Do you want to start blogging and you have no idea how you will make money from it?

Perhaps you are already a blogger and you do blogging for passion and now you want to know whether It can be business or not.

Can I do blogging as a side business? Can blogging make me rich? Can I earn a full-time income from the blog?

A question like this floated in the mind of new bloggers.

In this post, I am going to answer all queries about blogging and how you can use it to make money online.

Let get started with the most popular question

Can blogging be a business?

Businesses and companies use blogging to promote their products, service, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and other marketing purposes but as an individual, you can run your own blog as your full-time business.

You can sell the space on your blog to show ads and get paid, you can do affiliate marketing or sell your own products to make your blog a business and earn money from it.

How do I start a blog business and get paid?

To start a blog business first you will have to decide what medium you will use to get paid?

You have two options here the one is ad networks and the other one affiliate marketing.

If you choose to go with an ad network then you will be paid a very low amount and to make a considerable income you will have to generate lots of traffic on your blog.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog.

To start a blog business first you will need to choose a niche then make and run your blogging site and then put the content on your site.

Blogging is a very broad field and it’s not possible to cover everything in this single blog, that’s why I have written these additional blogs to cover every topic individually. Read this blog to get a deeper knowledge of blogging.

Before you jump into blogging let me tell you the basic things you need to start your blog…

  1. First, you will have to come up with a blogging niche. You can’t write on every single topic in your head. If you want to succeed in blogging in 2022 then you must narrow down your focus and choose the right micro-niche.
  2. To start a blogging business first you need to decide the goal of ear Which medium you will use for earning, be it either ads or affiliate marketing or you will sell your own products.
  3. Once you have decided your goal then you will have to buy a domain and hosting to get your blog and keep it running.
  4. Then you will need to set up your WordPress website, how your website look is very essential for the success of your blog.
  5. Regardless of your goals for starting a blogging business, the only thing which will give you tremendous success in the field of blogging is the quality of content on your blog.

What do you need to succeed in the blogging business in 2022?

If you are still reading this post then it means you are deeply interested in blogging. I want to share some useful tips that will help you grow your blogging business faster and save you from doing mistakes that slow down your growth.

1# Set your productivity goals

I see a lot of people who want to start a blog and make money but money-making comes later the first goal that you need to decide is productivity goal.

You can spend months and even years setting up your blog, changing the themes, and spend your time in random things in blogging.

Suppose if you want to start affiliate marketing you can spend tons of hours setting your affiliate links in the post right after starting your blog but it comes later, there is a need to do that thing right now. Nor you need to design your blog like a fancy e-commerce store.

What you only need to do is just a working website with clear navigation and you have to save all your time work on producing content and keep uploading it until you start getting traffic on your blog.

Once you saw the targeted audience are coming on your blog then you will see you need to set up a lead magnet, sign up for ad networks, and put affiliate marketing links.

Of Couse doing things in advance is always better but what is the point of spending time in setting a lead magnet and designing your blog when no one is visiting it, you can do it later once you started getting traffic.  

The more content you publish on your blog the more opportunities you will get to monetize your content, appear in search results, and the more traffic your blog will generate.

So focus your time and productivity on creating content, set your goals in publish 100 blog posts in the first few months.

2# Build your brand

The time has gone when people can publish the blog on any third-party site and even on their site in a topical way like, “the tips to increase SEO rank” because now the competition is everywhere. There is a lot of competition in every field and you need to make your blog a brand to publish personalized content.

What do personalized look like?

“How I grow my blog from 0 to 4K subscribers” these types of blog posts are personal, they need special data and Metrix that can only come from you.

Building your brand will allow you to walk step by step with other competitors in your niche and it will give you identity.

3# Get your business name in front of people

After you have done everything and set up your blog business now you need customers to keep your business running, if no one is visiting your blog then you won’t make any sales or generate or leads.

You need to perform the best SEO practices to make sure your site is visible to your targeted audience.

Every SEO campaign starts with successful keyword research and now SEO is shifted to search intent and user experience. To make your blog will be successful you need to produce quality content that serves both purposes.

Can you make money with a personal blog?

You can make money out of any blog as long as there is an audience on your blog and who loves to read and engage with your blogs.

Let me tell you one thing, “Blogs don’t make money, business does”

So what does it mean?

It means that if you have a blog either personal or professional, it won’t make money itself until you monetize with ad networks or affiliate programs, or something else.

Businesses and companies want to show their products and services to the right audience, and for that purpose they use ads.

They want their ads to appear in front of the right audience.

Suppose if you have a travel blog and when you sign up for an ad network, it will show the related ads on your blog. And ads network pay based on certain matric which involved CPC, PPC, and CPI.

The affiliate program is offered by the business which directly allows you to promote the product and services and on which business gives you an affiliate commission.

Also, you can sell your own stuff on your blog be it either physical or digital. But that things come later when you become an expert in your blogging niche.

Promoting other products via affiliate programs called affiliate marketing.

Doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products is a kind of business.

So that’s how you make money from a blog by doing some kind of business, be it either a personal blog or a professional blog.


Blogging can be a very lucrative business that will make you tons of online money but as I said, “blogging doesn’t make money, the business does” you will need to monetize your blog to make it business and make money out of it.

So the key message of this response post is-“Yes, blogging can be business”

Do you want to ask anything about blogging? Tell me in the comment section

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