Most of you might have heard about Cheap VPS hosting, and the chances are that most of your websites run on the same VPS (Virtual Private Server). In today’s competitive web hosting environment, VPS hosting is popular to host websites.

If you want to speed up the performance of your website, a VPS is the best option. It’s also a great way to shift from a shared server, as VPS comes with lots of benefits. 

But to get the best VPS hosting service, you need to get into the hands of a reliable web hosting provider. In this blog, we will explore everything about unmanaged VPS hosting and further know about the best VPS hosting in India. 

Let’s get started! 

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS hosting is nothing but splitting a single physical server into multiple virtual private servers. With VPS, you get root access to the server, which means you can configure your choice of operating system and manage the server in the way you want. A VPS has its own set of resources like RAM, CPU, SSD Disk and bandwidth that you don't have to share with other users.

VPS is basically a median between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. If you need enhanced speed, performance and security for your website, then VPS can be a perfect choice. 

How Does VPS Hosting Exactly Work?

In VPS hosting, all websites are hosted on virtual private servers powered by enterprise-grade hardware. It works on the principle of virtualization technology.

Even though all websites are hosted on the same VPS node, your website will be hosted on a particular virtual section with the allocated resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU and SSD Disk space.

However, other websites on the same server will not affect your website performance. Thus, there are no security or performance concerns when you opt for VPS hosting. It's about enjoying the benefits of a dedicated server but at a lower price. 

Types of VPS Hosting

There are primarily two types of VPS hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. 

Managed VPS Hosting

It is basically a type of managed service where you don't have to worry about server management tasks. The hosting provider you choose takes care of all the server monitoring and management tasks including operating system, software updates, installation, security, backups and more.

Managed VPS hosting is the best option for business owners and individuals who don't have much time to manage server-side technical tasks. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting 

As the name suggests, unmanaged VPS hosting is a service wherein you are solely responsible for managing and maintaining the server, while the web hosting provider only takes care of the server and its availability.

It is recommended to choose unmanaged VPS hosting if you have technical expertise or skills to manage the server. 

Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting: 

Shared hosting is an entry-level type of hosting service in which multiple websites are hosted on a single server. As the resources are shared among users, you don't have a fixed assurance of resources like Operating System, CPU, RAM, SSD Disk and bandwidth with shared hosting. 

But for an initial level website, shared hosting is an ideal platform to host a website. 

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting is the opposite of shared hosting. In VPS hosting, you don't have to share the server resources with other users on the server. The resources are dedicated to your website or application. 

This means, you get the features of a dedicated server but at a lower price. With this, you get 24×7 customer support for your hosting-related issues.

Now let us know the difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service that is dedicated to a single client with all its resources. It's an ideal option for hosting heavy resource websites or applications. 

In contradiction, VPS is set up by splitting a dedicated server into multiple virtual servers by using virtualization technology. Every VPS performs as one single server, allowing numerous other virtual private servers making it an affordable hosting option. 

Benefits of VPS Hosting 

Here are the significant benefits of VPS hosting for your website. 

Super-Fast Performance

As your website grows in size, meaning there's an increase in traffic, then you will need hosting that grows with your website.

You want blazing-fast website speed, no matter how much traffic you receive. With VPS hosting, you get top-speed performance and speed, as you will get more server resources at your fingertips. Like, the amount of RAM, bandwidth, and SSD disk space you get will be more, and it can handle the growing requirements of your website. 

Greater Level of Security 

One of the prime benefits of VPS hosting is the top level of security. With VPS hosting, you get a virtualized hosting environment, and your website is separated from other sites on the server. If anything happens on the other website, it will not affect your website. 

Complete Control Over the Server 

When you opt for VPS hosting, you get complete control over the server. You can control the server and configure it in the way you want, according to the needs and wants of your website. 

Support from a Skilled and Professional Team

VPS hosting is a step up from shared hosting. Running your website on a VPS server needs technical knowledge. If you have any issue with your server or if your website goes down for any reason, you need to reach out to someone who can resolve your issue.

Most web hosting providers offer 24×7 customer support from their proficient team. 

They are ready to resolve customer issues. Thus, this is an added advantage.

Cost-Effective Solution 

VPS hosting is a cost-effective hosting solution. With VPS, you enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server but at a lower price. Even though managed VPS hosting is a bit costly, it's a bang for your buck. 

When To Opt for VPS Hosting?

Hosting High-Traffic Websites

If you have chosen a VPS hosting plan, you might have dedicated IP, RAM, CPU, and fast SSD Disk storage in servers. Thus, you can enhance website page loading speed. And website owners using the VPS server provide a hassle-free browsing experience for their users with no performance issues.

Hosting Large Size Web Projects

This point is different from high-traffic websites. Here we are talking about bigger size web projects. Remember that large-sized web projects cannot host on shared or other low-quality servers. Few of these projects will have applications or websites giving the feature of mission-critical tasks. 

Therefore, fast SSDs with good processing power and potent RAM should be part of your checklist. Hence, the VPS server becomes the right web hosting option in this case. Some of you would be considering dedicated servers also to accomplish this task. However, ask yourself whether you will be able to afford it? Most of you will answer no! It is because dedicated servers are costly, all dedicated to a single user only.

Sudden Traffic Spikes 

VPS hosting is the best option if you are experiencing sudden traffic spikes. It can handle the incoming traffic on websites or applications. 

