Do you want to make money online?

And you are not sure which way you should go either YouTube or Blogging.

Are you wondering what should you start? Which one will earn you more money?

If this sounds good, read this blog carefully…

YouTube and blog both have pros and cons. we can’t judge a platform just because it is lacking in something, each of them has different strengths.

Almost all online marketers and bloggers use both of these platforms to get maximum results. To know which one will work best for you, we are going to compare both platforms in 10 easy steps.

After reading the post, you will be able to decide which platform you should choose.

Blogging VS YouTube which is better?

Some say progress in blogging is slow and SEO takes too much time while others find it hard to produce quality video content.

But which one is best? Is blogging better than YouTube and YouTube better than blogging? How will you determine it?

The answer depends on you!

To get more ways to monetize your content, convey your message to a larger audience, and boost your revenue you should work on both platforms.

When you work on both platforms simultaneously, they do support each other and produce considerable outputs.

When you embed YouTube videos in blogs, they boost SEO ranking. You can also promote your blog post on competitive topics in the YouTube video description.

Both platforms are profitable and both have different pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.

Starting a YouTube channel is best if you are not camera shy and you can create great video content. And if you are a good writer and you can do the magic of explaining concepts in textual content then you should definitely start a blog.

Both are content publication platforms and publishing quality content matters regardless of the platform you choose.

We are going to compare Blogging vs YouTube based on 10 following points.

1. Check the competition for your niche.

Checking the status of competition for your niche is essential before you decide to start your YouTube channel or blog.

In our case, there are lots of competitive videos out there on blogging and digital marketing topics but there are good opportunities for us in blogging if we choose to work on low competitive keywords.

Similarly, if you want to share your knowledge in competitive niches like food, health, or recipe, there is very tough competition out there, many bloggers are working on these niches.

If you will search for a recipe even with a long-tail keyword like “best recipe to cook in dinner with low cholesterol” you will find tons of authority sites ranking with having the best content.

Almost all sites work on these competitive niches, have a team of writers and SEO experts, and if you a single-man army then competing with these sites is impossible.

In that case, starting a YouTube channel is much better than wasting time on something that is not gonna work.

YouTube videos can easily rank and unlike the SEO, it has nothing to do with how old your channel is and how much competition is out there.

If you have a passion to write blogs then don’t stop yourself just because of competition, you can use these two ways to rank for competitive topics.

  • Find long-tail keywords and write response posts because there is almost no competition out there.
  • You can start your YouTube channel and redirect its traffic to your blogs by linking them to your videos.

I have written some tips to help you choose a profitable niche, if you want to can check it out.

2. What does suite to your niche

If you are deeply interested in technical content, like explaining how to perform particular operations of different kinds of software or troubleshooting any technical problem, then YouTube is best because explaining technical topics is very tough in blogging.

Content like customization WordPress themes and building certain types of plugins via coding on your own, need to be explained in YouTube videos to make the content easy and consumable for your audience.

But it doesn’t’ mean you can’t explain technical topics in blogs, you will find certain technical articles out there.

Here at Concept Blogging, the author Murtaza Kalang is deeply passionate about technical topics such as website building, theme customization, and plugin integration, etc. He still uses to manage great blog posts to explain everything in detail.

But some people find it hard due to certain reasons, be it either their poor writing or they are not capable enough to craft the technical article so in that case you can go for YouTube videos.

To explain a technical topic you need to write more than 3000 words blog posts, it consumes hours and days and it also becomes hard for readers to read a full blog while the same thing can be taught in the 5-minute video in a more engaging way. It will more helpful and it will provide a deeper underusing of topics.

So you must choose the platform based on the complexity of the topic. Video content is more engaging and it provides the best way to explain the topics, you can add graphics, other videos, for example, use voice over and add a background, you can use as much as elements you want.

3. Which provide better control of the content

One thing I love about blogging is you have full control over the content even after publishing, you can come back and edit the content, add the affiliate links.

You can update the articles by adding new sections. On the other hand on YouTube, once the content is published you have no way to revert back and add something to the video, It’s impossible.

So this is the major difference between both platforms, you lose control over the content after publishing the video on YouTube but in blogging you can change.

And if you have written a blog on any topics, and the things changes, data change, and statics change so you can come back and update your blog, you can keep it up to date with the latest facts and data. But on YouTube, you have two option, either you delete the video or leave it as it is.

4. Monetization flexibility

As I said in the section above, blogging gives you control over the content so you can go back and edit the content. This option allows you to use and change affiliate links effectively, you can add the links even after publishing the content and you can change them as you want.

It is not a very tedious task, you can do it by modifying the blog content and it’s better than producing a fresh piece of content from scratch.

And while you choose to blog, you can also choose the ad network to monetize your content easily and maximize your ad revenue by signing up for a premium ad network.

But on YouTube, you can’t use other networks except for Google’s official ads.

If you don’t have your own product or service to monetize your blog, and if you choose third party monetization methods like affiliate and ad networks then blogging is the best option for you but if you have your product to sell such as a course, eBook, or any digital products then YouTube is the best way to promote it to the audience by explaining everything in details.

You have more opportunities to monetize a blog than YouTube, check this article to help you monetize your blog post.

