As the world has become narrower due to the growth of the internet, writers have got blogging platforms to perform and showcase talent by choosing their flair for words. Penning down in the olden days was merely on a piece of paper which would be read by only close people to the writer. Now, if someone would want to share their piece of art, the entire world is waiting to read. What is important to consider is which topic you will be blogging on. Once you have selected your niche, the next step is to select the most appropriate blogging platform to start a blog. In addition to writing as a hobby, blogging helps to promote a business in every corner of the world.

Choosing a blogging platform is sometimes considered more vital than choosing the niche because the tools available on the platform nearly decide the future of your blogging skills. These blogging tools are there to assist your blog to attract the audience. However good your niche and content will be, it would be all in vain if you choose a platform which cannot boost your blog. Therefore, to help you out with the easiest blogging platform, our research team has picked up 7 best based on features, tools, prices and much more! Let us dig them in detail regarding the range of capabilities each has got to showcase so that you can pick one according to your style!

1. WordPress

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WordPress is one hosted version of open-source software. As on date, WordPress is available as a commercial site with humongous offers on free trials. If you like the application and want to use the premium tools, you can opt for paid versions which have numerous features to shoot up your blogs. As per our research, it ranks number on one on our list of suggestions to begin from. It is also acknowledged as a popular hosting platform for beginners who have no knowledge about how the entire system works.

Though WordPress is offering to publish your blog for free, the subdomain name will look like – Firstly, create an account and try the uniqueness of the software. Blog for a month and then pick the best plan option for you. This will save money and you will understand the basics before bringing in the pro options. WordPress offers key features such as custom domains, SEO tools, social media integration, personalised themes, stats, media galleries, etc.

You can check our guide to set up your WordPress website.

2. Wix

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Wix is considered the best open-source blogging platform for beginners. The primary positive feature which Wix is providing to its customers a portable device so that the readers of the blog can easily review a complete page on a smartphone or any other screen. Along with this, it also has great templates and easy customisation options. The drag and drop option which is their initiative is useful to simply drag and edit anything from the internet. Your blog can also have optional features such as like, share, subscribe hashtag, comments, etc.

Moreover, all the SEO features are easy to access and hence making Wix a simplest blogging platform 2022.  The only downside we think is that you will not be able to migrate your website to another blog if in future you wish to do it. Hence if you need the entire feature then you will have to take the paid version. Or else, you can work on the blog for 3-4 months, understand how blogging works and if you like the same, you can stick to it or change it to another platform in the very beginning.

3. Medium

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 Medium is a popular blogging platform for users across the globe and the number of users using it are humongous. Medium's core focus is on calculating how much time is spent on the platform. It was originally founded by a co-founder of and former CEO of Twitter, Mr Evan Williams. Its uniqueness begins from having an internal audience and hence it is often a debatable platform. All the individuals and businesses can sign-up on Medium for free and use amazing features offered than any other blogging platform. Being a traditional blogging platform, it is loved by readers who like the classic blog-style post. Medium considers a blog to be a popular one if it crosses 400-word limits. Therefore you can track your scores easily as Medium will keep giving you a proper heads up.

4. Ghost

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Ghost comes under the category of the best blogging platform for entrepreneurs, publishers and developers. The Ghost platform easily helps to publish content and help you to make money out of it. Though it is a user friendly and simple platform at the same time it is one of the most powerful platforms for writing content. The bloggers who have to make their core career in blogging have preferred choosing premium plans on Ghost. It also has a built-in email newsletter system which optimises SEO content and provides entire traffic data in a tabular manner. It is a clean and streamlined platform with live blog post previews. It also provided built-in social media so that you can direct your social media pages as per your comfort.

As on date, it has more than 3 million users making money by writing creative blogs. You can try their 14-day free period and understand usability. The downside of Ghost is in customisation. It has specific formats and does not allow users to completely customise. But due to do many better features provided by Ghost, this small downside can be overseen. Ghost is a one-stop solution for serious publishers providing advanced technical solutions.

5. Joomla

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Joomla is a complete package and another perfect go-to for a solution to perfect blogging. It has a great section for learning and understanding how blogging actually works. Joomla is made in a manner that every layman can understand its usage and hence if you are a newbie in the industry, you can easily choose it for your initial blogging experience. Joomla is proving a wide range of options for open source content management and is absolutely free to use.

Many businesses consider Joomla so that their employees do not have a problem understanding the system. However, you will have to pay for buying the hosting and domain name but it is a comfortable investment due to the features Joomla is proving to its users.  It also helps to generate a great profit due to many appealing template options. It also has many extensions for blogs features and is easy to make the design. It is a perfect place for large and dynamic blogs and often used by online stores.

6. Drupal

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Drupal is a free blogging platform for complete content management. Drupal will not host a blog but all your online content can be created and organised in this platform. Bloggers need to find another platform to host their website and can create good content on Drupal. Therefore, as it is free to use, it is a beginner’s choice and later when people are used to blogging, they choose another platform where they pay the premium amount.

Drupal has its own upsides of building advanced feature-rich sites and allows flexibility as per user's choice. It also has built-in access control and core multilingual site support. Only the installation of the site will require technical expertise. Drupal also gives its users access to many free features and modules.

7. Tumblr

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Tumblr allows its users to express their thoughts and verdicts. As on date, the platform is powering more than 500 million blog posts where people have posted mini-stories, links, art, jokes, fashion and much more. It is an open-source blogging platform which allows users to freely post and share content worldwide. It is one blogging website with microblogging capabilities which can let you share your content on any attached social media. The structure of the website is easy to see and run and therefore newcomers really enjoy working on it. The best part about Tumblr is that it is free for life and hence if you are willing to start something with zero investment then Tumblr is the one site for you.

Pen down your quick insights and share if you are active on social by using the most popular blogging network Tumblr. You can open your account in minutes and start blogging immediately.

Blogging is easy and if you succeed, you can make a huge profit out of it. The only thing you must concentrate on is content. If your content is liked, your post will reach on the first search page of google. When choosing the right platform to blog, we always recommend to research a few and try to work on it for free before buying the premium versions. Once you are comfortable with blogging and understand the technicality of blogs reaching on top views, you can always purchase a paid version and work on the same.

Remember; Consistency is the key! Keep blogging, keep soaring!

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