traffic source
  • Organic traffic source

How to drive Paid traffic to a new blog

Paid traffic comes from PPC advertising campaigns or social media ads.

In addition, to know how your ads are performing, social media has integrated analytics tools that will show the audience insight and help you to understand the audience behavior.

It is the best way to quietly generate tons of traffic based on your budget for each ad.

You should carefully learn and apply all the PPC ads techniques in order to get the most out of your investment in advertising.

Organic traffic takes time to show the result but it generates a constant flow of traffic of highly targeted people from the search engine.

On the other hand, paid ads quickly show drive tons of relevant traffic but the curve of traffic gets down as soon as you stop spending money on advertising campaigns.

Google Ads

Google ads are a great way to get visitors on your site and make them perform the action such as sign up for lead or make a purchase.

Whatever your niche and goals are – either affiliate marketing or driving traffic – Google ads can be a great way to drive tons of traffic and on your blog.

Once the visitors visit your blog, it’s up to you to serve them the best content so that they convert into customers.

The effectiveness of google ad campaigns is measured by the CTR rate.

Unlike social media ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads regardless of how many impressions you get.

I would suggest you write high converting copy to get the most out of your Google ad campaigns because ads will only drive the traffic on your blog and it’s up to your copy to convert those visitors and make them perform the action you want them to do.

Writing good headlines can also stand out your google ads from competitors which can lead to more traffic.

Social media Ads

Social media ads are used to boost the visibility of your post or it can also be used to run totally new adverting campaigns.

Almost marketers and bloggers use social media ads to make affiliate sales. It’s more effective than google ads.

Social media ads are outbound ads, which show your ads to interested users based on different Metrix such as age, gender, demographics, and location, etc.

Social media ads are expensive than PPC advertising but they are the most effective ads to drive traffic and generate sales.

Facebook ads are the most commonly used in social media ads. To help guide me through it, I have written this blog on how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign.

Native Ads

Native ads are shown in the form of published articles similar to the publisher’s site.

Native ads drive 8 times more traffic and conversion in comparison to display ads because of their uniqueness that makes them invisible ads.

What do invisible ads mean?

These ads are bled into the content similar to the publisher’s site and they don’t look like ads.

Let’s see the example.

Native Ads
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These ads show the content similar to blogs in which they are showing so when people click on it due to interest, they realize that it’s an ad after reading half of the blog and they fall to read the whole blog.

Taboola and Outbrain both are the top native ads publisher in the market, they allow publishers to purchase space on blogger’s sites to show native ads.

How to drive Organic traffic on a new blog

Organic traffic comes directly from Google or other search engines when visitors click on your links showing in the search results.

Driving organic traffic is all about utilizing SEO techniques.

It’s very necessary to drive the constant flow of organic traffic on a blog in order to grow and make it sustainable.

Organic traffic is always better than the paid traffic because as a beginner you don’t have an idea of how to plan your paid advertising campaign effectively. (Add the link of article new write)

And it might end up losing your money in an advertising campaign instead of making a profit from it, that’s why you should first focus on learning SEO techniques to drive organic traffic.

If your blog content is well SEO optimized, it will help you get the most out of your paid advertising.

Provide High Quality and Relevant content

The best thing you can do to drive traffic on your site is to create the best quality content that the audience will love to read and share.

You may have heard the word “the content is king” but better is not just about the quality. It also depends on strategic content planning.

Blog content should always educate, entertain, and engage the audience while solving their problems.

If you are stuck up in coming up with the ideas of content, use QNA sites like Quora to see what the audience is asking in your niche and create your blogs around those quarries.

You can also use tools like BuzzSumo to search what others are publishing into your niche that is getting good engagement on social media.

Adding media such as images, videos, and info-graphics in your content, will

Create comprehensive and useful content

Both Google and users love quality content.

And according to the search engine, the quality content provides comprehensive details on the topic.

You should write comprehensive guides on all your targeted keywords and provide as much as detail possible on the topic.

Comprehensive content is also known as pillar pages.

You can create as many as pillar pages needed in order the cover all the information for each keyword or topic you want to target in your niche.

Following are some useful tips to create pillar pages.

  • Make sure your pillar pages are evergreen.
  • You can repurpose your pillar pages over the times to stay on top of search results.
  • You can write different types of blogs as pillar pages such as listicle articles, how to blog, and guidelines.

Your goal should be satisfying the user query without letting them visit another blog similar to yours (your competitors) and it’s only possible when you provide all the necessary information about the topic.

It also increases the time duration user spend on your pages and decrease the bounce rate. The combination of these two makes an outstanding user experience which is the best SEO ranking factor.

As your user experience increase, the position of your rank will also increase.

The higher you rank the more traffic you will get.

Create evergreen content for your blog

You have to invest your time, money, and tons of resources to create a single blog post so make sure your content is evergreen that generates a constant flow of traffic over the years without getting outdated within a short span of time.

For example –

If you create content on “valentine day” it will generate traffic around the event and then it will get down for the whole year

On the other hand, if you create content on “how to play football” it is not going to be outdated.

Try to make your content evergreen to generate constant traffic all the time.

