Are you planning to start a blog?

But you stuck on choosing a niche. Selecting the right niche, decide your blog’s success.

Blogging is a saturated field. Many professional bloggers are working on almost every niche so if you go for a common niche, you will be competing against industry experts.

If you want to make a living on blogging, then you will have to invest your time, money, and resources in the right niche.

I will share 21 low-competitive niche ideas and useful tips to choose the right niche.

How to choose a profitable niche?

Things to consider when choosing a blogging niche

Many beginners failed after a month or two because of selecting the wrong niche. It would help if you choose a niche based on your interest.

Here are some tips to help you choose a profitable niche:

1. Your knowledge and interest in niche

It isn’t necessary to be an expert in your niche, but you must have enough knowledge about the topic.

Don’t select a random topic just because it is trending. If you are not interested in a niche and you don’t have knowledge about it, then working on it makes no sense.

2. Easily monetized

Make sure you select a topic that can easily monetize with Google Adsense or other affiliated networks.

3. Low competition

Some niches have very low demand and high competition, but you must figure out the niche with high demand and low competition.

4. Choose a micro-niche

Do not choose a too broad topic. Try to find sub-niche (micro-niche). For example, if you are interested in exercise and bodybuilding, narrow it down and choose something like yoga or belly fat loss exercise.

Here's is the list of best blog niche ideas.

  1. Kitchen equipment
  2. Content writing
  3. Parenting
  4. Web series review
  5. Acting tips
  6. Mobile photography
  7. Dating tips
  8. Relationship Advice
  9. Home automation
  10. Self-defence
  11. Political opinion
  12. Specific sports
  13. Home workout
  14. Weight loss
  15. DIY Kids toys
  16. Crotchet & Knitting
  17. House decoration
  18. YouTuber's
  19. Kids indoor games
  20. Aquarium
  21. India travel tips

Best Niches for Blogging in India

1. Kitchen equipment

If you are looking to start an amazon affiliate website, then kitchen equipment is a trending niche. There is lots of content you can write on this topic, and kitchen equipment is always on demand. You can write the product review and the kitchen organization ideas, smart kitchen, etc.

2. Content Writing

The blogging business is expanding day by day, and newbies are looking for freelancing jobs. If you are a good writer, you can share your experience, and you can write tips and hack how to become a content writer.

3. Parenting

Mom blog is the best niche for housewives. Parenting is a very broad topic, but there is still a lot of scope in this business if you niche down and choose a sub-topic. This niche can be monetized with AdSense, Info products, Amazon affiliates, so this is the best niche to start.

4. Web series review

The trend of online web series is getting increased day by day. According to Adamas University survey, the OTT platform and web series are getting popular among youth during this Covid-19. Around 97% of the respondents said that they watch web series.

Indian web series platform
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If you want to start a micro-niche blog and want to earn passive income read this article.

5. Acting tips  

In the contemporary world, people are constantly looking for ways to put their name. Due to the prevalence of cinema and theatre, many people prefer to learn acting.

They want to know the basics and the complexity of acting and are constantly looking for acting tips on the internet.

You can start a blog on acting tips specifically for kids, teens, or adults, or you can even include tips for all of them to increase the demographic you are targeting. Within your blog, you can include acting tips specific to certain media, for example, theater, cinema, or television, as per your targeted reader.

6. Mobile photography

As more and more people are getting onto social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, showing a growing interest in photography, having a blog dedicated to mobile photography tips, tricks, and hacks can attract many people. It can prove beneficial to those who want to click stunning pictures without having to buy a camera or those who are just getting started with photography but are unwilling to invest in a professional camera early on.

A mobile photography blog can talk about a plethora of things related to the best type of phone cameras, settings, and angles for clicking pictures, creative and budget-friendly ways to make a photography set-up, and attracting a large number of audience interested in the same.

7. Dating tips

Today, many people are keen on forming relationships, getting to know others, and choosing a partner for themselves, but they are either shy or socially awkward. Starting a ‘dating blog’ is a great option to target those romantics and provide them with tips on how to date in the modern world.

