You can quickly come up with a big list of niches based on your interest but what’s the point of working on a niche if it can’t earn you profit.

In order to be profitable, a niche must have traffic and a different way to monetize it.

As long as you have an audience willing to read about your niche you will never get run out of ideas to monetize your niche and earn huge profit.

A profitable niche must be lucrative and it must be trending.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your interest and knowledge, of course, you need to make a list of niches based on these points first, then further narrow down your list based on profitability.

You should also opt to choose a niche in which you can create content that comes from your heart.

You will have to write and share your own thoughts.

Because in 2022, there is so much online content available and people are only interested to read unique content that has a personal touch.

You should also take care of competition, if you choose a broad niche then your blog will not be able to compete with high authority sites and business which are already ranking for your niche based quarries.

And if you can’t position yourself under the top search result you won’t make any income no matter how profitable your niche is.

Instead of just thinking about your profit you should also think about providing value to your customers. If you do your job right then there is no short of making a profit out of any niche.

I am going to share these 5 tips to choose a profitable niche for your blog in 2022

1. Choose a niche based on your interest

The very first step is to come up with a list of all niche of your interest, write down the name of all niches then narrow down your list further based on other factors.

If you are not interested in a niche you are going to blog about then you will not be able to work for a long time because in the beginning when you start a blog you won’t get immediate results and working on a niche you are not interested in will demotivate you soon.

Your interest in a niche will allow you to think creatively and go beyond the ordinary blog.

2. Choose micro-niche

As I said before, if you choose a broad niche then you won’t be able to compete with other big brands and businesses.

Narrowing down your niche will allow you to focus on a very small and specific group of audience.

Now a day’s big brands and businesses also started to shift to small niches and focusing on small query-based niches but still, there is limitless scope.

If you think a small niche can’t be profitable then you are wrong.

If a niche is small then it will surely have less search volume and audience base but the people who will come on your blog will be highly targeted and you will have more chances to generate sales and earn a profit.

Let’s see the story of this girl, a student of income school project 24, she started and grew her blog in a very small niche and scale it up to 1000$ monthly.

There are lots of bloggers similar to her who are working in small niches and earning pretty income.

Once you have built a niche of all your interested niches narrow down the list and break it down into small sub-niches.

For example –

If you are interested in sports then you can work in golf, cricket, and badminton, etc.

Before you proceed to work on any niche, ask these questions by yourself…

  • Can you come up with regular ideas to write on that niche?
  • Will you be able to work on that niche for a year from now?

If you are planning to start a micro niche site, I have written a full guide on: How to start a micro-niche site that earns $1005/month.

3. Choose a niche based on your knowledge

If you don’t have knowledge of your industry then how you are going to write tons of blogs and other content.

Even if you are going to hire a writer on your blog, still you must have knowledge of your niche because you will be doing most of the tasks by yourself like keyword research and planning content, etc.

That’s why you must have prior knowledge of your niche.

Having keen knowledge of your subject will allow you to come up with new ideas and create extraordinary content.

If you don’t have knowledge of your subject you will be stuck up with ordinary content that almost all bloggers are already doing.

In that way, you won’t attract and engage your audience hence you will make no profit.

4. Check the niche’s trend

Checking the trend of the niche is an essential step to know whether it will be profitable or not.

What’s the point to work on a niche if it spikes up only a certain amount of time in a whole year then it went down for the whole year.

For example –

If you choose to work on the valentine niche then it will generate traffic in the February season then it will go down for the whole year?

Let me show you how…

Head over to the google trend tool and put your niche name, it will immediately show the trend of the niche.

Food blogging Explore Google Trends
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5. Brainstorm the ideas to monetize the niche

If you are a creative soul then you can make money out of any niche until your blog has content and there are readers to read your blog.

But creative monetization can’t take over this fact that some niches earn more money than others so how will you figure out whether your niche is right or not.

To validate the profitability of your niche perform research such as

  • What other blogs in your niche are using to monetize their blog?
    • Do they have display ads?
    • Do they are promoting particular products?
    • Do they have their own stuff to sell?

Showing display ads should not your primary source of income as it gives the very lowest amount of income, although you can use display ads with other monetization such as affiliate products etc.

Do product research on amazon

Amazon is a goldmine to research about any product, you just need to see bestselling products with a high number of buyers that your audience will find interesting.

Once you find the right products you can create similar products. (If the products are digital or info products)

In addition, you can write high-quality blog posts and promote other physical products through your blog.

Check big affiliate programs

Even though Amazon is one of the most popular programs but it offers the lowest affiliate commission in comparison to other big affiliate programs like Shareasale and Commission junction, etc.

Researching and brainstorming on these ideas will quickly allow you to come up with tons of ideas to monetize your blog and earn a huge profit.

Even if a niche is not profitable in itself due to the availability of affiliate products etc. you can also generate tons of income by creating and selling your own products such as physical products and digital info products.

Your interest and knowledge in the niche will allow you to maximize the way of monetization.

You can have multiple ways including ad networks and affiliate products, you can give training, consultation, and coaching related to your niche’ subject.

If you want to know how profitable the niche is then you can ultimately find it out by doing little research on google just type few keywords related to your niche in google and see whether big brands and businesses are bidding on ads for this niche.

If you see business are spending their money on a niche, it means this niche is super profitable.

For example –

Let’s see I search for a keyword, “water pitcher”

And I can see there are ads, which means the niche is profitable.

water pitcher Google Search
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If you are just going to choose and start working on a niche just because it’s profitable then you must rethink whether you can work on this niche and create tons of content for a long time.

Instead of just coming up with an idea of any random niche, make a list of all keywords in which you are interested and you have knowledge about it then further narrow down the list based on other factors.

If you are deeply passionate about any niche then don’t drop an idea of working on a niche just because you can’t find the proven profitability in that niche.

Because here you can use your knowledge and come up with tons of ideas to generate income from your niche as long as you generate traffic on your blog.

I hope this informative guide has helped you a lot to choose the right profitable niche for your blog.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section.

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    On a separate note, I am a great fan of good looking images and I loved your featured images on all the posts – how do you create them? Any illustrations library you’re using? Cheers, Aman

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