Complete Control over the Server 

If you want complete control over the server, then VPS is a good option. When you opt for VPS hosting, you get full root access to your operating system. With this, you can modify the server in the way you want. Make changes in the file, install any third-party application of your choice and do so much more. 

  • Your website is growing fast 
  • Your website is experiencing sudden traffic spikes 
  • You want complete control over the server 
  • For enhanced security 

If your reasons fall under any of these, then it's time to enjoy the benefits of VPS Hosting.

Things To Consider Before Buying a VPS Server hosting

Now, as you know what Virtual Private Server is and why you should upgrade to a VPS. Let's talk about what makes a great VPS hosting plan and how to select the best VPS hosting providers.

24×7 Customer Support 

Technical support is the first line of security if anything goes wrong with your website. You need someone who can resolve your issue and make your website up and accessible on the web again. So, before choosing a VPS hosting plan from a company make sure that they offer 24×7 customer support.

Consider Server Uptime and Reliability 

Server uptime is the amount of time your website is functional online. The reason server uptime is crucial is that when a server goes down, your website too will go down. So make sure that your VPS hosting provider offers the highest uptime. 

The provider you choose has an immense impact on the speed and performance of your website. Select the hosting provider that offers 99.95% or above uptime commitment. 

Latest Hardware 

Before purchasing a VPS hosting package, make sure your hosting provider offers the latest generation of Processor, and SSD drives. The SSD drives are faster than traditional HDD drives and help in boosting the performance of your website. 

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

When choosing a VPS hosting provider you usually have two options: 

  • Managed VPS Hosting 
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting 

If you are familiar with managing and maintaining the server on your own, you can go with unmanaged VPS hosting. 

But, if you don't want to get much into the technical side of the server, then you can go with managed VPS hosting. The hosting provider takes care of all the server management and administration tasks with managed VPS hosting. 

Check for Security Measures 

Double-check if the hosting provider offers a security key like an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate on a website adds a greater level of security and creates safe encryption between website visitors and web browsers.  It also helps to improve the SEO rankings of the website. 

Know the Best VPS Hosting in India

There are hundreds of hosting providers in the industry, and it's a tough job to find the right one. 

Here are the list of some best VPS Provider company you can go with:


I would suggest you go with MilesWeb. MilesWeb is a leading web hosting provider from India. 

They offer a broad range of web hosting services to customers worldwide. MilesWeb's hosting services include shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. 


Here are some pros of choosing MilesWeb as your VPS hosting provider:

  • The location of your VPS server is a very important factor. MilesWeb has a data center in India that is ideal for the target audience in the Indian subcontinent. Plus, they have Tier-4 data centers which are ISO 27001 certified. It is the main reason why MilesWeb is known as the best VPS hosting provider in India. 
  • To keep websites secure, they offer an SSL certificate with their VPS hosting plans. 
  • Intel Xeon processors are utilized on their VPS server nodes. The Intel Xeon processors are the newest generation of processors with a large number of CPU cores.
  • With MilesWeb, you get to host websites on SSD drives. The SSD drives to act as a reliable hosting platform for hosting high-traffic websites/applications.
  • You get 24×7 support from their team of experts. Their team handles all the server maintenance, configurations, and management. This allows you to focus on your business. 
  • MilesWeb incorporates KVM virtualization technology on their VPS servers. 


Here are some cons of MilesWeb VPS hosting:

  • Price is higher than the competitive
  • Do not offer NVMe SSD disk space.

Pricing & Plans 

MilesWeb is among the affordable hosting providers in India. If you check their VPS hosting pricing, their plans start at Rs. 630/month.

For VPS hosting, they have 10 ten plans. You can choose a plan that best meets your requirements and budget. As mentioned earlier, their basic plan starts at Rs.630/month and their high-tier plan goes upto Rs.32,640/month. 

Trust me, MilesWeb is a bang for your buck!


Hostinger is a leading web hosting provider from Kaunas, Lithuania. Hostinger is known for being the best cheapest web hosting provider in the world. Hostinger offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Email hosting.


Here are some reasons for choosing Hostinger as your VPS Hosting:

  • Processor and Disk space is the most important factor for speeding up your website. To boost your website speed Hostinger offers an Intel Xeon processor and the NVMe SSD disk storage which gives you the best performance.
  • They also give you a free SSL certificate, to secure your website.
  • Hostinger guaranteed for 99.99% server uptime with the speed of 100 MB/s which gives you and your user a seamless experience.
  • Hostinger provides you IPv6 block infrastructure makes sure that there are no networking issues, latency, and blacklisting.
  • They also offers automated backup and live manual snapshot.
  • Their data centers are situated in Singapore, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In India, you can use Singapore as the nearest data center.


Here are some cons to consider before choosing VPS Hosting:

  • They do not have data center in India.
  • They offers ticket support which is not enough for some users.
  • They do not have Managed VPS Hosting plans.


Hope this blog has cleared concepts about VPS hosting, how to choose best VPS hosting and what is the difference between shared vs VPS Hosting VS dedicated hosting. We have also discussed what factors should be considered while choosing a VPS hosting plan.

Choosing the best VPS hosting provider can take your website to new heights of success. You get the speed, reliability and security that your website deserves but at a lesser price. 

Finally, this blog covers everything about VPS Hosting and gives you an full proof knowledge to select your VPS hosting in india. Hope this post helps you and if you have any queries, you can always leave a comment.

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