In a blog for dating tips, one can include tips on dressing, addressing their date, presenting themselves, and carrying a conversation. Your blog can include tips specifically for online dating, dating after a divorce, or even specific dating advice for people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community to attract a unique audience, often neglected in most dating blogs. It will make your blog stand out!

8. Relationship advice

Besides dating tips, many people search for relationship advice to blossom and sustain a healthy relationship with their partner or tips regarding any other platonic relationship. These people can become an engaging audience if you choose to start a blog on ‘relationship advice.’

A blog giving relationship advice can include many sub-niches, including

  • relationship advice for teenagers
  • Relationship advise for young adults
  • Advice directed towards newly-married couples
  • Building a better bond with families
  • Helping a failing marriage,
  • Deal with toxic traits of a relationship. The possibilities of articles that can be included in a relationship advice blog are endless, and so you will never have to worry about running out of ideas!

9. Home automation

With the advent of a vast number of helpful technologies, people are fascinated by the idea of making use of them to make their lives easier by automating their homes. Due to the lack of comprehensive information about these technologies on the internet, it can be confusing for a newbie to choose the best option. Thus, a detailed blog on ‘Home Automation’ systems, their uses, gadgets, types, specifications, suitability to Indian homes, price, and many such factors are very much in demand in India.

So, if you are someone with an edge on Electronics and home automation systems, starting a blog dedicated to ‘Home Automation’ won’t be a bad idea after all. A blog like this can also help you get sponsorship from brands dealing with such technologies.

10. Self-defense

Due to the recent rise in the number of criminal activities, many people, especially women and young girls, are interested in self-defense to protect themselves. A ‘self-defense’ blog can go a long way in helping people learn different self-defense techniques at home and can easily become popular within communities of people looking out for themselves and their safety.

Self-defense blogs can be made specific to kids, men, women, the elderly, etc. They can also be divided among different self-defense methods, for example – karate, martial arts, and many others. A blog on ‘self-defense’ won’t only help you attract many readers but also prove helpful to society as a whole.

11. Political opinion

Some people love to talk about politics; whether it be praising a government’s policies or criticizing a political party’s plan, there is always something new happening in the political world. People are always going to have opinions about it. So, suppose you are someone who is fascinated by the political world or is always criticizing it. In that case, you can give this niche a try because whatever your political opinion, people are always going to talk in its support or against it, thus increasing your blog’s engagement either way!

But be sure not to expect positive comments regarding your political opinions all the time and take opposing views with a bit of salt. If you master this, you can have a blog that engages your readers and one with the freshest content.

12. Specific sports

As India is one of the countries with a large population of youth into sports, it is a great idea to make sports-specific blogs. Some of the most popular sports in India include cricket, badminton, football, volleyball, chess, tennis, etc. and players, as well as a striver of these sports, are often interested in knowing how to play and excel in them, the game rules, practicing strategies, the best pieces of equipment to buy, upcoming matches and tournaments in their locality and many such details.

Having a blog on a niche like this can also help you get sponsors related to sports equipment, supplements, tournament organizers, etc. Besides benefitting your reader by providing them with tips, advice, and updates regarding the sport.

13. Home workout

Home workout has become popular amongst many, especially after quarantine. Many people with a busy work-life cannot find time out of their day to go to the gym and thus prefer exercising at home. Therefore, the ‘Home Workout’ niche can work out for you if you know how to stay fit and exercise.

While making a ‘Home Workout’ blog, it is essential to note that it should also include exercises that can be done without heavy equipment as most people do not have these at their homes. Also, you can include exercises specific to a certain age group, pregnant or menstruating women, and the elderly to reach a wider demographic.

14. Weight loss

According to the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (2018), 20.7% of women and 19.6% of men in India are overweight or obese, which has risen over the years.

Many of these people are interested in losing weight and leading a healthier life; thus, there is a demand for ‘weight loss’ blogs on the internet.