5. Platform ownership

Blogging is your own platform because you purchase the hosting, domain, and get your website running with the help of WordPress so you have total control over it. No platform can limit or restrict you to do anything on your blog.

But YouTube is Google’s platform, while producing and publishing the content on it, there is also some kind of risk involved. You can get copyright issues on your video if you include someone’s music or other elements without persimmon.

YouTube keeps full rights to remove your channel at any time, if they think your channel is not following any of the guidelines. Having your audience in the form of subscribers on other platforms is risky than having your own email list or visitor on your own site.

There was a time when people used to consider Facebook and Instagram as their primary channels to attract potential users then suddenly they reduce the organic reach and everything shifted to paid ads. Organic reach is very slow on social media platforms because they become pay to play platforms now.

Those who were totally dependent on the social media platforms to acquire customers and now they are helpless against the social media algorithms.

This risk always exists when you publish content and build your audience on other’s platforms.

6. Your skills in platform

To get the most out of your content you need to learn keyword research and SEO optimization regardless of the platform you choose and I hope you already know this, on the other hand, if you are going to run your own blog then you must have additional knowledge of some technical things like SEO, analytics, site maps and tools like google search console, etc.

If you are not familiar with these technical tools, it might be difficult for you to run your website effectively, or even if you start the website you might find it hard to index your website and make it visible on the search engine.

On the other hand, only keyword research and SEO optimization are enough to get the most out of your content on a platform like YouTube.

This point is just to give you an idea of the complexity of platforms, it doesn’t mean you should not start a blog just because you don’t understand these technical things.

The online world is the never-ending ocean and the best are those who keep learning new things and make improvements over time. You can still start your own blog and learn everything over time.

If you want to learn about Keyword research and SEO, check my comprehensive guide for help.

7. How much time you can spend

If you are an employee, small business owner and you are going to write your own blogs then you will hardly get the time to focus on other technical things like website design, customization, affiliate marketing, monetization, traffic, and SEO.

But you have an option to hire a good content writer to make the writing work done for you that’s what most successful bloggers do, and you can only pay attention to growing your blog by spending your time on other important factors.

On the other hand, outsourcing YouTube videos might work for big brands and companies but it seems impossible for individuals. Affording the cost of outsourced video production is very difficult for an individual or even for a small business.

If you want to make your YouTube channel a brad then you must have to involve in creating videos with your face and talking to your audience on the screen.

On YouTube, you have to give your time to video production, editing, writing scripts, and publishing videos. So you must choose the platform by taking the time factor into consideration.

8. Required resources

You only need a laptop or pc and a good knowledge of your subject to write the best blog. You can outrank big authority sites with quality content based on your knowledge.

Buying domain and hosting will cost you almost nothing in front of buying high-end YouTube start up resources like a camera, sound recording system, and background setup, etc.

You can only create basic level YouTube videos with your smartphone and fever resources, if you want to be a big brand then you must have to invest in some resources, you must have a good camera to produce quality videos.

Video Quality is important YouTube ranking factor and hiring a professional editor will cost you very high. If you can invest in resources then you should defiantly go for it.

But don’t stop yourself by thinking that you can only start a YouTube channel after having all of this, this is just to give you an idea of what type of resources and investment you will be required to run a great YouTube channel.

If you want to start anyhow, then you can make a start with fever resources. You can still record videos with your smartphone and then invest in other resources once you start growing.

9. What type of content your audience prefers to consume

It is always the best idea to create the types of content that people love in your industry.

But if you are just starting out then defiantly you would have no idea about your audience and what do like?

To get the ideas, visit Google and type the keywords related to your topics and see what type of content is showing. If there is more video content then it means people in that niche consume video content more frequently and you should create video content to get success. Search engines always show the user's preferable content.

As you know nowadays more and more people are turning to the content of the video but it doesn’t mean the textual content will be removed out because…

  • The textual content provides conceptual learning on the topic, during the reading you can look back at the previous sentence and make the connection between the sentences and paragraphs. You can understand the conceptual theory with any blog or e-book that’s why people still love to read the text and they will always. So the textual content has a separate room on the internet.
  • On the other hand, video content provides a more helpful and deep understanding of topics like tutorials and how-to guides on technical topics. They are more engaging and good explainers.

10. Time for success

Meanwhile, both platforms require you to publish high-quality content on a consistent basis to get success and both will take some time to get the position under search results.

But still ranking on YouTube is quite easier than ranking your blogs on google because the competition on YouTube is always less. There is less video content available in comparison to the textual content on the web about any topic.

If you produce videos on a less competitive niche then you are gonna rank easily on YouTube in comparison to blogging.

But always remember, blogging also has its own advantages.

Small Tips to success

Never give up on your YouTube channel or blog just because you are not getting results in the beginning. You will have to publish 100 pieces of quality content be it either YouTube or blog, that fulfil the big demand in a niche.

Don’t be driven away by the number of analytics in the beginning, after consistency efforts these result is gonna spike up continually.

Effective keyword research is essential for any topics you want to rank for, be it either YouTube or blogging.


While you should be doing both of them in most of the cases, you can still work on any one of these be it either blogging or YouTube both have their plus and minus points. We can’t say any platform is best over the other just because it’s lacking in something because it has its own advantages.

What is your take away from this blog post which platform are you going to work on? Blogging or YouTube? Tell me in the comment section.

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