Do you know lots of bloggers are earning up to 1000$ from event blogging?

Event blogging is a short term success mantra for beginners and expert bloggers.

Event blogging is all about creating a blog on a specific event such as valentine day, black Friday, Cyber Monday and New Year etc. and creating content around that specific event.

After creating a blog on a specific event, you can monetize it with various affiliate products, services and display ads.

Event blogging.

  • It required minimal efforts to get success as compared to regular blogs.
  • You can expect results within one month.
  • Based on your experience and expertise level, you can start a blog before one month of the event.

I will show you step by step in-depth guide to starting your event blog and how to earn money from it.

What is event blogging?

Event blogging is about creating a small blog dedicated to a specific event such as New Year or Christmas. You publish content related to that specific event, generate tons of traffic and monetize it with the proper method.

An event blog is also considered a micro-niche blog because most of your content will be related to a particular event. Event blog generates traffic only in a specific period of a whole year.

For example –

If you create a New-year event blog, you will get traffic at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. Lets check this keyword on google trends.

explore google trends
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If you are already running a closely related blog to an upcoming event, you can create a specific category around the event; you don’t need to start a new blog.

Before we go ahead, let me tell you one thing, what most people think about event blogging is not true.

We strongly condemn quick rich schemes here at Concept Blogging, and we believe in hard work. Just starting a blog and throwing some post won’t make money rolling in your bank account. Behind every achievement, there is some hard work required.

If you are serious about learning event blogging, your journey starts here.

By the end of this blog post, you will know

  • What is event blogging?
  • How can you start event blogging and get success in it?
  • How can you earn maximum money within limited efforts?

The theory part ends here, lolz

Let’s get started with step by step practical guide to start event blogging

How to create an event blog & make money from it:

Choose the right event

Your first step is to choose a suitable event for your blog.

For example –

Here at Concept Blogging, we can create an event blog closely related to our blog niches, such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday sale.

Similarly, you can choose to work on any event closely related to your blog, make it a category and start working on it as soon as possible before the event.

Here is the list of some popular events you can pick from.

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Valentines Day
  • Father’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • World’s women day
  • New year
  • Christmas
  • Halloween Day
  • Oscars
  • Olympics
  • IPL

These are widespread events. There are other specific events as well; you can work on, such as

  • New product launch by big companies such as Apple or Samsung etc.
  • Famous TV award like Oscar
  • Sport award such as FIFA world cup

Before you decide to work on any niche form this list or outside of this list, make sure to perform popularity research to get an idea of how popular the niche is over time.

You don’t need to do it in the widespread event such as New Year or Christmas etc., but it is required for less common events.

The trend of your selected niche either must be going upward, or it should remain constant.

Let’s take an example of the Fifa world cup and Oscar award.

To know about the popularity of these niches, perform a google trend search.

google trends comparison
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As you can see, the FIFA world cup is getting ups and downs frequently during the specific period.

On the other hand, the Oscar award has lost its search popularity over time, so it is better to avoid this topic.

Google trends search will allow you to choose the suitable event and save you working on something that will not work.

Do in-depth keyword research

Proper keyword research is the central part of your event blog success because the right keywords drive the targeted traffic from search engine.

Keywords are the words that users types in a search engine to find the information. To make your event blog discoverable to the right users, you need to find out the keyword they use to search for related information.

For example –

You are reading this blog because you searched for “event blogging”. We have targeted the same keyword and wrote this blog post around it so that you can find us.

To know whether a keyword is good or bad, we analyze the different matrix and choose the right keywords. Here are helpful Metrix to look at in keywords.

  • KD (keyword difficulty) – It tells us how difficult is it to rank for keywords. KD is measured between 0-100. The higher the KD is, the more difficult it is to rank for a keyword because other big sites dominate the niche. 
  • CPC (cost per click) – since the display ads will be your primary income source from an event blog, it is better to know how much you will be paid per click on ads. It will explain how much-estimated traffic you need to generate on your blog to earn your estimated targeted amount of money. CPC metrics are denoted with $ sing in all keyword research tools. The higher the CPC, the more you will earn per click.
  • Search volume – It tells you about how many estimated searches occur for a specific keyword within a month. It gives you an idea of which keyword has high search potential and avoid the one which no one is searching for.

It is recommended to choose keywords with KD under 30. Your main goal is to find the keywords by using a combination of these metrics. Just because a keyword has high search volume and high CPC doesn’t mean it is suitable for your event blog because there will be heavy competition.

So your goal must be finding a keyword with the highest search volume and high CPC within the range of 30 KD, and long-tail keywords are a perfect example of this.