Write killer headlines

No matter how best your blog is, the headlines are the only element that will grab the attention of the reader and hook them to read the blog.

When your blog shows up in the search result, the headlines are the only element of your blog which show up to users, make sure you optimize it for CTR.

Writing good headlines for users is most important than optimizing it for SEO.

If you are not sure how good your headlines are, use the Coschedule tool to analyze them.

It’s an AI-based tool that deeply analyzes your headlines and shows where they are lacking.

headline analyzer
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It might not be possible to get a score of 100 because this tool is not only designed to write headlines for blogs. A higher score can be achieved in writing headlines for new papers or magazines.

headline analyzer score
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But as a blogger, you have a word limit to write headlines so you can keep the score around 60 – 70%

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In the beginning, it might seem a tough task to optimize your headline and you will have to play around to get the ideal score.

When I started optimizing headlines using Coschedule, I only use it 5-6 times and now I automatically write the headlines that get the best score.

It sometimes takes more than 50 drafts to come up with final headlines.

Usually, I don’t write 50 drafts but it’s just to give you an idea of how much effort it takes to write good headlines.

If you really want to master your headline writing skills, I would suggest reading this great book, writing for deadlines

writing to deadline
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This book is not only about headlines, it will also teach you some advanced writing techniques.

According to a study conducted by Moz, 8 out of 10 people read the headline in the search results and only 2 out of those 8 will read the actual blog.

No matter how many times it takes, you will have to master the skills of writing good headlines to get people to click on it and read your entire blog.

Create a newsletter to promote your new blogs

Promoting your blog post should be the main part of your content strategy so that you can drive the traffic your blog deserves.

Retaining your previous visitors on your blog is more important than driving new visitors because they already consume the content on your blog and if they return again it means something is holding them back and they are most likely to become your customers.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to do that is, collect the email of your audience the very first time they visit your blog.

Once you have captured the email of visitors, you can send the new or old popular blogs directly into their inbox and get back to your site.

Do keyword research

Keyword research is the backbone of driving traffic to your blog.

Keywords show you the phrases and words that your ideal customer type into the google to search for your blog or blog similar to yours.

It also gives you the Metrix of your topic such as how many users are searching for these keywords and who are your competitors.

It also tells about the user search intent and your competitors.

After conducting good keyword research, you will be able to target the right keywords and generate tons of organic traffic from google.

If you are overwhelmed with so many keyword research tutorials or your keyword research strategy is not producing the result.

Don’t worry!

I have written the ultimate keyword research guideline especially for you. It contains all the necessary information about keyword research from top to bottom in a simple, easy, and straightway.   

Make an email list right away

If you have not build your email list yet then you are losing lots of subscribers and customers.

Most of the blogger spend too much time and resource to attract new visitors on the blog but once they leave the blog they never come back again.

Your traffic-driving strategy is not about getting unique visitors but you also need to hook the old readers and make them your regular readers.

How will you do that?

Asking them to share their email address and subscribe to your blog is the best way to hook them.

But the email address is a very personal contact detail and no one wants to give it away, especially to the sites that spam in their inbox.

So instead of just simply asking for emails, you can offer them a free bonus that will work as a lead magnet for you.

However, users can also subscribe to your social media pages but most of the social media channels limit your reach and impose their policies and restriction.

But email list is your own property and you can use it as you like, be it either affiliate marketing or drive traffic to your site.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to market your blog or products.

Once you start getting the email of your targeted audience, you can send them a regular notification about your new blogs as a newsletter.

Write guest posts

Writing guest posts on authority blogs is the best way to get your new blog exposed in front of tons of highly targeted visitors.

Guest posts can also be used to build quality backlinks which is an important factor for SEO ranking.

If your blog gets tons of backlinks from quality sites, the DA+PA of your blog increases, and google considers it as an authority in the niche and boosts the SEO ranking of your blog.  

The higher your blog ranks the more traffic it generates.

In addition, high authority sites have thousands and sometimes millions of visitors, and they can land upon your site by clicking the backlink in your guest post.

I have written this comprehensive guide on guest posts.


YouTube is the world’s biggest video publisher platform, it has 2 billion active users across the world.

Unlike the website SEO, the YouTube video ranking process is not associated with your channel or its authority and as a blogger, you can drive traffic from YouTube videos to your blog by linking them in the video description.

In addition, you can also include YouTube videos in your blog for better SEO ranking.

In 2022, the almost blogging niches are competitive and it’s quite hard to rank in top result, you have to do a lot of SEO efforts to position yourself under your niche.

The best advice to start a blog is to make it a brand, people love to read, share, and hang out with the blogs that are brands and it gives you SEO benefits also.

When people consume your content and find it helpful, they started searching for the favorite topic with a brand name.

For example –

Backlinko, shoutmeloud, bloggingcage etc.

YouTube helps you to grow as a brand in blogging because the audience remembers you by your face and channel name, meanwhile they are less likely to remember your blog if they simply land on it from somewhere else.

I hope this guide will help you to generate high-quality traffic to a new blog.

So what are your strategies to drive traffic on your new blog? And what is your take away from this blogpost? Tell me in the comment section.

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