Many weight loss methods can be included in the blog and make it diverse while also being niche-specific. In such a blog, you can include working out tips, ways to maintain one’s weight, advice related to healthy diets, etc. So, if you are someone with experience and knowledge in this field, you can give it a try!

15. DIY Kids toys

New moms are often looking for ways to entertain their kids without spending a ton of money on store-bought toys, which are mostly unsustainable and break in a day. Thus, they can form a large readership of such a ‘DIY kid’s toy’ blog; the blog can also attract primary school teachers as an audience. It is an exciting niche to try out if you are into crafts.

Although there can be times that you might run out of new, creative ideas for such a niche, that can be sorted out by having a good pre-plan for your blog. A ‘DIY kids toys’ blog can also expand to include art and craft ideas for kids, sustainable toys made out of scrap and recycled material, and a platform to promote indigenous and long-lasting toys.

16. Crochet & knitting

Even though not many people are into crocheting or knitting, there is still a large chunk of the population who enjoy these activities and are always on the lookout for newer, creative designs to try. This niche of blogs is high in demand by homemakers, creative individuals, and students of fashion.

A blog on crocheting and knitting can include articles related to the different types of yarn, knitting, and crochet pins and hooks suitable for different knitting projects. New and innovative designs are divided among those suited to kids, teenagers, men, women, and the elderly. This niche can also help you get sponsors from various companies selling yarn and needles.

17. House decoration

With the growing influence of ‘aesthetic’ homes on Pinterest feeds, many homemakers these days are on the lookout for unique ways to decorate their homes. This keen interest in designing their homes in a way that speaks to them can be facilitated by a blog dedicated to ‘House Decoration.’

If you are passionate about the same, you can think of starting a blog on this niche. A ‘House Decoration’ blog has a limitless list of ideas to talk about. It can include interior and exterior designing tips, how-to DIY showpieces and functional items for one’s home, places to buy furniture and antique items from, and information about a variety of themes ad latest trends related to house decoration.

18. YouTuber’s

As YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, there are a large number of people interested in and looking for YouTube and YouTuber related information online. So, it can be a great idea for you to start a blog surrounding this niche. 

A blog about YouTube and YouTubers can include a plethora of information regarding the best YouTuber in different niches, different YouTubers net worth, top 10 best channels in different genres, the lifestyle of successful YouTubers, their earnings and so on. As YouTubers are becoming new celebrities and people are very interested in knowing about them, it can drive significant traffic to your blog!

19. Kids indoor games

Kids’ indoor games have become more popular amongst new parents willing to spend more time with their kids or provide them with a playing environment at home itself. If you have experience in how to stimulate kids and give them a playful environment at home, then making a blog on this niche could be the right choice for you!

Kids’ indoor games are not just limited to board games, and thus the scope of such a niche is wide. It can include indoor games for toddlers and kids between 3-5, 5-8, and 9-10 years old. Games that can be played with or without any instrument. And Games that can be played alone, in a duo or team.

20. Aquarium

Aquariums are becoming the new hot thing in Indian homes. But besides how pretty they look, it is a task to maintain an aquarium, and not many people who keep an aquarium at their homes for the first time are aware of it. Thus, making a blog about aquariums can prove beneficial to all those people wanting to take the best care of their fishes.

It might be a great option for you if you have first-hand experience in managing an aquarium, such as

  • willing to research different types of fishes that can or cannot be kept together
  • a good water temperature for their types
  • Keeping the fish tank clean and feeding the fishes according to their specific diets.

21. India travel tips

Traveling in India can be very spontaneous due to the country’s diversity. Thus, people who are new to a place might not be well aware of managing their costs, book hotels, use transport, and making the most out of their trips. A blog solely dedicated to travel tips in India can be beneficial to such travellers.

Such a blog can include information regarding how to travel alone or in a group, different hotels and transport to lodge in a city, local attractions and how to reach them, etc. Although it can be a bit research-intensive as compared to the other niches and might require regular updates, the revenue generated through it might be able to outweigh the time spent researching.

Did this list help you figure out your blogging niche? Which niche did you select to start your blog? Tell me in the comment section.

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