Establishing a business with your hard-earned monetary deposits might be a significant step to excel in this earning era. However, investment is the commencing step in this demanding process, and you should spare no effort to expand your business with the aid of every possible endeavour and solution available. With the considerable upsurge in the electronic era, myriads of ventures are progressing by employing effective online services available.

Several services are available coupled with different approaches and in various categories. These services deliver the desired boost to your company or enterprise. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one such service that caters to every aspect in enhancing the relationship with existing as well as potential customers. While using WordPress, the FluentCRM plugin is what does the job for you.

Let’s understand every related attribute with proper elucidations.

What is FluentCRM?

FluentCRM is referred to as the automated email marketing Plugin that is based on self-hosted servers and committed to the WordPress software. It comes in handy for the various technical functions, facilitating and managing fruitful relationships with the customers. This constructive plugin incorporates significant functionalities, such as managing potential leads, email campaigns and automated sequencing, affiliate management, monitoring and effectuating user activities, and many others. It enables the user to execute all the functions without even leaving their dashboard, taking care of the convenience factor.

Key Attributes of Fluent CRM

FluentCRM Features
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As of now, we have grasped what this plugin means. Further, this section will enlist all the essential integrated features and their justification. The incorporated tools in the Fluent CRM are User-friendly, assisting in managing the core relationships with the customers with ease and transforming all the hectic work into plain sailing. The productive features of FluentCRM will make you pro with Email marketing once it acquires the necessary data to work on.

Here are the enlisted Key features.

It manages the Email Campaigns

Email Campaign FluentCRM
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Nowadays, where online business is prevalent, Email marketing engenders the appreciable ROI (Returns on Investment) in business. This feature of FluentCRM enables you to execute unlimited email campaigns at a larger magnitude reaping higher conversion rates.

  • Customize emails to achieve high conversion

It ensures the creation of emails that have the capability for higher conversions. It constructively customizes the emails making them professional and compelling to the customers. With the utilization of specific Smart codes, emojis, media files, and other items, this service creates those emails, further ensuring high conversion rates.

Fabricating the most alluring emails and forwarding them to the masses might ensure the desirable conversions you yearn for.

  • Sends targeted emails

With the ample data available, this effective tool will let you pick the audiences you find more appropriate for becoming the customers and exclude those lacking the potential. As the saying goes, that not everything befits everyone, so do here. Hence, this targeted Database ensures sending emails with the right type of offerings and are reaching the specific audience. Thus, it empowers complete control over Email marketing while easing the entire process via furnishing the categorized data.

  • Insights into your conducted Campaigns

Mass campaigning procedure through emails incorporates both interested and non-interested audiences. There are chances that the audience might or might not take action on your campaign mail. If this information is scaled and categorized can considerably help you understand the problems that persist in your recent procedure. The excellent built-in tool to calculate the email stats and metrics can display the emails opened, what actions were taken, which category of customers are more interested in, and other insights.

Hence, helping you escalate the customer engagement like never before.

  • Scheduling and Monitoring

No need to wait for the time when you find it optimum to perform a campaign. The scheduling tool in the FluentCRM has superior automation technology allowing you to schedule the campaigns beforehand.

In addition, if you are interested in knowing if your email was opened by that specific lead, FluentCRM has the functionality to keep track of inactive and active leads, enabling you to streamline the leads as per the individual status of the activity.

Know Your Potential lead – a 360-degree view

FluentCRM 360-degree view
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A constructive platform providing significant analytics about your customer relevant to your business. It performs the full customer tracking of profiles informing their purchase and visiting history. With this much customer-specific data, like click rate, form submission, frequency of visits, history, and others, it becomes impossible to lose your potential customers. The effective tool individually tracks and offers extensive data for your potential leads by displaying it in a clean data management interface.

With the data of appropriate leads in hand, you can further track and include them in your future campaigns. The FluentCRM also offers Contact Notes & Activities where you can note down the quotes, invoices, or transaction details for every customer.

Segmentation of Available contacts

To be highly productive while Email marketing, the foremost thing is the well-optimized and sorted list of emails. It becomes instrumental in conducting a successful email campaign with high conversion rates. For this reason, the FluentCRM features a top-notch tool that lets you optimize the enlisted leads as per the tags, categories. Besides, you have the functionality to add dynamic filters whenever the requirement arises to do so.

Segment FluentCRM
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The Dynamic tool for creating the custom list categories and then allotting them with unique tags or attributes. This would filter out many lists for you with several levels of priority. Besides, if you need to filter the available database of the customer as per Email activities, it might take a lot of effort. However, FluentCRM offers the tool that will considerably curtail your efforts and the ones with no activity on the mailing platform should be excluded from the campaigns.

Automated Email Sequencing

Email Automation FluentCRM
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It is infeasible to create the funnels and sequencing for every customer that you gain. Hence, to solve this issue, FluentCRM works well with its universal contact onboarding platform helping with automated sequencing of newly registered customers or leads. It eliminates the manual process and saves you a considerable amount of time with scheduling the sending of the newsletter at once. Besides, scheduling the follow-ups to make your audience aware of your offerings while creating a sense of trust would convert the leads into customers.

In addition, scheduling the email or newsletter at the time when your potential customers are at home or not stressed. Avoiding your customers' working hours and sending the emails in their leisure time when they are mostly happy would help in conversions. While taking care of old customers by informing them from time to time about your offerings and updating for any change would also do the trick of increasing the sales.