Long-tail keywords generally consist of two, three or more words. They offer you

  • High conversion
  • Targeted traffic
  • Lowest competition

Let me give you an example of long-tail keywords:

  • Health is common keywords
  • Weightless for college going teen is a long tail keyword

Each keyword research tools will show you these metrics; Ahref and SEMrush are the most popular tools you can use to search keywords. 

To become a master in keyword research, read the article below.

How To Do Keyword Research Like The SEO Pros In 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

Start WordPress blog

To get your event blog on google, you need to work with a self-hosted CMS platform. There are many options available such as blogger and WIX, but I suggest you go with WordPress.

It’s the world’s best open source content management system. Over 90% of the website on the internet are build up with WordPress.

If you are new in this and don't know anything about WordPress, we offer a complete free blog setup for beginners.

It gives you complete freedom to customize your website and organize your content in the way you look. Additionally, it offers tons of pre-made themes, website templates, and plugins to help you run and grow your blog.

To get started with WordPress, you need a domain and hosting.

There are tons of option available in the market to purchase Webhosting. I recommend you go for Bluehost Webhosting (my recommended tools for blogger) because it is one the best WordPress compatible hosting for beginners, which you can buy even as low as 2.5 $ monthly.

It is faster, optimized for WordPress and can handle tons of traffic without getting down.

You might find other hosting deals cheap but be aware of falling for cheap since you will be running an event blog, and cheap hosting might be a complete pain in the ass if it couldn’t handle the traffic at the time of event and get down.

Before you buy any hosting, I suggest you educate yourself web hosting a little to make an informed decision.

To read an in-depth guide on web hosting, read this article below.

How To Buy A Domain And Hosting For WordPress Website

The next thing you will need to run your event blog is a domain. I will show you some tips to get the best domain for your event blog.

If you buy hosting from Bluehost, they will give you a free domain for a year.

Here are some tips to get the best domain name for your event blog –

  • Book domain which has the event name in it. Probably you won’t find the exact matching domain because events are generic others might have already booked the domains with event names. But you can try with alternation and choose the one that is closely related.
  • Don’t include a year in your domain because your event blog will always be useful once the event is over, you can optimize it for an upcoming future event.

Create quality content

If you want your event blog to rank higher in the google search, you will have to create content. Without content, a blog is nothing but a dummy template website. Your event blog must have 20-30 quality posts on your event niche.

The better your post will be, the more traffic you will generate, and your event blog will have more chances of success.

Your post must contain the keywords that you have searched in the 2nd step.  

Your blog post’s length must be above 2000 words, but you should never throw words and create junk text to fulfil word count.

Display ads will be your primary resource of income. The longer your blogs will be, the more places you will have to show your ads in between.

You can also promote relevant affiliate products; this method is effective than the display ads because it will give you a higher income.

You may write a review post, comparison post, response post or list post etc.

The best way to write a quality post is to perform competitor analysis on top ranking blogs on google.

  • It will tell what people are looking for with your choose keyword. Since Google knows better about user intent and it ranks sites based on it. You must analyze top-ranking results to get an idea of what kind of content you need to write and which subtopics you need to include.
  • This way, you can find loopholes in your competitor’s content and write much better content by targeting the exact keywords and subheading.

To follow the best blog writing practice, read the article below.

10 Steps – How To Write Better Blogs That Rank High On Google

To write a review post that contains affiliate links, follow this blog – How To Write Amazon Product Reviews For Affiliate Websites?

Strategy to make money from your event blog

Display ads

10 out of 9 event bloggers earn money via display ads because they are the most effective primary source of money via event blogs.

If you are a beginner and want to taste the water of event blogging, then you can sign up for display ad networks like Google Adsense or

There are other premium ad networks available in the market which pay decent CPC, but your blog must be older and qualified to use those premium networks based on their various metrics, you can try ezoic which is powerful AI based Ads network. So if you are creating a new event blog, then Adsense with ezoic are the best options for you.

Promote affiliate products

If you plan your event blog for the long term, you should go beyond using display ads and look for affiliate products related to your niche.

Promoting affiliate products allow you to earn more income then google ads because it is a revenue sharing model in which you get paid on each sale you made via your unique affiliate link.

Some affiliate program you can join today

  • Amazon affiliate
  • Share sale
  • Commission junction 


As I said above, an event blog is not getting a quick rich scheme. To get success in event blogging, you will have to work hard ahead of the event.

If you already have a regular blog, you don’t necessarily need to create a new event blog, and you can make a category and create content around it.

I hope this detailed guide will help you get started and keep the money rolling in with event blogging.

Is there anything else I have missed? Let me know in the comment section.

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