In-depth Analysis and Reports

funnel performance analysis
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AB testing fluentcrm
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Most users usually overlook the aftermaths of email marketing, which is a blunder on their part. The analytics proves to be the crucial aspect for the future marketing campaign to be precise. This practical tool to record, evaluate, neatly display the organized data in respect of your campaigns, user activities, funnels, and sequences. It further enables you to act wisely for conducting the marketing through emails based on the provided analytics.

Its CRM reports significantly take your business to new heights by providing the essential graphs and tables for a better understanding of campaigns and customer needs. Also, if you are seeking data-driven email marketing, the FluentCRM plugin makes it a manageable and painless process. You get the information associated with CTR (Click Through Rate) by analyzing the performance of email campaigns.

Now let’s get to some compelling points about the FluentCRM that makes it your first priority Plugin for email marketing.

  • The protection of the data is the foremost, and this is where FluentCRM shines. It is like a self-reliant service, where your entire Database is hosted on the WordPress server. Hence, this self-hosting ensures that no data is lost, stolen, or effaced by any such mischievous third party.
  • Quick access to the essential information of your business at a glance has always been the desired feature. It enables you to access the data, such as contact lists, earnings, sales (daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time), the exact number of leads, and campaign records. With a quick overview of all the email marketing details associated with your business, you can remain up to date.
  • Readily create or import accounts as per your needs. You can utilize a CSV file to create a contact list, or place some triggers that would automatically add some new contacts.
  • You can run the testing of email subjects to find the apt subject line for your customized email campaigns. This is done through the AB testing tool
  • By working in sync with Google Analytics, enabling the UTM attributes and then track the customer who have clicked and opened your email and integrated links.
  • Enjoy the freedom while optimizing your emails and creating a tempting and professional one using the Block-editor Email Composer.
  • You can readily save the email templates that are common and effective. You can further use them in future campaigns, sequences, or funnels.
  • The tool known as Dual opt-in forms can collect the potential leads and expand your customer database.
  • Funnel Reporting gives you insight into the working of your marketing strategies and lets you improvise in the funnels to reap the maximum possible benefits.
  • Be it broadcasting service or any other SMTP plugins, FluentCRM is compatible with all of them.

Versatile nature of FluentCRM and its integrations

While using WordPress, we require a large number of complex plugins to run the business. It leads to some weird ones like WooCommerce CRM, real estate CRM plugins that are for WordPress. Otherwise, you need to associate your account to third-party plugins, like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp. The FluentCRM works seamlessly with all the above plugins including many others. This versatile solution integrates with myriads of other WordPress plugins and works to enrich the Customer Relationship Management experience.

fluentCRM integration
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Some other Plugins that would easily integrate with FluentCRM are enlisted below.

  • LifterLMS
  • Memberpress
  • Uncanny Automator
  • LearnDash Integration
  • WPFusion Integration
  • FluentForms Integration
  • Paid Membership Pro integration
  • AffiliateWP
  • WPFusion
  • WooCommerce
  • WishList
  • MemberPress
  • TutorLMS
  • Elementor Forms
  • Restrict Content Pro, and many others
FluentCRM webhook connector
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If you are not able to find something you were looking for, No problem! The list is long, and we have also listed some prominent Webhooks that are perfectly compatible with FluentCRM.

  • Integromat
  • Zapier
  • Integrately
  • Pabbly

Value for Money service

If you are somehow worried about the pricing after coming across that many features, be assured about this cost-effective solution. Below we have listed the annual charges as per the number of domains you use.

FluentCRM Pricing
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For the Single Site License, you have to pay only $129,

For the 5 site License, you have to pay only $249, and

For the 50 site License, only $499.

All three plans will provide you with one-year Plugin Updates and Priority support combined with all the listed features.

Get FluentCRM Pro

Final Words

After going through the unmatched benefits and top-tier features of this superior self-hosted email marketing Plugin, only the positives can be thought of for FluentCRM review. Its utmost customer support caters to every basic to the fundamental requirement of users. The simplistic yet constructive User-Interface of this platform caters to all you ever need from an Email-marketing service.

What do you think about FluentCRM Email marketing tool, tell me in the comment section below.


Ques 1. How are the emails sent for the campaign?

Ans. The E-campaign that you execute with the assistance of the Fluent CRM Plugin of WordPress allows you to send unlimited emails. The SMTP services come in handy for this purpose, such as SendGrid, MailGun, or Amazon SES. However, if you are looking for an effective solution that is easy on your pockets, Amazon SES is your go-to service.

Ques 2. Is the FluentCRM 100% self-hosted?

Ans. The FluentCRM Plugin is cent per cent self-hosted marketing solution for expanding your business at a swift pace. It does not connect to any of the third-party servers. In addition, your entire data is store on your hosting server.

Ques 3. What integrations can be accessed with the FluentCRM?

Ans. Some of the integration available are WooCommerce, LifterLMS, AffiliateWP, LearnDash, and many others, which we have listed in our informational article above.

Ques 4. Is it possible to include/exclude the audience as per our criteria while customizing the email campaigns in FluentCRM?

Ans. Yes, you can readily utilize the dynamic lists options to create or customize your list as per the wide range of criteria.

Ques 5. Is there any limit to adding the potential leads or contacts?

Ans. No, there is no such specified limit to adding the contacts in your Database. Besides, you can send as many emails as you desire for the campaigning or updating purpose.

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